CESNUR - center for studies on new religions

 Appendix B

An important note for those who have reached this page through a search engine:
This is NOT a list of cults endorsed by CESNUR. It is an Appendix to an article by Prof. Anson D. Shupe and his colleague Susan Darnell whose main thesis ist that lists of cults should NOT be compiled , and that those who compile them are operating in a non-scholarly and generally objectionable way. Neither CESNUR nor Prof. Shupe regard any of these groups as a cult, the more so because we do not consider "cult" a valid category.

Cult Awareness Network, Inc.

Groups and Individuals that CAN kept records on:



A.C. A. P. Atlanta Christian Apologetics Project

A.R. C. Apologetic Research Coalition

Abbey of God’s Love, Leader Harry Hochfelder.

Abbot Loop Christian Center

Abelard Reichling Foundation

Accuracy in Academia

Actualisations Stuart Emery / Carol Augustus


Adam Walsh Child Resource Center

Advance Management Consulting Systems

Aesthetic Realism Foundation

Aetherius Society, The Afrocentric Movement

Aggressive Christianity Missions Training Corps. (Also: ACMTC)

Ajapa Breath Foundation


Akerberg, John, the Light

Akwenasa Community

Al Fuqra (See Fuqra)



Alive Polarity Fellowship


Alliance for Cult Awareness, Research & Education, Inc

Alpha & Omega

Alpha-psigenics Research Institute

Amazing Grace

Ambassador Report

America’s Promise Ministries

American Conference on Religious Movements

American Family Assoc.

American Freedom Coalition

American Justice Association American Religions Center

American Society (Also: American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family an Property; Abbrev. Used: TFP)

Americans United for Separation of Church and State



Amity School


Analytical Triology

Ananda Ashram Yoga Society

Ananda Church of God Realization

Ananda Marga (Also: PROUT = Progressive Utilization Theory; Ananda Marga Yoga Society)

Anarchist’s Youth Conference

Angels of Death

Anglo Saxon Federation of America

Ann Ree Colton Foundation of Niscience

Ansaru # 1649

Ant Hill Kids, The; Theriault, Roch

Anthroposophy (Also Waldorf Schools)

Anti-defamation League

Antioch Christian Center


Apocalyptic Groups:

Apologetic Research Ministry

Apostles of Infinite Love

Apostolic Faith Church

Appleridge Farm

Aquarian Concepts

Arica Institute

Army of God

Arwenasa Community

Aryan Nations

Aryan, Nazi, KKK Skinheads

Asatru Free Assembly

Ashburn Baptist Church

Ashram, The

Ashtara Light Center

Assembly of God

Assembly of Yahweh

Assistance to Parents (Run-away Houses)

Assoc. For Psychological Type

Associated Church (See: Way International)

Association for Research and Enlightenment /Edgar Cayce (A.r.e.)

Astara Astral Foundation

Atsitsa (New Age)


Aum Supreme Truth

Aura Ceramics


Australian Transpersonal Institute


Avatar Training

Awakening Foundation






B. E. A. M.

B’nai No ‘Ach (Children of Noah)

Baba Lovers and Meher Baba


Bahais under the Provisions of the Covenant

Banal Na Pag-aaral


Banner of Truth (Aaron Brown)

Basic (Brothers and Sisters in Christ):

Basic (See: Great Commission)

Bawa Muhaiyaddeen Fellowship

Bawar - Bay Area Women Against Rape

Bayside I Lady of the Roses — Packet

Be Center, Inc.

Bea Happy

Bear Tribe Medicine Society

Being Energetic About Multiplicity

Believe The Children

Benedictine Nuns of the Primitive Observance

Benevolent Mother

Berachah Church - Robert Thieme

Berkeley Psychic Institute - Church of Divine Man

Bethel Church - Everett, Mass.

Bethel Home for Children

Bethel Ministries

Bethlehem of Durham Church

Beyond War

Bible Missionary Fellowship, The

Bible Speaks; See Greater Grace World Outreach

Bibliographies of Books, Articles and Papers on "Cults"

Billionaires Boys Club (BBC)

Biosphere See: Synergia Ranch

Black Groups:

Black Hebrews

Black Muslims

Black Prince Armory

Black Rock Congregational Church

B’nai B’rith — ADL

Bochansanwasi Swaminaryan Sanstha

Body of Christ


Bonne Center for Research Hypnosis

Book Reviews:

Boston Church of Christ

Bown’s Mil Christian Center

Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University

Branch Davidians


Bread of Life Catholic Charismatic

Bread.of Life Fellowship Life Outreach Ministries

Break Free

Breakthrough Institute of Awareness Trust

Breatharian Institute

Brides of Christ

Brigade of Light

Brother Julius

Brother Love

Brotherhood (Canada)

Brotherhood Foundation

Brotherhood Julius

Brotherhood of Jesus

Brotherhood of the Cross and Star

Brotherhood of the White Temple

Brothers of Saint Francis of Assisi



Edgar Bundy Ministries, Inc.

Burning Bush


C A R E S Cult Awareness Resources

C.A.E.R. Center for Alternative Education &


Caleb Campaign

Calvary Chapel - Chuck Smith

Calvary Christian Center

Calvary Temple

Cambridge Psychological Institute

Camp Rising Sun

Campus Advance

Campus Crusade for Christ

Campus Ministry USA


Cape Cod Coalition

Cargo Cults

Catalico Largo

Cathedral of Tomorrow


Catholic Articles

Catholic Church of God

Catholic Church Offshoots


CATS (Citizens for Alternative Tax System)

Cavalcade Productions

CDUSA - Committee on Decency on USA

Center Against Sexual Assault

Center for Christian Information

Center for Achievement

Center for Christian Study

Center for Creative Learning

Center for Dissociative Disorders at Columbine

Christian Community Church

Center for Emotional Re-education

Center for Feeling Therapy Corriere

Center for Global Spirituality

Center for Human Development

Ephesians House

Center for Life

Center for Spiritual Awareness:

Center for the Study of Light

Center for Trauma & Dissociation

Center for Treatment & Research of Exp

Anomalous Trauma

Christian Law Association

Center from Democratic Renewal

Center of Joy and Upliftment

Center of Sumitharyo

Center Point Counseling

Centers for Apologetics Research

Central Gospel Church, Seoul, Korea

Cephas Ministry, Inc.

Cerro Gordo

Chakpod — Ling Foundation

Challenge Foundation

Change Your Life

Channel of Light


Chapel Hill Harvester Church


Cheman: Center For Holistic Energy Management And Applied Metaphysics

Chicago Zen Center

Child Find of America Inc.

Child Inc.

Child Protection Program

Children of God

Children of Jesus

Children of Light

Children of the Night

Chimaya Mission

Chinook Learning Community

Chips Society / Days of Prayer


Christ Assembly

Christ Brotherhood Paterson Banner of

Truth Avon Brown

Christ Family

Christ for Israel

Christ for the Nations

Christ is the Answer

Christ Research and Analysis

Christ Universal. Temple


Christian Associates

Christian Chronicle

Christian Coalition

Christian Counseling Services

Christian Development Center

Christian Educational Services Inc.

Christian Fellowship - L R Davis

Christian Gospel Churches Intl.

Christian Growth Ministries

Christian Israel Fellowship

Christian Jew Foundation

Christian Liberty Academy

Christian Meditation Ministries

Christian Physicians

Christian Psychological Foundation

Christian Reconstructionism

Christian Research Institute

Christian Science

Christian Survivors of Ritual Abuse

Christian Technocracy - Las Vegas

Christian Technocracy (Oakland, CA)

Christian Unity Political Action Committee

Christian Victory Fellowship

Christian Voice

Christic Institute

Christine Center for Meditation

Chung Moo Quan (Martial Arts School)

Chung Moo Quan/School of Chung Moo Doe

Church at Princeton

Church of All Worlds

Church of Barrington (non-denominational)

Church of Bible Understanding (COBU)

Church of Bible Understanding Aka Forever Family

Church of Carson City (Shermanites)

Church of Christ

Church of Christ Boston (Also: The Multiplying Ministries Movement; Crossroads Movement; Boston Movement; HOPE Worldwide is an arm of Churches of Christ)

Church of Christ Chicago

Church of Christ Los Angeles

Church of Christ Milwaukee

Church of Christ New York

Church of Christ Ohio

Church of Christ Oklahoma

Church of Divine Influence

Church of Divine Man

Church of Gaia

Church of God

Church of God — Houston

Church of God .& Saints of Christ/Black Jews

Church of God Evangelistic Association

Church of God in Christ

Church of God of the Union

Church of God’s Kingdom

Church of Human Morality

Church of Jesus Christ Apostolic, Inc.

Church of Jesus Christ Forever - Rev. Rose Jones

Church of Living Word

Church of Love

Church of Naturalism

Church of Our First Love

Church of Our Saviour (Evangelical Spirit Filled Church of AM)

Church of Perfect Liberty

Church of Realized Fantasies

Church of Salvation

Church of Satan

Church of Sweden Commission on International and Ecumenical Affairs

Church of the. Apostles

Church of the Avenger

Church of the Covenant

Church of the Creator

Church of the First Born

Church of the Immortal Conscious

Church of the Living Christ

Church of the Living God

Church of the Lord Our Righteous

Church of the Most High Goddess

Church of the Mystic Light of New Jersey

Church of the New Family

Church of the Open Door - Gene Scott

Church of the Realized Fantasy

Church of the Redeemer

Church of the Risen Christ

Church of the Seven Arrows

Church of the Soldiers of the Cross of Christ

Church of the SubGenius

Church of the Word

Church of Today

Church of Unlimited Devotion

Church of Yshauasha

Church Universal & Triumphant

Circle of Angels

Circle of Friends

Circle of Friends (Colorado)

Circle of Friends (New Jersey)

Circles of Light Church

Cite Ecologique

Citizens Project

Citizens Anti-Communist Committee

City of Light Ministries City of Ten Thousand Buddhas

Civilian Material Assistance

Clairmont Project Clarity/Confusion Assoc.


Clergy - Jewish

Clergy - Protestant & Catholic

Coalition of Concerned Citizens

Coalition on Revival’s

Codesh (Council for Democratic and Secular Humanism )

COG, Children of God

College of Orgonomy

Colonic Center

Columbine Psychiatric Center

Coma Council on Mind Abuse

Comments from the Friends

Committee for Scientific Invest of Claims of the Paranormal

Common Ground


Community Bible Church/David Winn

Community Chapel (Don Barnett)

Community Church - Marquess

Community Church of Joy

Community of Jesus

Community of the many names of God

Community, Island Pond

Community, Northeast Kindom

Community, The

Community, Yellow Deli

Compassion Connection

Complete Centering/Alexander Everett

Comunidad los Horcones

Concept Therapy. Institute

Concerned Christian

Concerned Parents Against Cults

Concerned Women for America

Confederate National Congress

Conscious Development of Body, Mind & Soul, Inc.


Context Training Corporation

Cook, Home, Inc.

Cooneyites (Two by Two)

Copeland, Kenneth Ministries

Coptic Fellowship International (John Davis)

Cornerstone Fellowship


Correction Connection Inc.

Cosmic Light Center/Metaphysical Bookstore

Cottage Hill Baptist Church

Council for Prostitution Alt Inc.

Counseling Associates of Bemidju


Course in Miracles/Foundation for Inner Peace

Covenant Church (Charles Simpson)

Covenant Community

Covenant Life Church

Covenant Players

Covenant, The Sword and The Arm of The Lord

Covey Leadership Center

Creative Living Institute


Crossroads Christian Community Church

Crowbar of God

Crucial Conceptions



C-U Ministries/The Fellowship

Cult of the Holy Daime

Cults in Israel


CUT (Church of Universal & Triumphant)




D.C. & Associates


D’Nedan - New Earth

Da Free John


Dai Bosatsu Zendo

Damanhur (Italy)

DASA - Discussion & Analysis of Antique ?Knowledge

Daughters of Mary Mother of Our Savior

Daughters .of St. Paul


David’s Throne of Jesus Christ


Defender, The

Deliverance Ministry

Delphi Associates:

Democratic & Secular Humanists

Democratic Workers Party - Marlene Dixon

Denton. Realisation Healing Center

DeSisto School

Destiny, Image

Devotional Association of Yogeshwar

Dharma Realm Buddhist Association:

Diakonian Society:

Dialogue Centre, Denmark

Dignity Colony:

Direct Centering (Bayard Hora Nexus Associates)

Discernment Ministries

Disciples of Divine Rights

Disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ:

Disciplining Movements


Dispensable Church

Divine Light Mission - name change to Elan Vital

Divine Universal Brotherhood

Divine Way, The


Dominion of Melchizedek

Door Fellowship (Also: The Door, Potter’s ?House, Victory Chapel, La Puerta)


Dragon’s Belly Farm # 1705



Druze, The

Dungeons & Dragons

Dynamic Balance Party

Dynamic Health Center




Eagan Christian Center

Eagle Voice Center

Eagles Nest

Earth Action

Earth First

Earth Realignment 2000

Eastern Christian Outreach

Ecclesia .(Full name: Ecclesia Athletic Association)


Echo, Inc.

Echos of Calvary


Ecumenical Institute --(I.C.A.= Institute of ?Cultural Affairs)

Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon


Eden Farms

Edmonton Bible Wayhouse

Edu-Kinesthetics (E-K)

El Rukn

Elan Vital (formerly Divine Light Mission), ?Guru Maharaj Ji


Elijah House

Ellel Ministries

Elohim City (Oklahoma)


Emin or The Eminent Way

Emmaus Christian Fellowship

Emmissaries of Divine Light


EMNR (Evangelical Ministries to New Religions)

Endeavor Academy/Church of Full Endeavor

End of the World, The

End Time Ministries/Overcomers

End Time Handmaidens, Inc.

Enroth’s Fringe Church

Equinox (MLM)



Essene Community of Lamoni


EST / Hunger Project

EST I The Forum I Landmark

EST (Youth at Risk Program

EST in Israel

EST/Breakthrough Foundation

Eternal Flame

Eternal Values

Eternally Welcome, Inc.

Eupsychia, Inc.

Evan. Thomas Institute

Evangel Temple

Evangelical Ministries to New Religions

Evangelical Orthodox Church

Evangelical Outreach

Everlasting Life Church (S. Korea)

Exclusive Brethren

Exegesis Programme

Exmormons & Christians United




Fairfax Christian School

Fairfax Covenant Church

Faith Assembly

Faith Assembly Spin Offs

Faith Baptist School

Faith Bible Chapel

Faith Cathedral Fellowship

Faith Church - Chicago

Faith Community Bible Church

Faith Fellowship Baptist Church

Faith Mission Home

Faith Tabernacle Congregation

Faithworld Northeast

False Memory Syndrone

Family Center Inc., The

Family of Man (Temple in the Stars)

Family of the Earth

Family, The - Byme

Famous people

Fantasy Games

Farm, The (Alaska)

Farm, The (Kansas)

Farm, The

Farm, The (Tennessee)

Faun, The (Washington D.C.)

Farr Associates

Father Divine

Fatima Crusaders

Federalists, The

Feeling Great

Feigly George Ne American Chu

Feldenkrais Professional Training

Fellowship Church

Fellowship of Companies for Christ

Fellowship of Friends

Fellowship of Isis

Fellowship of Reconciliation

Fellowship of the Inner Light

Fellowship, The

Finders, The

Findhom Foundation

First Baptist Church of Hammond

First Church of Deliverance

First Community Church of America

First Earth First

First Fruits

First New Hope Missionary Baptist Church

First Presbyterian Church

Fiske Commune

Fivefold Ministries

Florida Center for Philosophical Studies


Focus On Family

For Spacious Skies

Forces Joining Together

Forum, The

FOU (Foundation of Ubiquity)

Foundation Church of Divine Truth

Foundation Faith of God

Foundation for Mind Research

Foundation For Self-Realization Beyond The ?Human Potential

Foundation of Human Understanding

Foundation of I, Inc., The

Foundation of Life Church (FL)

Foundation of Santa Knowledge

Foundation, The

Fountain of Life, Inc.

Four Steps To Absolute Peace, The

Foursquare Gospel Church

Fox River Christian Church

Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist

Free Again in Christ.

Free Deist Community

Free Love Ministries

Free Soul

Freedom Village / Fletcher Bros




Friends of Truth

Full Gospel Bus. Men’s Fellowship International

Fundamentalist Army






GAL Prophets Inc.


Garbage Eaters (Also: Brother Evangelist, ?Jim Roberts)

GCI = Great Commission International


General Assembly Church / Gospel Assembly


Genesis Alliance

Gentle World

George Gordons’ School of Common Law

Gilead Center NY

Glassman’s Greyston Bakery

Global Cooperation For A Better World

Gnostic Circle of Light

God Is Real Church

God’s Army

God’s House

Golden Dawn Temple

Golden Lotus, Inc. (Song of the Morning ?Branch)

Golden Writ of God

Good Life Pentecostal Church

Good News Church

Good Shepherd Christian Center

Good Shepherd Lutheran School & Church

Good Shepherd Tabernacle

Gospel Assembly Church

Gospel Crusade

Gospel Defenders

Grace Baptist Church

Grace Church of W. Ottawa

Grace Community Church

Grace Fellowship Church Grace Missionary Baptist Church

Grail Foundation (German name: Stiftung Gralsbotshaft)

Grand Institute


Grateful Dead, The

Great Among The Nations (Also "Ministry of Jesus Christ")

Great Commission International (James McCotter)

Great White Brotherhood (Russia)

Greater Grace World Outreach, See: Bible Speaks

Green Acres

Green Pastures Fellowship

Greens, The

Group, The

Guardian Angels


Gurdjieff Group, (the new name: Fourth Way, The)

Gurus -Miscellaneous:




3H0 (Three HO) (Sikh Dhrama ?Brotherhood)

3H0 - Health-Happy-Holy

3HO Sikh (Sikhs)


Hagin, Kenneth Ministries

Hall Deliverence Foundation

Happiness Ministeries

Hare Krishna - Children

Hare Krishnas, New Vrindaban

Harlems’ True Church of God

Hawkwood College

Healing Hearts

Heart Ministries, Inc.

Heaven City:

Heaven’s Magic


Heretical Inquisitor, The:

Heritage Chapel Church

High Adventures Ministries

High Wind Farm

Highview Church Farm


Himalayan Institute

Hindu Temple for Greater Chicago

His Community:

His Ministry:

His Rest Christian Fellowship

Hobbs Foundation:

Holiness Church

Holistic Center

Holistic Health

Holistic International Tours

Holistic Society (Dentists)

Hollandar Consultants

Holy Assembly of God

Holy Land/ REACH, Inc.IBishop Luke Edwards

Holy Light Church

Holy Order Of MANS

Holy Way

House of David

House of Israel

House of Judah

House of Prayer

Household of Faith World Outreach Center

Human Ecology Party, The

Human Healing Arts, Inc.


Humanist Comm.on Destructive Cults (HCDC)

Humanist: International Christian Aid



Hypnodyne Foundation






I.M.P.A.C.T Ministries

Identity Movement/The order (Neo - Nazi, etc.)

Ike, Rev.

Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault

Illinois Council Against Parental Child Abduction


Imani Temple

Immanuel Apostolic Assembly


Incest Survivors Enlightened Empowered

Incest Survivors Res. Network, Int.

Inform, The Informer

Iglesia ni Cristo

Inner Peace Movement


Institute for Advanced Perception

Institute for Earth & Spirit, The

Institute for Higher Healing, The

Institute for Optimum Health

Institute for Practical Realism

Institute for Research in Human Happiness

Institute for Research In Metapsychology (Sarge Gerbode)

Institute for Self Actualization

Institute for Spiritual Enlightenment

Institute for the Study of Human Awareness

Institute for the Study of Human Knowledge

Institute in Bais Life Principles/Institute in Basic Youth Conflicts/Bill Gothard

Institute of Cultural Affairs/The Ecumenical Institute

Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research

Institute of HeartMath

Institute of Noetic Science

Institute of Pastoral Studies

Integral Yoga Institute




Interfaith Coalition

Interfaith Council (Gorge Swope)

International Association for Clear Thinking

International Christian Aid

International Churches of Christ

International Community of Christ, Rev. Gary Robert Buchanan

International Community of Christ (Andean Foundation)

International Crusade

International Cult Education Program

International Human & Universe Energy Research Institute

International Juvenile Officers Association Inc.

International Meditation Institute

International Security Council

International Service Society

International Silowatch Network

International Society for the Study of Multiple Personality & Disassociaton

International Society of Divine Love

International Transpersonal Association

International Workers Party International Yan-Xin Qigong Association (IYXQA)


Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship

ION Lutheran Campus Ministry

Irish Church Missions





J.A.O.M. --Jesus is Alpha & Omega Ministry


Jasher/Sion - Wayne Armstrong

Jehovah Witness

Jehovah’s Witness Watchtower

Jesus Ark

Jesus Army

Jesus Cathedral

Jesus of Nazareth Holiness Church

Jesus People USA

Jesus-Amen Ministries #1668

Jewish Community Relations Council of New York, Inc. - Task Force on Missionaries Cults

Jewish Cults - General

Jewish Defense League

Jewish Federation Council of Greater Los Angeles

Jewish Involvement Jewish, DC

Jews for Jesus

Jews for Judaism

Jinora Nationalists

John-David Learning Institute

Johrey Fellowship, The (Japan, headquarter is: Sekai Kyusei Kyo, "Church of World Messianity").

Jones III, Bob

Joy Fellowship

Jubilee Christian Church

Jung, C. J., Institute of Chicago

Justice for Children





Kagyu Buddhists

Kanrisha Yosei Kansas City Prophets

Karma Thegsum Choling

Kashi Ranch

Keep the Faith, Inc.

Ken Keyes College



Kids of Bergen County, Inc.

King’s Chapel aka Dayspring Church of God

Kingdom of Heaven

Kirpal Light Satsang (Sant Thakar Singh)

Kit (Peregrine Foundation)


Knights of the Golden Lotus

Knights Of The New Order

Komaki Peace Foundation




Krotona Institute

Ku Klux Klan




La Porte Church of Christ

La Rouche Report

La Rouche, L.

La Rouche, Schiller Institute

Lamb of God


Landmark Education Corp.

Last Days Ministries

Latter Rain

Laurieston Hall



Legion of Doom

Lemurian Fellowship

Leyva Evangelic Assoc.,Tony

Liberty Lobby

Life Center Church of Universal Awareness

Life Direction Lab

Life Enrichment Institute of America

Life Science Church

Life Stream (Also: Life Success Seminars, Inc.)

Life Study Fellowship

Life Tabernacle Church

Life Training #1661


Lifesupport (The Lord of Righteousness)


Light Hearth Center for Healing Arts, The

Light House Mission

Light House Project, The

Light of Christ Church

Lighthouse Assembly

Lighthouse Foursquare Church

Lindberg Ministries

Little Bethlehem

Living Faith Fellowship

Living Stones of Jesus

Living Truth Ministries

Living Water Teaching Ministry

Living Word Community

Local Church - Witness Lee

Logonet, Inc.

Logos Foundation

Lord’s Resistance Army:

Love Israel Family - Church of Armageddon

Loving Relationship Training - LRT

Lower Shaw Farm


Lucis Trust

Lundgren Farm



M.A.S.A (Mothers Against Sexual Abusers)

M.G.I.A. (Midwest Gang Investigators Association)

M. S.I.A.

M.U.L.T.I.P.L.E. (Minds Uniquely Linked Together in a Productive, Loving Existence)

Madeley Trinity Methodist Church

Magazine & Commercial Cults

Magic World Christian Kingdom

Mahayana Tradition, Foundation for the Preservation of the


Mail Order Churches

Management Education -The Merit Way


Manifested Sons of God

Manseren Koberi


Marble Community Fellowship

Marcus, R. & Associates, Inc.

Marian Medows

Martial Arts -Misc.

Martin’s Fringe Church

Marumori Missionaries

Mary Immaculate Queen Center

Mary Queen of Apostles



Master Foundation EST




Matthew’s Party

Maze, The

Medical Neglect/Immunizations


Meerama Publications


Memorial Church of Christ


Messianic Jews

Meta Tantay

Metro Help/Runaway Switchboard

Midwest Committee from Rational Inquiry


Millennium Kingdom

Millennium Watch

Mind Dynamics Corporation

Mind Matters

Mind Power & Pathways of Mastership

Ministries of Christ the King

Ministry for the Children

Ministry of the Children

Minnesota Awareness of Ritualistic Abuse ?Network

Miracle Valley

Mission for the Coming Days

Mission Teens, Inc.

Models for Christ

Mom Taylor

Monarch Resources

Monkton Wyld Court

Monroe Institute

Moody Bible Church

More University

Morman - Aberrant Groups


Morning Cerullo World Evangelism

Morning Land

Morning Star

Morningstar Testimony Church


Mother Amritanandamavi Trust

Mount Carmel Outreach

Mount Hope Church of International


Mount Madonna

Mountains and Rivers Order



Multilevel Marketing Groups

Multiple Personality Disorders

Muslin Movement

Mystery School






Naropa Institute

Nation of Islam

National Alliance

National Anglican Church

National Association of Evangelicals

National Bureau of Missing Children & Persons

National Center for the Treatment of ?Dissociative Disorders

National Center on Child Abuse & Neglect

National Charities Information Bureau, Inc.

National Christian Conference Center

National Coalition on TV Violence

National Council for Self-Esteem

National Crime Prevention Council

National Fed.

National Institute Against Prejudice & Violence

National Labor Federation

National Organization for Reform of ?Marijuana Laws

National Organization for Victim Assistance

National Research Center on the Ritual & ?Occult Abuse of Children

National Treatment Center for Multiple ?Personality & Dissociation

National Victim Center

Native American Church

Native American Indian



NCRA - National Child Rights Alliance

Necadah, The Shrine (For My God And My ?Country, Inc)

Necedah Cult

Neo - Catechumenate

Neo Acropolis


Network of Friends

Neurolinguistic Programming

New Acropolis

New Age

New Age - Catholic

New Age - Christian

New Age - Corporate

New Age - Harmonic Convergence

New Age Jewish

New Age - MacLaine, Shirley

New Age - Native American

New Age - Spiritualipm

New Age Communities - By State

New Age Cultism

New Age Directory,/ Chicago Area The ?Aspectarian

New Age In Business

New Age Monitor

New Age/Holistic:

New Alliance Party

New Bethany School

New Burlington Fellowship

New Christian Church of Full Endeavor/?Endeavor Academy.

New Covenant Christian Community

New Creation Community

New Dawn

New Earth, Formerly D’nedan

New England Educational Institute

New Horizons

New Jerusalem

New Life Chrisian Fellowship

New Life Christian Church And World Outreach

New Life Church

New Life Clinic

New Life Evangelistic Center

New Life Fellowship

New Life Foundation, Vernon Howard

New Life Institute

New Life Ministries

New Religious Movements

New Testament Tabernacle

New Thought, International / New Thought ?Alliance

New Vrindaban Commune

New World Christian Fellowship

New York Institute of Integral Human ?Development/Holistic Development Institute

Newswatch Magazine

Nirankari Universal Brotherhood Mission


Nizhoni School For Global Consciousness

No Wave Institute

Noble Report, The

Nomura Lie

Norhtland Mission Camp

North Area Youth for Christ

North Coast

North. Star Expedition

Northeast Kingdom Community Church — Island Pond, Vermont


NSA National Safety Association

NSA Nichiren Shoshu of America

Nu Skin Network

Nubian Islaamic Hebrews

Nyingma Institute




O.T.O. — Ordo Templi Orientis

Oak Dragon Camp

Oasis Center


ODAN — Opus Dei Awareness Network

Odin Brotherhood

Ojai Foundation

Oklahoma Bombings

Omega Institute For Holistic Studies


One on One

One World Life Services

Oneida Community

Option Institute

Opus Dei

Oracle of Gia Society

Order of Bios

Order of Melchezedek

Order of St. Matthew

Order of the Solar Temple

Order, The

Order of Osiris

Organization Crime Index

Organization of the Muslims of the Americans, The



Orlando Christian Center #1693 (Hinn)

Our Father’s Congregation #1653

Our Father’s House

Our Father’s Church #1686

Outer Dimensional Forces

Outward Bound





Pacific Institute

PACT/People Against Cult Therapy


Pagan Leadership Conference

Paige, Martin & Associates

Parent Support Group/Britain

Parents Music Resource Center

Parkview Christian Fellowship

Parrot True Reason

Pathway to Higher Thought

Pathways Educational Corp.

Pathways to Successful Living

Patriarca Association

PCC/Publicity Club of Chicago

Peacemakers, also Body of Christ Fellowship

Pentagon Meditation Club


People of Destiny (Larry Tomczak)

People of Hope — Roman Cath. Shepdg

People of Praise

People’s Church (Canada)

People’s Temple

Perfecting of the Saint Tabernacle

Personal Freedom Outreach

Personalities (Jones)

Peter Popoff Miracle Ministries

Peyote Way Church of God

Phoenix Enterprises, Inc.

Phoenix Seminars

Phonecia Pathwork Center


Pinecres Bible Training CNTR


Pittsburgh Revival Center

Plainfield Comm. Church (NJ)


Political Research Associates

Porter, Edward William PhD

Positive Confession

Posse, The

Power of Living

Powerful Cosmo Mate (Australia)

Prabhupada Sankirtan Center


Praise Christian Church

Praise the Lord (Jimmy & Tammy Bakker)

Presbyterian Pentecostal

Prison Fellowship

Process Church, The

Progressive Vision / National, two files

Project Kibbutz

Promise Keepers

Prophets Inc.

Prophets of God


PSI World



Psychotherapy Cults

Public Opinion

Pure Life Ministries





Quantum Dynamics

Quantum Life Steps

Quartus Foundation I New Age

Quest (Quest Dentist Seminar)




R.A.P. Lines Ministries

R.I. Researchl(Beyonder) (Special Human Being Research Lab.)

Radhasoami Satsang, Beas (Jaimal Singh)


Raelians, two files

Rainbow (Also: Rainbow Family of Living Light; Rainbow Gathering)

Rainbow Family

Rainbow Tribe


Rajneesh - Australia

Rajneesh - Pennsylvania

Rajneesh Abroad

Rajneesh, Bhagwan Shree

Raleigh Christian Academy

Ram Dass

Rama (Also: "National Personal & Professional Development Seminars, Inc." and "Advanced Systems, Inc.")

Rama Behera - Disciples of Christ

Rama, aka Frederick P. Lenz

Ramagiri I Easwaran Eknath (leader)


Rapha Ranch

Rapture 88 Ministries


Rational Recovery Systems

RC for African-Americans

Reach, Inc.

Reba Place Fellowship


Recovery Alliance

Re-Evaluation Co-Counseling


Refocus Ministries

Reformed Baptist Church


ReJOYce In Jesus Ministries, Inc.

Religion & Society Report, The

Religion Analysis Service Inc.

Religion School of Natural Hygiene — Arthur Andrews

Religion Watch

Religion, General

Religious Movement Research Center (Hal Mansfield)

Religious Science

Remnant Ministries

Renaissance Church of Beauty/Renaissance Community


Repairer of the Breach Church of God in Christ

Research & Education Foundation

Research Centre of Kabbalah

Restored Israel of Yahweh

Retirn (Re-Entry Therapy Info & Refer.)

Retractor, The

Reynolds, M. & Associates

Rhema Faith Center Churhc

Rhema Ministries

Ridgeway Alliance Church

Rigpa Fellowship

Rising Sun Christianity


River of Life

River of Life/Victory Press

Rock Church

Rock of Round Lake

Rock /Murray/Crystal Lake, The

Rockford Institute, The

Rocky Mountain Homesteader Institute

Roloff Evangelical Enterprises


Rosimi Spirituality Center



Ruth Home of Compassion

Rutherford Institute




S.A.K. (Society Arahoviton "The Kareai")

Sabaean Religious Order

Sadhana Temple

Sage Productions, Inc.

Sahaja Yoga

Sai Baba

Saints, The

Salisbury Counseling and Yokefellow Center

Samaritan Foundation

Samaritan’s Purse

Sanctuary Church, The



Satanic Cults

Satanic Groups


Satanism / Heavy Metal Music

Satanism / Matamoros, Mexico

Satsanga Yoga Center

Save the Seed

School of Metaphysics

School of Practical Philosophy

School of Prophets

School of Sacred Arts

School of the Prophets

Science of Self-Rehabilitation S.O.S.

Science of Spirituality


Scientology, Bridge Publications, Inc.

Scientology, Citizen’s Commission on Human Rights

Scientology, Concerned Businessmen’s Association

Scientology, Dianetics

Scientology, Hubbard Association of Health Care

Scientology, Narconon

Scientology, Religious Technology Center

Scientology, The Way to Happiness

Scientology, WISE (World Institute of Scientology Enterprises)

Scientology, Writers of the Future

Search & Prove

Sedona Institute

Seed, The

Seicho-No-le Truth of Life

Self Awareness Institute

Self Realization Fellowship

Self-realization / New Age

Servants in Faith Technology Missionary Training Camp

Servants of the Good Shepherd, The

Set Free Christian Church

Seven Ray Institute, The

Seventh Day Adventist - North Port

Seventh Elect Church of Israel

Shakertown Pledge

Shambhala Healing Centre

Sharon Star, The

Shepherd’s Family in Tucson, Arizona

Shepherding Movement

Shepherds Family - Tucson, AZ

Shepherdsfield Community

Shiloh Retreat Center

Shiloh True Light Church

Shim Gan Do Association

Shimber Beris School


Shoresh Yishai (Joel Steinberg cult)

Shri Mahalaksmi Temple

Shrine of the Black Madonna

Silva Mind Control


Simpson, Charles Ministries


Sisterhood of the Shields

Sisters of Mercy

Sisters of Shaw Island

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center


Smith’s Friends

Snake Handlers

Society for Creative Anachronism Inc., The

Society for Divine Love

Society for the Defence of Tradition, Family & Property

Society of Avadhut Transmission

Society of Brothers

Society of the Ark of Census

Society St. Pius X Fraternity Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre (Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre St. Pius X Fraternity Society)

Sojourner’s House

Soka Gakkai

Soldier of the Cross of Christ — E.I. Church

Solicitation Advice

Solid Rock Church

Son Shine Ministries International Inc.

Sonrise Management, Inc.

Sonshine Farm

Souled Out

Southwestern Family Recovery

SPC’s Newsletters

Spiral of Friends

Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship

Spoken Word Tabernacle

Springs of Life

Sri Chinmoy Correspondence

St. Silicon

Staff and Sword Ministry, The

STAR — Social Transformation Alternative Republic

Star People Center

Star-Borne Unlimited

Stelle Community

Stephens Ministry/Christ Memorial Reform Church

Sterling Community Service Foundation

Sterling Institute of Relationship

Sterling Management

Sterfar Mind Communications #1619

Stonecroft Ministries




Success Education Corp.

Success in Life


Sufism Reoriented, Inc.




Sun Arts

Sunburst Community

Sunrider International # 1681

Sunrise Ranch (Richard Schnieder)

Survivalist Games

Su-Shann Productions, Inc.


Swan Center


Sydda Yoga Muktananda



Synergetic Civilization

Synergia-Ranch (Bioshere)





Taberah World Mission

Tabernacle of the Lord Jesus Christ

Tai Zen Defense

Takoma Park Christian Faith CNTR


Tara Center

Tarot Fundamentals


Teachers, The

Techinnah Apostolic Ministries

Technicians of the Secret

Teen Challenge

Teen Magazine

Teen Mania

Television Preachers

Temenos at. Broad Run

Temple of Kriya Yoga

Temple of Light Universal Church

Temple of Love

Temple of Nephthys

Temple of Psychick Youth

Temple of Set

Temple of Star of David

Temple of the Oracle of Delphi, Inc.

Temple of the True Inner Light

Tensegrity — Leader — Castaneda, Carlos



TE-TA-MA Truth Foundation


Theos Foundation

Therapy Cults/Cultism in Therapy

Thomas Family

Three in one concepts

Three Rivers Full Gospel

TM, Transcendental Meditation

TM, Ayur — Veda Tolstoy Farm


Toronto Blessing/Toronto Vineyard Church


Total Overcomers

Traditional Catholics

Training Center

Transformational Technologies, Inc.


Trinity Faith Temple Church

Triumphant Faith Center

Trob, Inc.

Tropical Ventures

True & Living Church of Jesus Christ, Saints of Last Days

True Church of God

True Light Church of Christ

Truro Episcopal Church

Truth House Ministries

Truth of Life


Tvind (Denmark)

Twin Oaks




UBF (University Bible Fellowship)


UFO Contact Center Int’l


Ultimate Life Church


Unification Church

U.C. Canada

U.C. Ireland

U.C. Japan

U.C. Korea

U.C., Nat’l Center For Constitution Studies:

U.C., Nat’l Council of Church & Socail Action

U.C. New Castle, N.Y.

U.C. New Zealand

U.C., Ocean Church Ministry

U.C. Tai Kwon Do Karate

Union Life

Unitarian Universalist Legal Ministry

United American Front

United Community Church

United Effort Order (Canada)

United House of Prayer

United Pentecostal Church

United to Serve America (USA)


Unity in Chicago

Universal Church of Enlightened Reason

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God, The

Universal Grace Church

Universal Life Church

Universal Love

Universe of You

University of Science & Philosophy Swannanoa






Vale Do Amanhecer Valley of the Dawn


Vashon Island/Wesleyan Community:

Victorious Youth Foundation

Victory Christian Center

Victory Love Fellowship

Victory Outreach

Vine House/ Yello Deli


Vineyard Christian Fellowship

Vipassana Meditation Center

Viscott Institute, The / David Viscott





Wailua University of Contemplative Arts

Walk, The (Also: Church of the Living World)

Wall Builders Inc.

Warriors Wisdom, The

Warriors, The

Washington Ethical Society

Way International, The

Way of God’s Children, The

Way Out, A. Jennings, Vince

Way Publications

Way, - Rev. Chris Geer

Way, L.E.A.D.

Way, United Families Association (UFA)

Wealth & Success Institute, Inc.

Well, The

Wellness Plaza

Wellspring Zendo


White Army

White Aryan Resistance (Abbrev.: WAR)

White Buffalo Society

While, Harlo Ministries


Williams, A.L.

Willow Creek Community Church (Bill Hybels)



Wings Enterprise

Wings of A Dove

Wisdom Goldenrod



Witches’ League for Public Awareness

Woman’s Workshop, The

Women Aglow

Women in Cults

Women in the Skirt

Women’s Alliance

Word Becomes Flesh

Word in Faith

Word of God

Word of God "Training Course"

Word of Life Center

Word of Life Ministries

Word, The

Work, The — Brother Julius

World Anti-Communist League

World Constitution & Parliament Association

World Enlightenment Association, Int.

World Essence Church

World Future Society

World Harvest Church

World Impact Christian Leadership Training Center

World Teacher Seminar (Robin Carlsen)

World Vision

World Wide Revivals, Inc.

World Youth Foundation

Worldwide Church of God

Wycliffe Bible Society


Xiong Chenhue

Xnos Christians Fellowship




Yahweh, House of

Yahweh, Philadelphia Congregation of

Yahweh Restored Israel

Yahweh/Temple of Love

Yahweh’s Assembly in Messiah

Yahweh’s New Kingdom

Yank Yank

Yantra & Numerology Workshop



Yoga Shakti Mission Ashram

Yoido Full Gospel Church - Paul Youggi Cho

You - Growth

You Seminars

Young American Showcase:

Young Americans for Freedom (YAF)

Young Life

Young Revival Thechno Tour


Youth for Christ

Youth with a Mission




ZAP - Zenith Applied Phillts (The Ultimate)


Zendik Farm Survival Station


Zion Bible Institute

Zion Coptic Church (Erwin Jewelry)



CAN, We Hardly Knew Ye: Sex, Drugs, Deprogrammers’ Kickbacks, and Corporate Crime in the (old) Cult Awareness Network

A Correspondence about “CAN, We Hardly Knew Ye”: Letters from Herb Rosedale, Anson D. Shupe and Massimo Introvigne

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