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 Appendix D

Provenience of the (Old) CAN Records in Boxes


When the (Old) Cult Awareness Network declared bankruptcy in 1996 there were two frantic efforts: (1) by certain individuals (at least sixty in number) to have any correspondence, notations, and so forth connected to their names removed from CAN records when it became a possibility that the records would be purchased at auction by someone unconnected to the ACM; and (2) by others in the ACM (including Cynthia Kisser herself and Herbert Rosedale, president of the American Family Foundation) to bid for purchase of the records. Both efforts ultimately failed. The records were purchased by a private citizen and have now been formally donated to the Davidson Library at the University of California, Santa Barbara, under the oversight of Mr. David C. Tambo, Head of Special Collections. At UCSB the 400 boxes will remain as inventoried, with no additional archival cataloguing, and will be available to the general and scholarly public.

CAN, We Hardly Knew Ye: Sex, Drugs, Deprogrammers’ Kickbacks, and Corporate Crime in the (old) Cult Awareness Network

A Correspondence about “CAN, We Hardly Knew Ye”: Letters from Herb Rosedale, Anson D. Shupe and Massimo Introvigne

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