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The 2002 CESNUR International Conference

Minority Religions, Social Change, and Freedom of Conscience

Salt Lake City and Provo (Utah), June 20-23, 2002


Inculturation of Mormonism in France, by Bernadette Rigal-Cellard (University Michel de Montaigne-Bordeaux)

Religious Freedom in Greece. Recent Developments, by George J. Mavros (Attorney at law, D.E.S. en droit public)

Religious Life in the Post-Secular Space: the Case of Visaginas City in Lithuania by Milda Alisauskiene (New Religion's Research and Information Centre, Vilnius, Lithuania)

RELIGIONIZING CRIME - Ethos and Action in the Construction of the Finnish Satanism Scare, by Titus Hjelm (Department of Comparative Religion, University of Helsinki, Finland)

Religious Minorities in Spain. Minority Religions, Social Change, and Freedom od Conscience, by Prof. Dr. Dionisio Llamazares Fernández (Department of Ecclesiastical Law, Law Faculty, Complutense University of Madrid, Spain)

France’s Anti-Sect War: Voices From the Trenches (NRMs’ Strategical Responses to Persecution), by Susan Palmer (Dawson College, Montreal)

Legal imbroglios and the post-charismatic fate of the Celestial Church of Christ, by Afe Adogame (University of Bayreuth, Germany)

Empowering the Self - The Authority of Transformative Experience & New Forms of Religiosity in Secularized Dutch Society, by Martin Ramstedt (Meertens Instituut, Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences, Amsterdam)

Efraim: A New Apocalyptic Movement in the Netherlands, by Reender Kranenborg (Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam)

Neo-Buddhist 'White Lotus' Movement in Ukraine and Lithuania, by Donatas Glodenis (New Religions Research & Information Center, Lithuania)

No Good Sects in France: Social and Political Implications of the Picard Law, by Stuart A. Wright (Lamar University, USA)

Violence et nouveaux mouvements religieux: quelles leçons pouvons-nous tirer? Analyse dans une perspective universitaire, par Jean-François Mayer (University of Fribourg) (in French)

New Light, Conscience and Jehovah’s Witnesses, by George D. Chryssides, University of Wolverhampton

A Latter-day Saint Servicemen’s Response to Their Church Leaders’ Counsel During the Vietnam War, by Mary Jane Woodger (Ed. D. Assistant Professor of Church History and Doctrine - Brigham Young University)

Religious Minorities in Spain. A New Model of Relationships?, by Alejandro Torres Gutiérrez (Area of Ecclesiastical Law. Public Law Department. Law Faculty. Public University of Navarra - Campus of Arrosadia. 31006. Pamplona. SPAIN)

Free Love in Utopia: How Complex Marriage was Introduced in the Oneida Community, by Lawrence Foster (School of History, Technology, and Society - Georgia Institute of Technology -Atlanta, GA)

Reflections on Louisville: The Christian Countercult in Conversation, by Douglas E. Cowan (Assistant Professor of Religious Studies and Sociology, University of Missouri-Kansas City)

The Experiences of Several Members of El Shaddai-DWXI-PPFI: A Phenomenological Study, by Esmeralda Fortunado-Sanchez (UST Social Research Center)

Strategies, Rules and Alliances among the Minority Religious Groups in Aguascalientes, by Genaro Zalpa (Universidad Autonoma de Aguascalientes, Mexico)

Paganism, a Problematic Umbrella Concept, by Frederic E. Lamond (independent lecturer and author)

Bridge over national preconceptions: BAHAI movement in Latvia towards a New Multicultural Identity Formation, by Solveiga Krumina-Konkova and Nikandrs Gills (Academic Centre for the Study of Religions, Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, University of Latvia)

The Family in Transition: the Moral Career of a New Religious Movement, by Gordon Shepherd (The University of Central Arkansas Department of Sociology) and Gary Shepherd (Oakland University Department of Sociology and Anthropology)

Biotechnologies and NRMNew Religious Movements - The "coming new man" : a case study on the "Lectorium Rosicrucianum", by Sylvain Imbs (MD)

Brainwashing, Italian-Style: The Rise and Fall of Plagio, by Massimo Introvigne (CESNUR)

The Satanic Bible: Quasi-Scripture / Counter-Scripture, by James R. Lewis (Department of Philosophy - University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point)

New religious communities in Egypt - Islam public order and freedom of belief, by Johanna Pink (Ph.D. candidate, University of Bonn)

Total freedom of conscience: what happens when there are no rules at all?, by Timothy Miller (University of Kansas)

A Not So Charitable Choice: New Religious Movements and President Bush's Plan for Faith-based Social Services, by Derek H. Davis (J. M. Dawson Institute for Church-State Studies)

From the man-of-matter to the Man-of-Light : myth or reality ?, by Pierre Gohar (PhD)

Will You Love that Man or Woman Well Enough to Shed Their Blood?, by Will Bagley

Simone Weil:  Kenotic Thought and "Sainteté Nouvelle", by J. Edgar Bauer


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