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Illiberal MPs in Liberal UK: 26 MPs Call for Anti-Cult French-like Legislation

(December 10, 2002)

CULTS 10.12.02

Mr Tony Colman
John Austin
John Barrett
Mr Roy Beggs
Mr Colin Breed
Jeremy Corbyn
Mrs Ann Cryer
Mr Ian Davidson
Denzil Davies
Jim Dobbin
Mr George Galloway
Mr Mike Hancock
Nick Harvey
Paul Holmes
Mr Kelvin Hopkins
Mr Piara S Khabra
Mr Elfyn Llwyd
John McDonnell
Mr Alan Meale
Mr Greg Pope
Syd Rapson
Alan Simpson
Dr Jenny Tonge
Dr Desmond Turner
Mr Paul Tyler
Mr David Wilshire
26 signatures

That this House is concerned by the large number of cult organisations operating in the United Kingdom, which under the guise of religious belief or practice, recruit the unwary and vulnerable to membership and exploit them for financial, commercial or sexual purposes; notes action by other European countries to warn potential victims and control the activities of such organisations, in particular the legislation passed by the French parliament in 2001; deprecates the continuing failure of successive British governments over many years to take any action to protect our citizens from the activities of such cults; and calls on Her Majesty's Government to legislate accordingly.

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