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Flames engulf the Branch Davidian compound near Waco waco and brach davidians updates pic

Branch Davidians See Conspiracy in Highway Project, by Dina Temple Raston (NPR Radio, All Things Considered, May 18, 2007)

Branch Davidians caught in yet another power struggle, by Cindy V. Culp (Waco Tribune Herald, April 20, 2006)

Controversial Davidian compound under new leadership, by Cindy V. Culp (Waco Tribune Herald, April 19, 2006)

The Davidians, The Branch Davidian and Globalization, by Bill Pitts - A paper presented at the 2005 CESNUR International Conference in Palermo, Sicily.

Female Leadership in the Davidian and Branch Davidian Tradition: Failure and Success, by Bill Pitts - A paper presented at the CESNUR 2004 Conference, Waco, Texas

"Waco brought to life in game", by Jeff Douglas (AP, July 05, 2004)

Waco sect survives, waits, by Howard Witt (The Chicago Tribune, June 14, 2004)

"Officer: Clark Indirectly Involved in Waco", by Pete Yost (AP. November 28, 2003)

"Return to Waco", by Alex Hannaford ("The Guardian", October 28, 2003)

QUÉ SUCEDIÓ REALMENTE EN WACO, por Massimo Introvigne (in Spanish)

FINAL EN LLAMAS, por J. Gordon Melton (in Spanish)

"Davidians, friends gather in Waco to praise Koresh" by Joseph Curl ("The Washington Times," April 20, 2003)

A dieci anni dalla tragedia di Waco, di Massimo Introvigne (da “Il Domenicale”, 19 aprile 2003)

"Branch Davidian children speak out 10 years after Waco standoff" by Angela K. Brown (AP, April 18, 2003)

"ABC Prime Time on Waco Misrepresents Facts" by Dan Gifford (Press Release, April 17, 2003)

"Branch Davidian youth don't blame their folks" ("The New York Daily News," April 17, 2003)

"Feds Say Changes Since Waco Have Helped" by Angela K. Brown (AP, April 14, 2003)

"Branch Davidian site recalls painful chapter for visitors" (AP, April 12, 2003)

"Survivors Mark Anniversary of Waco Raid" by Angela K. Brown (AP, February 28, 2003)


"10 Years Later, Uneasy Acceptance" by Lorie Jewell ("Tampa Tribune," February 28, 2003)

"Controversy still surrounds tragedy" by Jason Embry ("The Waco Tribune-Herald," February 23, 2003)

"Davidian Faith, Pain Living On" by Bruce Nolan ("Religion News Service," February 15, 2003)

"Branch Davidians Push for New Trial" by Adam Nossiter (Associated Press, February 10, 2003) 

"Davidians Pursue Claims Against U.S." by Adam Nossiter (AP, February 9, 2003)

"U.S. Circuit Court Of Appeals To Hear Davidian Appeal" (AP, February 7, 2003)

"Aussie claims Waco site" by Michael McKenna ("news.com.au," August 14, 2002)

"Russian delegation visits Waco, tours Davidian site" by Brian Gaar ("Waco Tribune," June 30, 2002)

"Davidians Appeal Wrongful-Death Case" (AP, April 18, 2002)




Buy this book In order to supplement the above news, we recomment the book by David Thibodeau "A Place Called Waco: A Survivor's Story" (see related article). Thibodeau, one of only nine Branch Davidian survivors of the attack, tells the story of the Branch Davidians and their dealings with federal agents. In light of subsequent government admissions, including a partial recantation in 1999 of previous denials that the tea gas used in the assault could have been incendiary, Thibodeau's detailed account of the storming of the compound and the fire that followed is still more important.

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