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Alternative Spiritualities and New Age Studies

Friday 30 May to Sunday 1 June 2003
The Open University, Milton Keynes, England

Registration has opened for a major international conference on Alternative Spiritualities and New Age Studies hosted by the Belief Beyond Boundaries Research Group at the Department of Religious Studies, The Open University, co-organised by Marion Bowman, Daren Kemp and James R. Lewis.
See www.asanas.org.uk for further details and booking forms.

The conference will review the emergence of Alternative Spiritualities and New Age Studies as a specialised field, and act as a catalyst for further development of the discipline.

MICHAEL YORK: "Wanting to have your New Age cake and eat it too"
WOUTER HANEGRAAFF: "Swedenborg and New Age Relgion"
CHRISTOPH BOCHINGER: "The invisible inside the visible, the visible inside the invisible: Theoretical and methodical aspects of research on New Age and contemporary Esotericism"
PAUL HEELAS: "The Spiritual Revolution: Or The New Age of Wellbeing"

An action packed programme! Panels on a wide variety of topics relating to Alternative Spiritualities and New Age, including :
Esotericism; Roots of Alternative Spirituality and New Age; Paganism; Corporate Spirituality; Astrology; New Age and New Religious Movements; Alternative Spirituality and Indigenous Traditions; Teen Witchcraft; Healing; Sacred Space; Methodological Issues in the Study of Alternative Spirituality and New Age; Sociological and Psychological studies; and examples of Alternative Spirituality and New Age from Europe, China, Japan, Canada, USA, Australia and South Africa.
Further details including registration form, draft programme, abstracts,maps and other information can be obtained from www.asanas.org.uk ; any enquiries to Arts-Rel-Studies-Conferences@open.ac.uk. Closing date for registration: 17 April 2003.

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