CESNUR - center for studies on new religions

Ivan Franko Lviv National University,
Social Humanitarian Consortium Genesis
, and
International Study of Religion in Central and Eastern Europe Association (ISORECEA)

announce the 5th international ISORECEA conference,
devoted to the scientific study of religious processes and changes in Eastern and Central Europe under the title:

Challenges of Religious Plurality for Eastern and Central Europe

December 11-14, 2003 Lviv, Ukraine.
Deadline for proposals: September 10, 2003.

The conference will focus on the following topics:

This list of possible themes is not exhaustive. Participants can offer other themes relevant to the conference's title.

Conference papers will be organized into 3 plenary sessions (1. Religion in Ukraine; 2. Religious diversity in Central and Eastern Europe; and 3. Challenges of Religious plurality for Eastern and Central Europe) and approximately twenty parallel sessions. Participants are invited to offer to organize special sessions, panel discussions and/or round tables.


Membership fee 2003/4

Registration for members

Registration for non-members

East Europe; Students; Retired

10 Euro

10 Euro

30 Euro

Central Europe

20 Euro

10 Euro

40 Euro


30 Euro

10 Euro

50 Euro


Registration and membership fee should be paid to Mr. Peter Torok (treasurer of the ISORECEA)

Methods of payment: send the appropriate amount of money (membership fee and/or registration fee) to the account of ISORECEA. It is payable to: Mr. P. Torok at OTP RT Bank (Budapest, Hungary), IBAN number: HU74 1177 5427 2471 4886 0000 0000 (Please do not omit the last eight digits, the zeros)

Application forms (form A - for individual papers; form B - for session proposal) for conference proposals are available from the ISORECEA web-site.

Conference proposals should be sent on the appropriate forms with CV and abstracts to:
Andrij Yurash, Social Humanitarian Consortium Geneza, 3-rd floor, 43 Lysenka St., 79008 Ukraine or by e-mail: institute@geneza.lviv.ua

The organizers will inform those offering papers and sessions whether they have been accepted by 1 October.

Central and Eastern European participants who have been successful in their application for help towards their expenses will be informed by 15 October. The maximum allowance will cover the cheapest means of travel, meals and 3 nights accommodation

Participants whose proposals are accepted but whose participation cannot be covered by the Organizing Committee may receive some organizational assistance to help them with their participation at the conference.


Ivan Franko Lviv National University
1 Universytetska St., Lviv 79000 Ukraine
tel. +38-0322- 964-764
E-mail: a_yurash@yahoo.com

Social Humanitarian Consortium Geneza
3-rd floor, 43 Lysenka St., 79008 Ukraine
tel./fax +38-0322- 975-570
E-mail: consort@geneza.lviv.ua

International Study of Religion in Eastern and Central Europe Association (ISORECEA)
Institute for Social Research of Zagreb
Amruseva 8/11, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Contact: Secretary of the ISORECEA Dr. Dinka Marinovic Jerolimov
E-mail: dinka@idi.hr

The conference is supported by the "East East Program: Partnership Beyond Borders" of the Open Society Institute and the International Renascence Foundation (Kyiv).


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