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June 17-20, 2004 - Baylor University, Waco, Texas

The Master Race and the Family of Light: Conflict, Spiritual Purification and Bio-Political Agendas in JJ Hurtak's "Book of Knowledge"

by Carol S. Matthews
A paper presented at CESNUR 2004 international conference, Baylor University, Waco (Texas), June 18-20, 2004. Preliminary version. Do not reproduce or quote without the consent of the author.

On October 6, 1973 (10 Ramadan), the combined armed forces of Syria and Egypt attacked the state of Israel in a surprise offensive. The Yom Kippur/Ramadan war, so named for the respective holy periods during which the attack occurred, caught the Israelis completely off guard. The surprise allowed the Arab militias to gain a temporary ascendancy. Syria regained most of the Golan Heights, and Egypt was able to penetrate and control much of the Sinai Peninsula. Then, aided by American airlifts and supplies, Israel mounted a counter-offensive that brought the conflict to a virtual standstill. When King Faisal of Saudi Arabia saw what he considered to be the obvious complicity of the United States in its support of Israel, he called on the Arab leaders of OPEC to impose an embargo on sales of oil to Western countries—an embargo that lasted until March 1974 and that seriously impacted the already stretched economies of the Western nations, including the United States. The Yom Kippur/Ramadan/October War was a turning point in Middle East relationships: Anwar Sadat, who had masterminded the Egyptian side of the invasion, negotiated a peace with Israel that procured the Sinai Peninsula but also estranged Egypt from many of her Arab/Muslim neighbors. This alienation would be worsened by Sadat’s subsequent peace treaty with Israel. Disaffected members of his own army assassinated him in 1981. Syria pulled out of the Golan Heights, and the issue has remained a sore point ever since.1

            Earlier in 1973, maverick linguist, alleged CIA consultant, occultist and nouveau Egyptologist, J.J. Hurtak, according to his account, had been “lifted up” in a body of light into a region of stars called Merak and Muscida by the Master Ophanim Enoch. Enoch, answering a prayerful plea from Hurtak, had come to deliver a revelatory message outlining the purpose of life on the Earth plane, and to reveal the contours of a coming confrontation between the Children of Light and the Fallen Masters of Darkness.2 Over a period of two days (Jan 2-3) Enoch “downloaded” into Hurtak a total of 64 keys or revelations and these became The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch. The Book of Knowledge details a premillennial, post-Christian account that calls on the Children of Light to be genetically recoded for the energy transformations to come that they may be the vanguard of an ascended “Christ Race,” which will complete the evolution of the original Pre-Adamic races. Key 109, a central revelation in this regard, reads as follows: The Anti-Universe is composed of Star Field Energies revealed on the Black Cube of Mecca which shows the function and destruction of three dimensional universes. 3

            Hurtak’s commentary on this Key reveals that the events of October 1973 galvanized him. Hurtak saw the October war as evidence that most Muslims, particularly those in power, are in league with, or in thrall to, dark extraterrestrial forces that originate in the constellations of Ursa Minor and Draco (with the principle star alpha Draconis as a focus). Hurtak constructs an elaborate narrative linking ancient astronomy and geometry, genetic/molecular and computer theory with geo-political events, and in revisiting the old competitions between Muslim, Christian and Jew, recasts the historic dimensions of this occasional conflict in extraterrestrial, genetic terms. In elaborating on Hurtak’s prophetic project I will first briefly describe Hurtak’s process of “prophetic regenesis,” in which revelation and prophetic commentary are said to “reveal” the contours of a cosmic conflict between two ancient extraterrestrial genetic bloodlines that is said to manifest itself in geo-political events on earth. Then, I will discuss how Hurtak’s process of revelation subsumes and elides the actual sequence of events as recorded by news agencies. Lastly, I will briefly describe how this narrative of Muslim/Christian conflict, recast in extraterrestrial and genetic terms, has impacted the writings and ideations of New Age and Ascensionist thinkers and practitioners.

            The Book of Knowledge is comprised of two levels of revelation. There are the densely written, enigmatic, highly symbolic “Keys.” These are the direct “downloads” that according to Hurtak, were received directly from Enoch over a two-day period in 1973. However, the bulk of the revelation is contained in commentary that “unpacks” and explicates various levels of the initial utterance.4 The commentaries were written over a three-year period and reflect a variety of sources, events and compositions joined in an interpretive matrix that Hurtak refers to as “prophetic regenesis.” Prophetic regenesis is a form of associative exegesis, in which complex and rather unexpected correspondences are made across a wide variety of canonical and non-canonical texts, five principle languages, Hebrew, Indian/Sanskrit, Tibetan, Chinese and Egyptian, mythological stories originating in each of the above civilizations. These symbolic systems are then linked to the synergetic postulates of Buckminster Fuller’s description of the evolution of molecular structures, which he called the Isomorphic Vector Matrix. Other bits and pieces of scientific, symbolic or linguistic ‘data-slices’ are sampled and utilized if needed: occasionally, for example, he finds it useful to incorporate a Greek/Latin word or myth.5

For example, an examination of the commentary explicating Key 109 demonstrates how, according the Hurtak, the Kaaba at Mecca acts as a concentration of anti-Universe, anti-Christ energy, a kind of spiritual black hole as it were. Through the process of prophetic regenesis Hurtak develops an elaborate narrative that linking the ten vidyas of Hindu tantrism with the ten realms of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. These are the 10 steps of evolution. The tantric death figures of Cinnamasta and Kali are mapped onto Christ’s crucifixion at the skull of Golgatha and the phylacteries of the Jewish mystic. At each stage, the mythical symbols and divine figures are keyed to astro-physical descriptions of the organic birth of galaxies, mathematical descriptions of black holes and bio-genetic depictions of human/cosmic evolution. All is finally linked to what Buckminister Fuller described as the synergetic hierarchy, a natural process in which molecular structures develop more compact and efficient forms of atom packing at various levels of organization. Fuller had noticed that, for all of human attachment to the cube in our architecture and coordinate geometries, it is not the most efficient way of developing or packing a space. In fact, it contains instabilities, and unless cubic structures are reinforced in very particular ways, they can collapse. For Fuller, this simply meant that the interior of the cube needed to be understood (it contains tetrahedrons) as a momentary structure of stasis that would quickly be subsumed by the next level of molecular organization. 6

For Hurtak, this “clinging to the cube” that the Kaaba represents is, in fact, evidence of a dangerous tendency toward retrogression, rigidity, entropy and a need to tyrannically control. As Muslims circumambulate around their most sacred shrine in Mecca, they are exhibiting the “black hole function” of refusing to evolve up to the next level of organic organization. For Hurtak, the logical connections between the “black cube” of Mecca, and Fuller’s description of the temporary cubic structure of stasis are established in all the previous articulations he constructed earlier, linking tantra and the image of Christian sacrifice to black holes and the possibility of ultimate human evolution, and they are simply too elaborate to reproduce in full here. Toward the end of his prophetic regenesis he can finally say: “This cosmology is to be seen in the wearing of the Black Cube or Tephillin-Baith on the forehead of the Jewish mystic, who nullifies the power of the Black Cube worn over his third eye, by the interpenetration of the Torah scripture of Light within the Cube. (phylacteries or "tefillin" contain small scrolls with inscriptions of Torah verses) Here, the program of Light from the Word of God, purifies the mind and opens it up to the Splendor of the Universe.” The implication is that Muslims do not “allow” the light of program of God to penetrate them, therefore, they re-enact and reinscribe, in their revering of the cube at Mecca, a focus on physical destruction of the 3-D world, in the way that the black hole is postulated to trap light itself.7

            The Book of Knowledge constitutes Hurtak’s attempt to construct what occultist Rene Schwaller de Lubicz referred to as la Symbolique, a purported system of knowledge transmission de Lubicz considered to be primarily visual and pre-linguistic, and is secretly encoded in the shapes of various written languages, mystical buildings, such as the Great Pyramid and for Hurtak, in human DNA.8 Both de Lubicz and Hurtak understand la Symbolique as the true source of universal knowledge that was bequeathed to humanity through nine intermediary extraterrestrial beings that constituted the Heliopolis of ancient Egypt. Hurtak identifies these beings as coming from Orion and the Pleiades and he designates them in various ways: “The Masters,” “The Council of Light,” “The Great White Brotherhood,” etc. The Children of Darkness “cling to the cube” in Mecca in order to keep the Children of Light from discovering the symbolique of redemption hidden in the Kaaba. They are not entirely at fault, since they are operating at the behest of extraterrestrials from alpha Draconis/Ursa Minor. They can be saved by bringing them to the Torah Or (Light of the Torah)—which Hurtak prophetically retranslates as the Program of Israel with Gematria designation 8033-45. 9 The Family of Light, being influenced by beings from Orion and the Pleiades, have the responsibility to “save the star system intelligence from the negative entropy” engendered by the Children of Darkness and their Fallen Masters. This is accomplished by personal ascension, in which one’s princely bloodline relationship to the Family of Light is affirmed. This act of personal purification permits DNA recodings that activate an ability to receive downloads of direct spiritual information –a perfect description of de Lubicz’s Symbolique. One can then defend against or convert the Children of Darkness. This is a conflict involving, what for Hurtak, are rival extraterrestrial civilizations wielding rival mathematical, religious and genetic heritages, with human beings caught in the middle. If all else fails, the Children of Darkness must be released to their own degenerating de-evolution. 10

            Continuing with Hurtak’s commentary on Key 109, the first overt indication of this conflict was “unveiled in the year 1973….by the words of King Feisal, who gathered at Mecca a host of two million worshippers chanting “liberate Jerusalem.” Citing an unnamed “news dispatch from Beirut,” King Feisal is said to have donned the standard garb of the haj pilgrim and approached the black stone concealed in the Kaaba in order to seal the oath of jihad. Hurtak describes this “summoning of Islamic scholars and pilgrims” to jihad against Israel, as proof that most Muslims in the world are caught in the sinister anti-universe, anti-Christ energy of entropy and inversion emanating from alpha Draconis.11

There is one difficulty in Hurtak’s description of events, for although King Feisal had indeed called for a jihad to liberate Jerusalem, he had done so five years earlier. On August 21, 1969 an Australian fundamentalist Christian, Michael Rohan, took it upon himself to initiate Armageddon by setting fire to the Al Aqsa mosque at the Dome of the Rock. This act of arson resulted in the complete destruction of the southeastern wing of the mosque, including priceless items dating from the time of Saladin. Muslims around the world responded passionately and angrily. In response to the fire, King Faisal made history by becoming the first secular Arab ruler in the 20th century to declare a jihad. At the same time he was pivotal in organizing the first Islamic Summit that was held in September 1969 in Rabat, Morocco, in order to coordinate a joint Islamic response to these events. 12 It is doubtful that Faisal’s call for jihad occurred in 1973 as, during the time of the haj that year (Dec 73-Jan 74), he was consulting with the United States in negotiating a peace between the October war combatants.

There is no way to determine for sure whether Hurtak’s apparent conflation of events is purposeful, the result of a faulty news source, or a common American tendency to disregard the complexities of Middle Eastern politics. Whatever the case, Hurtak declares that Enoch transported him to the location of the Kaaba, in much the same way that Jabriel was said to have transported Muhammad to the Temple Mount during his Night Journey. From his exalted standpoint, Enoch revealed to Hurtak how the cubic structure of the Kaaba acts like a black hole, sucking in and trapping the Light of the Father and feeding the Children of Darkness. 13 The stone inside the Kaaba, it is said holds and traps the accumulated and unredeemed sins of humanity inside the cube as Muslims, guided by extraterrestrial forces from alpha Draconis, are vampirically infected by the resulting energies of degeneration, vengeance and anti-evolution. In any event, even if King Faisal had reiterated his earlier call for jihad at some point in 1973, Hurtak’s account makes no mention of the possible contexts that may have given rise to such a pronouncement. It’s as if King Faisal, symbol of all entrapped Muslims, in a fit of irrational, unmediated and fanatic fury, without cause, enticed his followers into an orgy of violence against the “Keystone of the Pyramid of God.”14 Hurtak’s sublimation of the historical context of King Faisal’s call for jihad also obscures one Christian’s participation in initiating events that inflamed Muslim sentiment, and at least in Egypt, influenced Sadat’s determination to organize a possible attack on Israel in 1973. Hurtak’s commentary also suggests that Muslims are not simply a benighted people beholden to a dark religion promoted by a fallen species that promotes bad molecular geometry; they are in the process of becoming a separate, genetically degenerate race.15

            So, how has this premillennial scenario played to Hurtak’s New Age and Ascensionist audience? It’s a mixed bag. The ascensionists of my acquaintance are generally quite familiar with Hurtak’s text, regarding it as a pivotal New Age document. However, most of them are primarily interested in the parts of Hurtak’s book that might provide clues or theories regarding ascension techniques to initiate human evolution by recoding DNA. Perhaps one of the most interesting responses can be found in an early ascension channeling session conducted by trance channel Barbara Marciniak in 1990. When asked specifically about Hurtak and The Book of Knowledge, Marciniak’s guides replied that, although in the past they may have spoken highly of the Book, they also had “always maintained that [we] do not agree with what is being said there.” While the book is said to “resonate with its own form of integrity,” it is also limited by Hurtak’s belief systems, and he will eventually be surprised when he finds out what and who the conflict really involves. Her guides go on to recommend The Gods of Eden by William Bramley as a more accurate account of humanity’s extraterrestrial background.16 Some ascensionists have reported to me that something about the book “creeps them out,” and still others were quite surprised when I pointed out passages in the text that seemed to vilify Muslims or contained a ‘master race’ narrative. Most ascensionists seem not to be very interested in pursuing Hurtak’s premillennial charges of anti-Christ Muslim behavior, even while they generally accept his overall narrative regarding the existence of an extraterrestrial conspiracy on the Earth that is designed to keep humans from evolving and the importance of DNA as the locus of personal incarnation. On the other hand, while perusing Internet archives of ascensionist/New Age chat rooms, I ran across several conversations, all post 9/11, in which Key 109 was brought up for discussion. In one instance, a respondent simply replied by posting a verse from Surah 9 of the Koran, which, when taken out of context, seems to provide justification for Muslims to kill their enemies at any opportunity. It was as if the respondent was saying: “Yes, see, look at their scriptures, they are just like that.” 17

            Robert Fuller (no relation to Buckminster), in his book Naming the Anti-Christ: The History of an American Obsession, notes that a great deal of the apocalyptic imagery that is increasingly found in much New Age/Ascensionist literature derives from fundamentalist/right wing sources/pre-millennial, ranging from Hal Lindsey to Orson Scott Card.18 As Fuller describes it, the accused are all the usual suspects, including communists (wherever they might be), Muslims, and shadowy government or corporate entities. For all of its sophisticated patter, and it’s potential as a vision that seeks to intimately link the twin infinities of the cosmos and the human soul through the mediating mechanism of DNA, Hurtak’s revelation seems to follow this trajectory with remarkable fidelity, only now the millennial conflict is cast in mathematical, extraterrestrial, genetic and even racial terms. Later in The Book of Knowledge, Hurtak reveals that there are two other groups who operate with the Fallen Masters, obscuring the possibility of the Christ race evolving on Earth. These individuals are the orthodox ‘believers’ in the Jewish and Christian communities, and the secular scholars and intellectuals who annoyingly insist on the importance of history, context, analysis and fact-finding. For Hurtak, such critical analysis is idolatry constituting the Abomination of Desolation as described in the Book of Daniel. 19 Well, I guess the shoe fits. A close look at the Book of Knowledge reveals what one might call the circular edge of closure, when right and left wing interests are joined in the fervor of premillennial promises of perfected genetic evolution, the end of history and the conquering of ones stated enemies. It’s the same story being told now in more dangerous times. 

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A Controversy about J. J. Hurtak and The Keys of Enoch: Texts by Mr. Hurtak's lawyer and by Carol Matthews

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5 This technique creates an extremely dense, eccentric and multi-layered text, which is extremely difficult to decode or even simply follow unless one has some sense of a broad range of disciplines, including occult Egyptology, hermetic and Jewish Kabbalah, computer lingo, Pythagorean mathematics and the basic vocabularies of geology, paleontology, astronomy, organic chemistry, biology and linguistics. I was clued into some of Hurtak’s source material in 2001 while working at a metaphysical bookstore in Kansas City, MO. I noticed that following ascension workshops featuring the work of Hurtak and Drunvalo Melchizedek in the KC area, requests for de Lubicz would soar among the attendees. Upon inquiry, I found out that facilitators in the workshops were recommending de Lubicz as essential “background” information. The Fuller connection was made by a friend of mine who happens to be well read in esoteric literature. She took a look at Hurtak’s text and was able to point out key passages in Fuller’s work that appear to be directly influential. My recommendation: read Rene Schwaller de Lubicz and Buckminster Fuller and much of what Hurtak is saying becomes quite easy to understand. BOK is principally a work of Esoteric theory.

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And even further: “The collective body of the true ‘People of God’ is a slave to no one but a servant to all save the offspring of the fallen Nephilim. These fallen mind energies have neutralized certain genetic mutations, certain life species, certain racial indexes, certain wisdom teachings of consciousness adaptation within the history of the planet. Thus, man devours man, race devours race without the Covenant of light.”

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