CESNUR - center for studies on new religions

The CESNUR 2004 Conference - Waco (Texas) June 17-20, 2004


Registration Fee (for pre-registration)*, $ 100
Lunch Friday, June 18 $ 10
Lunch Saturday, June 19 $ 10
Lunch Sunday, June 20 $ 10
Banquet Saturday, June 19 $ 20
Field Trip "Remembering the Branch Davidians Tragedy" June 19  $ 10
Total in U.S. Dollars
*Registration at the door in Waco will be $ 150.
                    Method of Payment
             a) Credit Card
Type of Card     VISA MasterCard EuroCard

Here are the details of my credit card for immediate on-line registration:
   Name on Card (print)
Expiration Date
Birthdate (mandatory: month-day-year)
Signature (not needed for online registration):_____________________________

I will mail the details of my card with a printed and signed copy of this form
b) I want to register now and am sending a printed and signed copy of this form with details of my bank draft ___

If you do not register online, please fax or mail registration forms (including details of your credit card) to:
Via Confienza 19
10121 Torino, Italy
Fax: +39-011-541905

If you select option (b) please mail or fax forms to CESNUR, and send bank drafts to CESNUR PIEMONTE as follows
Name of bank: Deutsche Bank, Via Arcivescovado 7, 10121 Torino, Italy
Bank codes:
Account number: 33719
ABI: 3104
CAB: 01000


Preliminary Programme - Hotels in Waco - How to Fly to Waco

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