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List of Vampire Movies in English (origins-2013) by J. Gordon Melton

Please send comments on additions or corrections to the author at jgordon@linkline.com.

This list of titles of the vampire in the cinema culminates an attempt to compile a comprehensive listing of vampire and related films, was initially constructed in the mid 1990s while working on a book on vampire films, VideoHound's Vampires on Video (1997). It emerged as a tool to deal with the confusion that had been intoduced into some earlier vampire lists posted as the Internet began to develop. On the one hand, the same movie would be listed two or more times under the altertnate titles under which it had been released. (sometimes reflective of titles in different countries, and/or different cuts of the same films, or to generate new sales for the VHS or DVD release of an older movie). On the other hand, movies would be missed or easily confused with movies of the same title that were not vampire oriented. Often non-vampire films with vampire-sounding titles would also be included.


Additional confusion had also entered filmographies from individuals adding titles to movie lists from announcements of proposed films, many of which never reached production stage. This list has been limited to films known to have actually been released. As part of an effort to clean the lists, we have maintained titles from old lists but have added notations on films that were proposed but were never made nor released.


This list attempts to include every title under which a film has been released (though it has a clear English bias and admittedly lacks many foreign titles under which American films have been released, especially in languages that do not use the Latin alphabet. When a film has multiple titles, one (usually the original release title) has been chosen as the primary title and is bolded in the listing. Alternate titles are given in italics and cross referenced back to the primary title. During the years of British rule, almost all Hong Kong films were shot in Chinese, but were assigned an official English title, a practice that has largely continued since 1997 in order to keep up distribution of the films.


Early on the attempt was made to verify the existence of each film listed, ideally by locating a copy, viewing it in the theater or on television, or finding a description in an authoritative source. The development of the Internet has facilitated this process and the Internet Movie Data Base (http://www.imdb.com/) has provided a useful first place to verify that a film actually exists. As each film has been added to the list, imdb has been checked and if the film has an entry, that fact is indicated below. Particularly where no imdb entry has been found, reference to other sites covering relevant material, especially "Queer Vampires"  (http://www.queerhorror.com/Qvamp/allMovies.html) and "Vampires Online" (http://www.vampyres-online.com/index2.html), have been checked as well as several of the more comprehensive published vampire filmographies (see list below).


When attempts to find information on a film have been unsuccessful, the film is marked as "unverified." This label does not necessarily mean that the film does not exist, but does indicate that it may never have been commercially released or was done so in such a manner as to have only very limited circulation.


Vampire movies have been produced in a variety of formats and from multiple sources. Some have originated as cinema experiments, and numerous independent filmmakers have made a variety of short films, while animators have found the vampire a subject to which they continually return. Most vampire films were, however, originally intended for release in theaters and the majority have been re-released in one of several formats for viewing in private homes, the most popular formats being the Video Home System (VHS), digital videodisc (DVD), video cd (VCD), and most recently Blueray (BLY). Most vampire films were also produced as feature-length films, which the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences defines as having a running time of a minimum of 40 minutes and the Screen Actors Guild defines as being at least 80 minutes, with the majority being between 70 and 210 minutes long. For the purposes of this filmography, any films less than 60 minutes are defined as a short, and since they are among the most difficult to locate, an attempt has been made to determine their length and, if possible, where a copy might be found. Many shorts have been issued as added features on dvds of a related feature films.


In the 1960s, a number of films began to be made for initial viewing on television and were even edited to make room for commercial breaks. Of the increasing number of made-for-television movies, two vampire movies would draw a significant audience—The Night Stalker, which aired January 11, 1972, and garnered the highest ratings of any television movie up to that time, and the version of Dracula (1974) starring Jack Palance.  Increasingly, feature-length films are made to skip theater release and go directly to video, including many independent movies and almost all adult vampire movies.


Most recently, a number of movies have begun to appear that can only be accessed via Internet downloads. This edition of the "Vampire Movie Titles Master List" has not yet integrated these latter movies that are not also available in a DVD or other video format.



A Working Definition of a "Vampire"


In the 1990s, while working on The Vampire Book: The Encyclopedia of the Undead (1st editon, 1994), I found it necessary to create a working definition of the subject of the book which led to the writing of an essay, "What Is a Vampire?" an excerpt from which I reprint below as a means of highlighting my criteria for inclusion and/or exclusion of movies from this list.


The common dictionary definition of a vampire serves as a starting point for inquiry. A vampire is a reanimated corpse that rises from the grave to suck the blood of living people and thus retain a semblance of life. That description certainly fits Dracula, the most famous vampire, but is only a starting point and quickly proves inadequate in approaching the realm of vampire folklore. By no means do all vampires conform to that definition.


For example, while the subject of vampires almost always leads to a discussion of death, all vampires are not resuscitated corpses. Numerous vampires are disembodied demonic spirits. In this vein are the numerous vampires and vampirelike demons of Indian mythology and the lamiai of Greece. Vampires can also appear as the disembodied spirit of a dead person that retains a substantial existence; like many reported ghosts, these vampires can be mistaken for a fully embodied living corpse. Likewise, in the modern secular literary context, vampires sometimes emerge as a different species of intelligent life (possibly from outer space or the product of genetic mutation) or to otherwise normal human beings who have an unusual habit (such as blood-drinking) or an odd power (such as the ability to drain people emotionally). Vampire animals, from the traditional bat to the delightful children's characters Bunnicula and Count Duckula, are by no means absent from the literature. These vampires exist in a number of forms, although by far the majority of them are the risen dead.


As commonly understood, the characteristics shared by all of these vampire entities is their need for blood, which they take from living human beings and animals. A multitude of creatures from the world's mythology have been labeled vampires in the popular literature simply because periodic bloodsucking was among their many attributes. When the entire spectrum of vampires is considered, however, that seemingly common definition falls by the wayside, or, as the very least, must be considerably supplemented. Some vampires do not take blood, rather they steal what is considered the life force from their victims. A person attacked by a traditional vampire suffers the loss of blood, which causes a variety of symptoms: fatigue, loss of color in the face, listlessness, depleted motivation, and weakness. For example, left unchecked, tuberculosis is a wasting disease that is similar to the traditional description of the results of a vampire's attack.


Nineteenth century romantic authors and occultists suggested that real vampirism involved the loss of psychic energy to the vampire and wrote of vampiric relationships that had little to do with the exchange of blood. Dracula himself quoted the Bible in noting that "the blood is the life." Thus, it is not necessarily the blood itself that the vampire seeks but the psychic energy or "life force" believed to be carried by it. The metaphor of psychic vampirism can easily be extended to cover various relationships in which one party steals essential life elements from the other such as when rulers sap the strength of the people they dominate.


On the other extreme, some modern "vampires" are simply blood drinkers. They do not attack and drain their victims, but obtain blood in a variety of legal manners (such as locating a willing donor or a source at a blood bank). In such cases, the consumption of the blood has little to do with any ongoing relationship to the source of the blood. It, like food, is merely consumed. Often times, modern vampires even report getting a psychological or sexual high from drinking blood."


For purposes of this list, we included films which had a character that was a vampire by the above definition, that identified their main character as a vampire either in the film's title or dialogue or in the publicity material accompanying the films, meaning that the creators of the movie saw it as a vampire flick. Also included as vampire movies are those films about entituies from world folklore which we have previously identified as primarily a vampire-like creature, including the succubus/incubus, the aswang, the banshee, Lilith, the chupacabra, and the Mexican weeping woman (la llarona). Also included are pseudovampire movies, in which the vampire character is revealed to be a fraud (a basic storyline for all the Scooby-Doo and Sherlock Holmes vampire-themed movies). A large percentage of the movies made in response to the success of Dracula in the 1930s turn out to be pseudovampire movies.


Possibly the most questionable inclusion in this list is the vamp. In the silent era, movies with the word vampire in the title were most often about seductive women who destroy men, a character defined as a vampire in the famous poem by Kipling. In Theda Bara, we also saw the creation of a vamp who wore a tight black bat-like dress, a costume picked up more recently by the likes of Morticia Addams, Elvira, and Vampira. While Vampira is the only one to be identified as a vampire (Morticia and Elvira being witches), though all three are vamps, in the Theda Bara tradition. I have kept the Addams Family movies on the list for convenience (and because I am a fan), and have included some Elvira titles because they have a vampire quite apart from her.


Not included in this list are three important non-vampire characters—werewolves, ghouls, zombies. Any movie titles appearing to be about one of those three characters either also include vampires or characters which are hybrids creatures, most often vampiric zombies.


The making of this list has involved the watching of a numerous movies whose identification as a vampire movie has been questioned, including movies made from vampire novels and short stories that loose most is not all of their vampire element when transferred to the screen (such as occurred in the several filmings of Richard Mathison's famous text, I Am Legend).  In such cases, where some question remains, we have tended to err toward inclusion and allow viewers to make their own judgment. Thus we have included some movies often identified as a vampire movie and sometimes not, The Norliss Tapes being a  prominent example.


We have also included all the movies about two historical characters who were not themselves vampires, but whose story has become an integral part of modern vampire stuidies—Vlad the Impaler and Elizabeth Bathory. The Romanian Prince Vlad was known as the son of Dracul (dragon), a diminutive form of the title his father had as a member of the Order of the Dragon, the Christian anti-Muslim fraternity. Elizabeth Bathory famously bathed in blood as a means of keeping her youthful looks. Both Vlad and Bathory appear as characters in multiple vampire movies. 


As this list developed, it included a varierty of non-fiction documentaries on vampires, many of which appear in VHS and DVD formats. Upon further examionation it was seen that overwhelmingly these were television episodes and specials and more properly listed as television shows than as documentary movies, and they are more than adequately covered in Brad Middletoin's recent text, Un-Dead TV (2013). As such, they have been removed from this listing.  


A Note on the Silent Era: Prior to Dracula (1931), actually one of the first horror movies made in the era of sound, numerous movies were made with the word "vampire" in the title. Overhwemlmingly, these movies used the term in a metaphorical sense and had little or no relationship to what would be considered a vampire movie in the post-Dracula world. This author is by no means a student of the silent era and has not made the attempt to locate and go through these ealier movies. Some reference below is made to the several silent movies which are important to the post-Dracula world including the three most important silent era films--A Fool There Was, Nosferatu, and Vampyr. This list, however, concentrates on the post-Dracula era to the present.



About this list


The list below is a comprehensive international list of the titles of each known vampire movie (now over 2,200 separate films) plus their known alternate titles. For each movie, an attempt has been made to note its country of origin and the date of its initial release. Also, in creating the list, it became evident that identifying movies by various sub-categories was especially useful both to this compiler and those with whom he originally shared the list. Thus, the titles of animated movies have been rendered in Blue; adult movies in Orange—and Asian movies (including films from China, Hong Kong (HK), India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand) in Brown. In addition, we have kept some titles from older lists that were either never made or turned out to be something other than a vampire movie in Green. 


Where identified, we have noted made-for-television movies (TV), and along the way indicated various cross-genres in an attempt to indentify vampire comedies, science fiction (SyFy), westerns, and African American (AA) titles.           


Where films may be easily confused with one or more films with a like or similar name, a prominent actor or the film's director is listed to assist in identifying it. 





Given the purpose of this listing, to create a comprehensive list of vampire movie titles, for each movie, we have included the main title, various alternate titles under which it has been released, and the year and place of its production. No attempt has been made to include the basic data that would generally be included in a filmography beyond that minimally needed to identify the film, Thus we have not included the production company, the director, the screenwriter, or cast names.


In addition, to help verify that the movie actually exists, we have indicated various formats in which it has been released (VHS, DVD, VCD, or BLR) and sources from which the basic information on the film may be found. A few titles, including some of the classic cartoons, may be found on U-Tube or other internet sites (+). Sources are indicated by a variety of abreviations



BW = John Edgar Browing and Caroline Joan Picart, Dracula in Visual Media (2011)

VO = Vampires Online at  http://www.vampyres-online.com/index2.html  

imdb = Internet Movie Database  http://www.imdb.com/

QV = Queer Vampires at http://www.queerhorror.com/Qvamp/allMovies.html

SJ = Stephen Jones, The Illustrated Vampire Movie Guide (1993)

+  = title available on Internet

MD = Brad Middleton, Un-Dead TV (2013)

TV = a made-for-television movie



Major Sources


This list of vampire movies has been assembled from many sources beginning with the author's own extensive collection, but several sources have been most helpful over the years. This selective list does not include all of the books on vampire cinema consulted, rather it concentrates on those titles which have attempted to survey a broad spectrum of vampire related cinema.


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--Abandon  See: Vampires (1986)

Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (USA 1948)  Aka  Meet the Ghosts, Abbott and Costello Meet the Ghosts, Abbott et Costello contre Frankenstein, Deux Nigauds contreFrankenstein, Abbott et Costello et Les Monstres VHS VO imdb SJ

Abe's Tomb: The Movie (USA 2006) DVD Also included in Mortuary of Madness DVD collection imdb

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--Au service du diable  See: La plus longue nuit du diable

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Ayashi-No Umi (Japan ?)  Aka Mysterious Sea



Babes that Bite: Good Girls Gone Mad (USA 2010)

Baby Blood (France 1990) Aka The Evil Within  DVD imdb SJ

--Bacio di Dracula  See: Dracula's Curse

Back To the USSR (Finland 1992) imdb SJ

Bad Blood For The Vampyr (Germany 1989) underground short

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Banquete das Taras (Brazil 1982)

-- El Baque Maldito See: Horror of the Zombies

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--The Bare Breasted Countess  See: La Comtesse Noire

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Barely Legal Lesbian Vampires: The Curse of Ed Wood (USA 1999) DVD (Brutal Blood Suckers set) imdb

Baron Blood (Italy 1972)  Aka  Gli orrori del castello di Norimberga  not a vampire movie  imdb VHS

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Baron of Darkness (Hungary 1997) VO

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Beautiful Dead People  (??)  unverified

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--BeetleBorgs  See: Saban's BeetleBorgs: Curse of the Shadow Borg

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Being Human (UK 2008) TV MD

Beiss Mich, Leibling (West Germany 1970)  Aka  Bite Me, Darling; Love Making Vampire Style, Love, Vampire Style VO imdb SJ

La Belle Captive (France 1983) Aka The Beautiful Prisoner SJ

Benyamin kontra Drakula (Indonesia, ??)

La Bestia Desnuda (Mexico 1968)  Aka The Nude Beast imdb

Beverly Hills Vamp (USA 1988)  VHS VO imdb SJ

--Big Bad Beetleborgs  See: Saban's Big Bad BeetleBorgs: Curse of the Shadow Borg

Billy & Mandy's Big Boogey Adventures (USA 2007) imdb

Billy Boy 900: Vampyrkysset (Denmark 2004) Aka Billy Boy 900: The Vampire Kiss imdb

Billy the Kid and the Green Baize Vampire (UK 1985) VO imdb SJ  DVD

Billy the Kid Meets the Vampires (unverified, may be Billy the Kid vs. Dracula)

Billy the Kid vs. Dracula (USA 1966) DVD VO imdb SJ western

Birth of the Vampire (USA 2003) 28 min. short imdb

--Birth of the Vampire  See: Kuntilanak beranak

The Bite (USA 1991) Aka Bite! the First Blood VO SJ

The Bite (USA 2005) Dir: Joel D. Wynkoop imdb

The Bite 2 (USA 1998) QV

Bite Marks (USA 2011) imdb comedy DVD

Bite Me (USA 2004) Adult

Bite Me DVD collection that includes: How to Slay a Vampire, Blood Slaves of the Vampire Wolf, and Sorority Vampires from Hell

--Bite Me, Darling  See: Beiss Mich, Leibling

A Bite of Love (HK 1990)  Aka  Yi yao O. K. VCD/DVD Imdb

--Bite! the First Blood  See: The Bite

Bite This! (Czechoslovakia 1996) QV

Bitten (Canada 2006) VCD  imdb

Bizarre Cage #3 (Japan 2001) adult anima

Bizarre's Dracula 1 (USA 1995) VO

Bizarre's Dracula 2 (USA 1995) VO

Black Cat from Beyond the Grave  (Japan 1968) Aka Kuroneko, Yabu no nAka no kuroneko SJ

Black Dahlia (USA 2006) Dir: Brian De Palma. DVD imdb

Black Dahlia (USA 2006) Dir. Ulli Lommel. DVD imdb

Black Day for Bluebeard (USA 1974) imdb

--Black Evil  See: Ganja and Hess

--Black Harvest of Countess Dracula  See: El Retorno de Walpurgis

--Black Magic Rites-Reincarnations  See: The Horrible Orgies of Count Dracula

The Black Room (USA 1981) VO SJ

Black Sabbath (Italy 1963) Aka I Tre Volte Della Paura DVD imdb SJ

--Black Sunday  See: La Maschera del Demonio

Black Inferno (USA 1956) 8 min. amateur short SJ

Black Torment (UK 1964)  note: no noticeable vampires, Aka  Estate of Insanity

--The Black Vampire (USA 1974)  See: Ganja and Hess

Blacula (USA 1972) VO imdb SJ VHS AA

Blade of the Vampire (USA 2006) DVD  VO imdb

Blade, the Vampire Slayer (USA 1997) VHS/ DVD  VO imdb AA

Blade 2: Bloodlust (USA 2001) VHS/VCD/DVD VO imdb AA

Blade: Trinity (USA 2004) VHS/DVD imdb AA

Bled (USA 2009) DVD

The Bleeding (USA 2009) Dir: Charlie Picerni imdb DVD

--The Blind Dead  See: La noche del terror ciego

Bloedverwanten (Netherlands/France 1977)  Aka  Blood Relations, Les Vampires en Ont Ras le Bol VO imdb SJ

Blonde Heaven (USA 1995) Aka Morgana DVD  VO imdb

Blood (USA 1974) Dir: Andy Milligan VO imdb SJ

Blood (UK 1999) Dir: Charly Cantor  VO

Blood (Japan 2009) Aka Buraddo  VCD/DVD imdb

Blood and Black Lace (Italy/France/Germany 1964) imdb

Blood & Donuts (Canada 1995) VHS/DVD-(HK) VO imdb

Blood + Kisses (USA 2005) imdb

Blood and Roses (France/Italy 1961)  Aka  Et Mourir de Plaisir VHS  VO imdb SJ

Blood Angels (USA 2005) Aka Thralls  DVD  VO imdb

--Blood Baron  See: Baron Blood

Blood Bath (USA/Yugoslavia 1966)  Aka  Track of the Vampire (TV movie) DVD In Hollywood Horror Collection/Killer Creature Double Feature set  VO imdb SJ

The Blood Beast Terror (UK 1967)  Aka  The Vampire-Beast Craves Blood, Deathshead Vampire DVD  VO imdb SJ

Blood Bound (USA 2007)  Included in Mortuary of Madness and in Blood Suckers DVD collections imdb  DVD

Blood Car (USA 2007) DVD imdb

--Blood Castle  See: Blood-Splattered Bride

--Blood Circuit  See: Le Circuit de Sang

Blood Countess (Czech Republic 2008) imdb

Blood Countess 2: The Mayhem Begins (Czech Republic 2009) imdb

--Blood Countess  See: Ceremonia Sangrientia

--Blood Cult of the Shangrila  See: The Thirsty Dead

Blood Dancers (USA 2004) DVD  VO imdb

--The Blood Demon  See: Die Schlangegrube und Das Pendel

Blood Donors (USA 2006?)

The Blood Drinkers (Philippines/USA 1961)  Aka The Vampire People, Kulay dugo ang gabi. DVD  VO SJ

--The Blood Drinkers  See: Dr. Teror's Gallery of Horrors

Blood Fiend (UK 1966)  Aka Theatre of Death DVD VO imdb SJ

--Blood For Dracula  See: Andy Warhol's Dracula

Blood Freak (USA 1986)  VO  VHS

Blood Feud (USA 2010) w./Rob Ferreri  DVD

Blood Feud (USA 2010) 17 min. short

Blood Games (USA 2003) imdb

Blood, Guts & Vampires (USA 2004)

--Blood Hunt  See: The Thirsty Dead

Blood Hunt DVD collection includes: Demon Under Glass, How to Slay a Vampire, Blood Slaves of the Vampire Wolf, and Sorority House Vampires from Hell

--Blood Hunter See: Night Hunter

Blood in the Night (USA 1993) imdb

--Blood Is My Heritage  See: Blood of Dracula

Blood Kiss  1993 VHS release of  Lemora (1973)? VO

Blood Kiss (USA 1999) dir. Michael Johnson  adult  VO imdb

Blood Kisses (USA 2009) imdb

Blood Legend (USA 2006) imbd DVD

Blood Lust (1980) SJ

--Blood Lust (1999) See: The Lost World

--Blood Moon See: La noche del Walpurgis

Blood Moon Rising (USA 2009) Dir: Brian Skiba. DVD Imdb

Blood of Dracula (USA 1957) Aka Blood Is My Heritage; Blood of the Demon VHS  VO imdb

The Blood of Dracula's Castle (USA 1969) Aka Castle of Dracula, Dracula's Castle Or will the Real Count Dracula Please Stand Up?, Castle of Dracula VHS  VO imdb SJ

-- Blood of Frankenstein  See: Dracula vs. Frankenstein (1971)

The  Blood of Nostradamus (Mexico 1960)  Aka  La Sangre de Nostradamus. DVD  VO imdb SJ

--The Blood of Others  See: Sang des autres

--Blood of Pontianak  See: Sumpah Pontianak 

--Blood of the Demon  See: Blood of Dracula

Blood of the Vampire (UK 1958)  VO imdb

--Blood of the Vampires  See: Curse of the Vampires

--Blood of the Virgins  See: Sangre de Virgenes

Blood on the Highway (USA 2008) imdb DVD

Blood Orgy of the Damned (USA 2001) Screenplay: David Hayes

Blood Orgy of the She Devils (USA 1972) Aka Female Plasma Suckers. Not a vampire movie VO imdb VHS

--Blood Pie  See: Pastel de Sangre

Blood Red Moon (Canada 2009) imdb  DVD

--Blood Relations  See: Bloedverwanten

Blood Rivals: Santos el Vampiro (USA 2008)

Blood Scarab (USA 2008) Bathory DVD  imdb

--The Blood Seekers  See: Blood Thirst

--The Blood Seekers See: Dracula vs. Frankenstein (1971)

Blood Shot (USA 2002)  imdb

Blood Sisters (USA 1998). Dir: Roberta Findley  DVD  not vamp imdb

Blood Sisters (USA 2003) Dir: Joe Castro. DVD

Blood Sisters of Lesbian Sin (USA 2004) Aka Sisters of Sin DVD imdb

Blood Sisters: Vamps 2 (USA 2002)  Aka Vamps 2: Blood Sisters VHS/DVD imdb

Blood Slaves of the Vampire Wolf (USA 1996) DVD In Bite Me! set  In Blood Hunt set. imdb

Blood Son (USA 2006) Aka Drink My Red Blood. 15 min. short by R. Matheson. imdb

Blood-Spattered Bride (Spain 1972)  Aka  Blood Castle, La Novia Esangentada, Til Death Us Do Part, La notte dei Diavoli  DVD VO imdb SJ Carmila

--Blood Stained Bride  See: Bloodstained Bride

--The Blood Suckers  See: Isla de la Muerte

--Blood Suckers  See: Blood Thirst

--Blood-Suckers  See: Pyushchye Krovy

--Blood Suckers from Outer Space  See: Bloodsuckers from Outer Space

Blood Suckers DVD set includes: Blood Bound, Blood Sucking Babes of Burbank, Hollywood Vamyr, Immortal, Lifeblood, Mrs. Amworth, Night, Shower of Blood, Strange Things Happen at Sundown, The Darkness, Vampire Hunter, and A Vampire's Tale.

Blood Sucking Pussy (USA 2001)

Blood: The Last Vampire (Japan 2000) Dir: Kitakubo. Aka Essence of Anime: Blood the Last Vamppire  VO imdb VHS/DVD

Blood the Last Vampire (Japan 2009) Dir: Chris Nahon DVD/VCD

Blood Thirst (Philippines/USA 1970)  Aka  The Horror from Beyond, The Blood  Seekers DVD (in  Vampire Collection Volume Two)  imdb SJ

Blood Thirst 4 Movie Pack DVD set includes: Project Vampire and three non-vampire movies.

Blood Thirsty (USA 1998) Aka Bloodthirsty DVD  VO imdb

Blood Ties (USA 1991) VHS  VO imdb TV BM

--Blood War See: The Thirst: Blood War

Blood Wars (USA 2008) DVD

--The Bloodcountess  See: Die Blutgräffin

The Bloodless Vampire (Philippines 1965) imdb SJ

Bloodletting (USA 1997) imdb  DVD in Demons, Vampires & Ghosts set

The Bloodletting: Vampire Scrolls (USA 2006) Dir: Shaun Paul Piccinino  DVD imdb

Bloodlust (Australia 1992)  VO imdb SJ

Bloodlust (USA 2004) DVD imdb

Bloodlust: Subspecies III  (USA 1994)  Aka Subspecies 3 VHS/DVD  VO imdb

--Bloodlust: The Black Forest Vampire  See: Mosquito der Schänder

--Bloodlust: The Vampire of Nuremburg  See: Mosquito der Schänder 

Bloodrayne (USA 2005). DVD  VO imdb

Bloodrayne 2 Deliverance (USA 2007) DVD  imdb

Bloodrayne: The Third Reich (USA/Canada 2011) DVD imdb

Bloodrite (USA 1999) imdb

Bloodspit (Australia 2002)  DVD imdb

Bloodstained Bride (USA 2005) Aka Blood Stained Bride. Included in Mortuary of Madness DVD collection  imdb

Bloodstone: Subspecies II (USA 1993) Aka Subspecies 2 VHS/DVD imdb

Bloodstorm: Subspecies 4 (USA 1998) DVD imdb

The Bloodsucker Leads the Dance (Italy  1975) Aka La Sanguisuga Conduce la Danza imdb VHS/DVD

--Bloodsuckers  See: Isla de la Muerte

Bloodsuckers (UK/Greece 1971) Dir: Robert Hartford-Davis Aka  Incense for the Damned, Doctors Wear Scarlet VOimdb SJ  DVD

Bloodsuckers (USA 1998) Dir: Ulli Lommel imdb  AKA Boogyman Vampire Club 4  imdb

Bloodsuckers (USA 2005) Dir: Matthew Hastings  Aka Vampire Wars: Battle for the Universe  DVD  VO imdb TV MD

Bloodsuckers From Outer Space (USA 1984) VHS imdb SJ

Bloodsucking Babes from Burbank (USA 2006) Included in Blood Suckers DVD collection DVD imdb

--Bloodsucking Doll  See: Legacy of Dracula

--Bloodsucking Eye  See: Evil of Dracula

Bloodsucking Pharoahs in Pittsburg (USA 1991) no vampire content DVD imdb

Bloodsucking Redneck Vampires (USA 2004) Aka Redneck Vampire  DVD  VO imdb

Bloodsucking Rose (Japan 1974)  Aka  Bloodthirsty Roses, Evil of Dracula, Chi O Suu Bara, Noroi No YAkata VHS/DVD  VO imdb

Bloodthirst: Legend of the Chupacabras (USA 2003)  DVD imdb

Bloodthirst II: Legend of the Chupacabras (USA 2005) imdb

Bloodthirsty (USA 1992) SJ

--Bloodthirsty (USA 1998)  See: Blood Thirsty (USA: video box title)

--Blood Thirsty Roses  See: Bloodsucking Rose

Bloodwine (USA 2008) DVD imdb

--Bloody Ceremony  See: Legend of Blood Castle

--Bloody Countess  See: Legend of Blood Castle

--The Bloody Countess  See: Ceremonia sangrienta

The Bloody Girl (Italy/Spain 1968)  Aka The Vampire's Niece, Malenka the Vampire, Malenk la reposta del vampire, Fangs of the Living Dead    DVD in Horrorlicious collectionimdb SJ

Bloody Mallory (France/Spain 2002) DVD  imdb QV

--Bloody Mary  See: The Nether Horror Collection

--Bloody Scream of Dracula  See: Dracula Prince of Darkness

Bloody Tease (USA 2003)  DVD VO imdb

--The Bloody Vampire  See: El Vampiro Sangriento

Bloodz Vs Wolvez (USA 2006) DVD VO imdb AA

Blubberella (USA 2011) imdb comedy DVD

The Blue Jean Monster (HK 1990) VCD

Blue Lamp in a Winter Night (HK 1985) imdb SJ

The Blue Sextet (USA 1971) imdb SJ

--Blut on den Lippen  See: Les Lèvres Rouge

Die Blutgräfin (Austria/Germany 2000)  Aka  The Bloodcountess

The Body Beneath (UK  1970)   Aka The Demon Lover VOimdb SJ  VHS

Body Double (USA 1984) DVD imdb SJ

--Body Snatcher from Hell  See: Kyuketsuki Gokemidoro

Body Snatchers (USA 1993) imdb

The Bollywood Horror Collection, Vol. 1 DVD set includes: Bandh Darwaza and Purana Manor

Bondage Vampires (USA 2001)

La Bonne Dame (France 1966) 25 min. short SJ

Bonnie and Clyde vs. Dracula (USA 2008) imdb DVD

Boo (USA 1932) 10 min. Short. Included on DVD of Frankestein (1931) imdb

--Boogyman Vampire Club 4 See Bloodsuckers (1997)

--The Book of Fate See: Kohtalon kirja

--Bordello of Blood  See: Tales from the Crypt: Bordello of Blood

The Bowery Boys Meet the Monsters (USA 1954) imdb

Box of Black Magic (USA 2010)

Brácula, Condemor II (Spain 1997) imdb

Brain Drainer (USA 2003) DVD

The Brainaic (Mexico 1961) Aka El Baron del Terror Included in Mortuary of Madness DVD collection imdb

Bram Stoker's Dracula (USA 1992) VHS/DVD  VO imdb SJ

--Bram Stoker's Dracula: The Love Story to Die For See: To Die For

Bram Stoker's Dracula's Curse (USA 2006) aka Dracula's Curse  DVD imdb

--Bram Stoker's Dracula's Guest See: Dracula's Guest

?Bram Stoker's Original Dracula (? 1978)

--Bram Stoker's To Die For  See To Die For (1989)

Bram Stoker's Vampire Diaries: Renfield. (USA 2010)

Bram Stoker's Way of the Vampire  (USA 2005) DVD VO imdb

Brand Upon the Brain (USA 2006)

--Breakfast with Dracula  See: Un Vampiro a Miami

Breaking Wind (USA 2011) imdb DVD parody

The Breed (USA/Hungary 2001) DVD VO imdb

The Bride's Initiation (USA 1975) QV SJ

Brides of Countess Recula (USA 1999) adult

Brides of Dracula (UK 1960)  Aka  Les Maitresses de Dracula (French), Brides of the Vampire  VHS  VO imdb SJ

--Brides of the Vampire  See: Brides of Dracula

The Brides Wore Blood (USA 1984) DVD  VO imdb SJ

--Bring Me the Vampire  See: Écnhenme al vampiro

The Brotherhood (USA 2000)  Aka  I've Been Watching You (2000) (UK: video title) DVD VO imdb

Brotherhood of Blood (USA 2007) DVD imdb

Brutal Blood Suckers DVD set includes: Vampire Sisters, Night, Vampire Hunter, Strange Things Happen at Sundown, and Barely Legal Lesbian Vampires

Bubblegum Crisis (Japan 1988) Mini-series Episode 5 (of 8) "Moonlight Rambler" anime  imdb

Bübchen (West Germany 1968)  Aka  The Little Vampire, Der Kleine Vampir) VO imdb

A Bucket of Blood  (USA 1959)  DVD with My Son the Vampire  imdb

Buenas Noches, Senor Monstruo (Spain 1982) imdb SJ

Buffy Down Under (Australia 1996) 3X adult w/ Kristi Myst

Buffy the Vamp (USA 1992) x adult  VHS

Buffy the Vampire Layer (USA 1996) 3x adult One of a set of adult films done in 1995-96 in which Kristi Myst stars as Buffy the Vampire Layer, but with minimal vampire content. imdb

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (USA 1992) VHS VO imdb SJ

Buffy's Adventure (USA 1998) 3X adult w/ Kristi Myst

Bullet for a Vampire (USA 2002) short included in Drenched in Blood DVD set  DVD

--Buraddo  See Blood (2009)



Café Flesh (USA 1982) 3x adult VHS imdb SJ

--Caged Virgins  See: Requiem pour un Vampire

--Cake of Blood  See: Pastel de Sangre

--Camillo Masteocinque  See: Crypt of the Vampire

The Candidate (UK 1964) includes Dracula cameo  imdb

A Candle in the Dark (USA 1993) DVD (Fatal Femmes set) imdb

--Cannibal  See: La Peau blanche 

Cannibal Vampire Schoolgirls from Outer Space (USA 1998) SyFy DVD

Captain Amazingly Incredible and the Space Vampires from the Evil Planet!!! (USA 2010) DVD SyFy

Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter (UK 1972) Aka Kronos, Vampire Castle DVD VO imdb

Caperucita y Pulgarcito conta los Monstruos (Mexico 1962)  Aka Little Red Riding Hood and Tom Thumb vs. the Monsters imdb SJ

Captain Berlin versus Hitler (Germany 2009) imdb

Capulina Contra Los Monstruos (Mexico 1974) imdb SJ

Capulina Contra Los Vampiros (Mexico 1971) DVD imdb SJ

Caress of the Vampire (USA 1996) VHS imdb

Caress of the Vampire 2: Teenage Foot Ghoul-A-Go-Go (USA 1996) imdb  VHS

Caress of the Vampire III: Lust of the Night Stalker (USA 1999)  Aka: Muffy the Vampire Slayer VO QV VHS

--Carl Theodore Dreyer's Vampyr  See: Vampyr, ou l'etrange aventure de David Gray

--Carmilla (1963)  See Crypt of the Vampire 

Carmilla (UK 1966) episode of Mystery and Imagination TV series w/ Jane Morrow  SJ

Carmilla (Spain 1987)  TV dramatic production. SJ

Carmilla: Le coeur petrifié (France 1988)  w/ Emmanuelle Meyssignac

--Carmilla (1989) w/ Meg Tilly. See: Nightmare Classics VHS VO

Carmilla (USA 1999) w/ Bootsie Cairns  imdb

Carmilla (France 2000) 27 min. short imdb

Carmilla (Argentina 2010) imdb

--Carmilla: Le couer petrifie See: Le couer petrifie: Carmilla

--Carmilla the Lesbian Vampire See: Vampires Vs. Zombies

Carnal (Argentina 2004) Aka Mala carne DVD imdb

Carne de Tu Carne (Columbia 1984)  Aka  Flesh of Your Flesh imdb SJ

Carry on Christmas (UK, 1969) imdb

Carry On Screaming (UK 1966) imdb SJ

--Casa Embrujada  See: La Maldicíon de la Llorona

Case of the Full Moon Murders (USA 1973)  The Case of the Smiling Stiffs, Sex on the Groove Tube  VO imdb SJ

--Case of the Smiling Stiffs  See: Case of the Full Moon Murders

The Case of the Whitechapel Vampire (Canada 2002) TV  DVD  VO imdb TV MD

Cast A Deadly Spell (USA 1991) imdb TV BM

--Castello dei morti vivi  See: Castle of the Living Dead

Castillo de los Monstruos (Mexico 1958  Aka  Castle of the Monsters (US Title) imdb

--Castle of Blood  See: La Danza Macabra

--Castle of See: La plus longue nuit du diable

--Castle of Doom  See: Vampyr, ou l'etrange aventure de David Gray

--Castle of Dracula See: Blood of Dracula's Castle

The Castle of the Living Dead (Italy/UK/France 1964)  Aka  Cháteau des morts vivants, Le Crypt of Horror, Castello dei morti vivi  imdb

--Castle of the Walking Dead  See: Die Schlangenrube und das Pendel

Casual Relations (USA 1973) underground imdb SJ

Cathula (USA 2001)

Cathula II: Vampires of Sex (USA 2006) Adult 3x imdb

Il Cavaliere Costante Nicosia Demoniaco Ovvero Dracula in Brianza (Italy 1975)  Aka  Dracula in the Provinces, Young Dracula, Dracula in Brianza, imdb SJ

--Cave of the Living Dead  See: Der Fluch der Gruenen Augen

Ceasar & Otto Meet Dracula's Lawyer (USA 2010) short imdb DVD

Celestino y el vampiro (Puerto Rico 2003) imdb

--Cemetery Girls  See: Vampire Hookers

--Cemetery Girls  See: El Gran Amor del Conde Dracula

--Cemetery of the Living Dead  See: Terror Creatures from the Grave

--Cemetery Tramps  See: El Gran Amor del Conde Dracula

-- A cena coli l vampiro See: Dinner with a Vampire

Las Cenizas de Crowley (Uruguay 1989) Aka  Crowley's Ashes imdb

--Central Park Drifter  See: Graveyard Shift

--Ceremonia Sangrientia  See: Legend of Blood Castle  Bathory 

Chabelo Y Pepito Contra Los Monstruos (Mexico 1973) Aka Pepito y Chabelo vs. Los Monstruos  imdb SJ

Chain of Souls (USA 2001) imdb DVD In Bloodsucker DVD set

Chamber of Fear (Mexico/USA 1968) Aka Torture Zone, The Fear Chamber, The Torture Chamber  DVD (with Island Monster) imdb SJ

Chanoc contra el tigre Y el vampiro (Mexico 1971) imdb SJ

--The Chanting See: Kuntilanak

--The Chanting 2 See Kuntilanak 2

Les charlots contre Dracula  (France 1980) imdb SJ

Chappaqua (USA/Vietnam 1966) imdb SJ

Charisma Carpenter Hosts The Art of Seduction: Vampire Love (USA 2010) short included on DVD for Lost Boys: the Thirst

El Charro de las Calaveras (Mexico 1967) imdb SJ

--Chateau des morts vivants  See: Castle of the Living Dead

--Les chermins de la violence  See: Lips of Blood (1972)

--Chi O Suu Bara  See: Bloodsucking Rose

--Chi O Suu Me  See: The Lake of Dracula

--Chi O Suu Ningyo  See: Legacy of Dracula

Chickula: Teenage Vampire (USA 1995) 4 min. short imdb

--Children of Darkness (note. student version of The Vampire Lestat)

--Children of the Night (1971)  See: Les Lèvres Rouge

Children of the Night (USA 1991) w/Karen Black  VHS VO imdb SJ

--Children of the Night (1997)  See: Hijos de la Noche

Children Should Not Play with Dead Things (Canada 1972) VHS/DVD in Vampire Collection Volume Two

Chillers (USA 1988) VO imdb SJ

--Chin gei ben  See: The Twins Effect

Chinese Erotic Ghost Story (HK 1998) Aka Yuk lui liu chai DVD imdb

A Chinese Ghost Story (HK 1987) VHS/DVD  Aka  Sinnui yauman imdb

A Chinese Ghost Story II (HK 1990)  Aka  Sinnui yauman II (note: no vampire) imdb

A Chinese Ghost Story III (HK 1991) VHS/DVD imdb

A Chinese Ghost Story: The Tsui Hark Animation (HK 1996) Aka Xiao Qian imdb VHS

--Chinese Vampire Story See: Mr. Vampire 1992 Found under this title in Black Belt Theatre set with Kung Fu Beyond the Grave

--Cholpon-utrennyaya zvezda  See: Morning Star

Choose Your Own Nightmare: Bite of a Vampire (USA 1999) animated

The Chosen One (USA 2009) Dir: Theodore Collatos. imdb

Chosen Survivors (USA/Mexico 1974) imdb SJ

Chou inran: Shimai douburi (Japan 1998)

Christine's Addiction (USA 1999) VO imdb

Chronique de Voyage (France 1970) 30 min. short SJ

El Chupacabra (Mexico 19996) imdb

El Chupacabra (UK/USA 2003) VHS imdb

Chupacabra Terror (USA 2005) DVD imdb

Chupacabra: The Island Terror (??? 2003)

Chupacabras (Mexico 2000) comedy short imdb

--Cinque tombe per un medium  See: Terror Creatures from the Grave

Le Circuit de Sang (France 1973) Aka Blood Circuit

Cirque du Freak: Vampire's Assistant (USA 2009)  Aka Vampire's Assistant  imdb DVD

City of the Vampires (USA 1993) VHS imdb

City of the Walking Dead (Italy/Spain 1980) Aka Invasion by the Atomic Zombies, Nightmare City, Incubo sulla città contaminate imdb

--Cliffhangers: The Curse of Dracula  See: The Curse of Dracula

A Clockwork Orange (USA 1971) includes vampire dream scene  imdb SJ

--Close Encounters of the Spooky Kind See: Encounters of the Spookly Kind

--Close Encounters of the Spooky Kind II  See: Encounters of the Spooky Kind

Close Encounter of the Vampire (HK 1986) Dir. Yuen Ping. Aka Jiang shi pa pa  DVD  VO imdb SJ

Club Vampire (USA 1997)  DVD/VHS VO imdb

Le Coeur Petrifie: Carmilla (France 1989) TV adaptation of Carmilla based on 1987 Spainsih production  SJ

--Coffin of Terror  See: Terror Creaturs from the Grave

Cold Hearts (USA 1999) Aka Fangs 2 DVD VO imdb

La colline des désirs (Belgium 1962)

The Color of Blood (USA 2006) DVD imdb

--Confessions of a Male Escort  See: Obszonitaten

Coming Out (S. Korea 2001) 40 min. short imdb

La Comtesse Noire (France/Belgium 1973)  Aka La Comtessa aux Sein Nuns, The Bare Breasted Countess, Female Vampire, Loves of Irina, Erotikil (severely cut). Hardcore version  released as Les Avaleuses with most of vampirism cut out.  Bathory. DVD imdb SJ

--La Comtessa aux Sein Nuns  See: La Comtesse Noire

El Conde Dracula (Spain/Italy/West Germany 1971) Aka Dracula, Count Dracula  DVD w/ Christopher Lee VO imdb SJ

El conde Mácula (Spain 1971) short imdb

Condemned To Live (USA 1935) VO imdb DVD

--Confessions of a Male Escort See: Obszonitaten

Conspiracy of Blood (USA 2010)

Contes Immoraux (France 1974)  Aka Immoral Tales Bathory imdb SJ

The Convent (USA 2000) horror comedy  DVD imdb

Corporate Vampires (USA 2005) imdb

Corpse Bride (USA 2005)   imdb  VCD/DVD

Corpse Mania  (HK 2006) imdb

Corpse Master (HK 1990) DVD (Eastern Horror set)

The Corpse Vanishes (USA 1941) imdb DVD

--Le couer petrifie: Carmilla  See: Carmilla: Le couer petrifie

The Count (USA 1999) note. may not be a vampire movie

--Count Downe - Son of Dracula  See: Son of Dracula

--Count Dracula  See: El Conte Dracula

Count Dracula (UK/USA 1978) w/ Louis Jourdan DVD/VHS VO imdb SJ TV MD

Count Dracula and His Vampire Brides (UK 1973)  Aka The Satanic Rites of Dracula DVD/VHS (in Great Bloodsucking Vanpire Movies collection)  VO imdb SJ

--Count Dracula's Snappish Juicecunys See: Graf Dracula's Bissige Saftfotzen

Count Erotico - Vampire (USA 1971) SJ

--Count Frankenhausen  See: The Bloody Vampire

Count It Higher (USA 1988) imdb

--Count Koopala  See: Super Mario Bros. Super Show  

The Count of Calle Ocho (USA 2010)

Count Spermula (USA 2005) 3x

Count Suckula (USA 2008)

Count Yorga, Vampire (USA 1971) VO imdb SJ  VHS/DVD

The Countess (Germany 2009)  Aka: Bathory. Dir: Julie Delpy. DVD

--Counter Destroyer  See: Robo Vampire

--Countess Dolingen of Gratz  See: Les Jeux de la Comtesse Dolingen de Gratz

Countess Dracula (UK 1970) Bathory  VO imdb SJ  VHS

--Countess Dracula (1973)  See: Il Plenilino delle Vergini

Countess Dracula's Orgy of Blood (USA 2004) DVD imdb

Crash (USA 1977) Aka Draculas Todesrennen (German dvd). No vampire content.

Cravings (UK 2006) Aka Daddy's Girl Dir. D.J. Evans. DVD imdb

--Crazed Vampire  See: Requiem pour un Vampire

--Crazy Safari  See: Vampires Must Be Crazy

--The Craving  See: El Retorno del Hombre-Lobo

--Creatures of Evil  See: Curse of the Vampires

--Creatures of the Devil  See: Dead Men Walk

Creatures of the Night (USA 2001) 3x adult  VHS

--Creatures of the Prehistoric Planet  See: Vampuire Men of the Lost Planet

The Creeps (USA 1997) DVD imdb

--Creature of the Walking Dead  See: La Marca del Muerto

Cremains (USA 2001) DVD imdb

The Crime Doctor's Courage (USA 1945) imdb

Crimes of the Chupacabra (USA 2009) Scott Shaw

Crimson (USA 2007) w/Stuart Brazell DVD imdb

Crimson Desires (USA 1999)

Crimson Heather (USA 2000) imdb

Crimson Kisses (USA 2000)

Crimson Nights (USA 1998)  DVD  VO imdb

Crimson Nights: Vampire's Seduction 2 (USA 2000)

--La Cripta e L'Incubo  See: Crypt of the Vampire

Cronos (Mexico 1993)  VHS VO imdb

--Crowley's Ashes  See: Las Cenizas de Crowley

--Crucible of the Vampire (1991)  See: Vampyre

The Cry (USA  2007)  imdb  DVD

The Cry of the Vampire (Italy 1960) 

--Le Crypt of Horror  See: The Castle of the Living Dead

--Crypt of the Blind Dead  See: La noche del terror ciego

Crypt of the Living Dead (Spain/USA 1973)  Aka  Hannah, Queen of the Vampires, Young Hannah: Queen of the Vampires, Vampire Women, La Tumba de la Isla Maldita DVD  VOimdb SJ

Crypt of the Vampire (Italy/Spain, 1964) Aka  La Cripta e l'incubo, Camillo Mastrocinque, La Maldicion de los Karnsteins, Carmilla  DVD VO imdb

Cryptz (USA 2002) VHS  VO imdb AA

--Cuadecuc Vampir  See: Vampir

Le Culte du Vampire (France 1971)

Cum Vampires (USA 2006) 3x adult

Cum Vampires II (USA 2006) 3x adult

Cum Vampires III (USA 2006) 3x adult

Cumpire: Lust at First Bite (USA 2007)  Aka Lust at First Bite

Cunt Dykula (USA 1993) 5 min. short

The Curse M (Japan 2009) imdb 

Curse of Dracula (USA 1956) amateur. See also: Black Inferno.

--The Curse of Dracula See The Return of Dracula

The Curse of Dracula (USA 1979)  w/ Michael Nouri Aka Cliffhangers: The Curse of Dracula, Dracula '79, The Loves of Dracula, World of Dracula  imdb TV MD

Curse of Nostradamus (Mexico 1959) Aka La Maledicion de Nostradamus imdb SJ

The Curse of Pontianak (Malaysia 1958) DVD

The Curse of the Black Dahlia /span>(USA 2007) imdb  DVD

--Curse of the Black Pussycat  See: Trasharella

--The Curse of the Blood Ghouls  See: La Stage dei Vampiri

--Curse of the Crying Woman  See: La Maldición de la Llorona

--The Curse of the Devil  See: El Retorno de Walpurgis

--Curse of the Green Eyes  See: Der Fluch der Grunen Augen

-- Curse of the Living Dead See: Operazione paura

--Curse of the Living Dead  See: Les Demoniaques

Curse of the Undead (USA 1959)  Aka  Mark of the West, Mark of the Beast, Affairs of a Vampire VO imdb VHS

--Curse of the Vampire  See: Anak Pontianak

--Curse of the Vampire  See: La Llamado del Vampiro

--Curse of the Vampires  See: L'Ulima preda del vampiro

Curse of the Vampires (Philippines/USA 1970)  Aka Dugo Ng Vampira, Creatures of Evil, Blood of the Vampires DVD imdb  SJ

--Curse of the Vampyr  See: La Llamado del Vampiro

- Curse of the Weeping Woman: J-ok'el  See: J-ok'el

Curse of the Wicked Wife (HK 1984)  Aka  Wicked Wife imdb SJ

Cursed Hair (Thailand 2006) DVD



--Daddy's Girl  See: Cravings

Daffy Duck And Porky Pig Meet The Groovie Goolies (USA 1972) animated TV ND

Dakki, the Vampire (Japan 1936)

Damnation (USA 2000) 12-minute short included on DVD with At Dawn they Sleep imdb

The Damned (USA 2006) DVD  VO imdb

Dance of the Damned (USA 1989)  VHS VO  imdb SJ

--Dance of the Vampires  See: The Fearless Vampire Killers

Dance with a Vampire (USA 2006) Aka Redwood Justin: Vampire Hunter imdb DVD

Dangerous Seductress (Indonesia, Philippines 1992) DVD imdb

La danza macabra (Italy 1963)   imdb SJ

Darakula (Philipppines 1982)

The Dark (UK 2001) imdb 

Dark Angels (USA 2001) 3x VO

Dark Angels 2: Bloodline (USA 2005) 3x

--Dark Craving See: Heartstopper.

Dark Descent (USA 1998)

Dark Gift (USA 2009) DVD

--Dark Hunger  See: Dead of Night (1996)

Dark Light (Ireland 2004) Included in Mortuary of Madness DVD collection

Dark Night (USA 2000) 

--Dark Prince: The True Story of Dracula  See: Dracula: The Dark Prince

Dark Rose: Feedin' and Breedin' (USA 1998) imdb 

Dark Shadows (USA 2012) imdb  DVD

Dark Tower    ?????

Dark Town (USA 2004) Aka  Immortal Ecstasy Chinese DVD VO imdb

Dark Universe (USA 1993) imdb  ??

Darkness (USA 1993) Dir: Leif Jonker. As Darkness: the Vampire Version (2006 re-release on DVD) DVD VO imdb SJ

Darkness (USA/Spain 2005) Dir: Jaume Balagueró

---The Darkness (2003)  See: This Darkness: the Vampire Virus

Darkness of Day (USA 2010) imdb

--Darkness: the Vampire Version  See Darkness (1992)

Date with a Vampire (USA 2001) VO imdb

Dating a Vampire (HK 2006) DVD imdb

Daughter of Darkness (USA 1990) VHS VO imdb SJ TV MD

--Daughter of Dracula  See: La Fille de Dracula

Daughter of Dr. Jekyll (USA 1957)  In the Edgar G. Ulmar Archive collection  imdb DVD

The Daughters of Darkness (USA 2007) imdb DVD

--Daughters of Darkness  See: Les Lèvres Rouge

--Daughters of Dracula  See: Vampyres: The're Lost Girls

Dawn (UK 1991) SJ

Dawn (USA 2003) w/ Ray Boucher DVD imdb

Day Watch (Russia 2006) Aka Dnevnoi Dozor DVD imdb

Daybreakers (USA 2009) imdb DVD

The Dead and the Deadly (HK 1982) VCD/DVD imdb

The Dead Boys Club II (USA 2002) QV

Dead Cert (UK 2010) imdb DVD

Dead Heist (USA 2007) DVD imdb AA

The Dead Matter (USA 2010) imdb

Dead Men Walk (USA 1943)  Aka Creatures of the Devil DVD  VO imdb

--Dead of Night (1972)  See Deathdream

Dead of Night (USA 1977) Aka No Such Thing as a Vampire. Written by R. Matheson VHS  VO imdb SJ TV MD

Dead of Night (USA 1996) Playboy  Dir: Kristoffer Tabori VHS  VO imdb

--Dead People  See: Messiah of Evil

Dead Sucks (USA 2009) imdb

Dead Teenagers (USA 2006) One of four stories, "Sucker," is a vampire tale. Included in Mortuary of Madness DVD collection  imdb

Dead to the Last Drop (USA 2007) imdb BW

The Dead Undead (USA 2007) imdb DVD

Dead World (USA 2001) 32 min. short imdb

Deadline (Canada 1980) Aka Anatomy of a Vampire SJ

--Deadly Avenger  See: Divine Enforcer

--Deadly Dracula  See: Khooni Dracula

--Deadly Hands of Kung Fu  See: The Dragon Lives Again

Deadly Love (USA 1995) VO imdb TV MD

Deafula (USA 1975) Aka Young Deafula. Vampire movie done in sign language.  Filmed w/ 16 mm. DVD VO imdb SJ

Dear Dracula (USA 2010) imdb DVD

Death Hunter (USA 2010) imdb DVD

--Death Island  See: Isla de la Morte

The Death of Alice Blue (Canada 2009) imdb

The Death of P'town (USA 1963) short QV

Death of the Killer Bikini Vampire Girls (Australia 2008) 6 min. short

--Death on a Barge See: Night Gallery

Death Ship (USA 1980) imdb

Deathdream (Canada 1972) Aka Dead of Night, The Night Andy Came Home, The Night Walk  DVD VO imdb

Deathmaster (USA 1971) DVD  VO imdb SJ

--Deathshead Vampire  See: Blood Beast Terror

--Deax Nigauds contre Frankenstein  See: Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein

Debbie D: The Witch and the Vampire (USA 1996) imdb

Debbie D: Nocturna (USA  ??) short 15 min.

Decadent Evil (USA 2005)  DVD VO imdb

Decadent Evil II (USA 2005) imdb

--Decision for Doom See: Dr. Black, Mr. Hyde

Def By Temptation (USA 1990) VHS/DVD-(HK)  VO imdb SJ AA

Demi the Demoness (USA 2008) DVD

Demon Hunter (USA 2005) imdb BW  DVD

--Demon Lover  See: The Body Beneath

Demon Lust (USA 2001) Aka Eyes Are Upon You imdb

Demon Queen (USA 1986) imdb

Demon Under Glass (USA 2002) DVD  In Blood Hunt collection. In Demons, Vampires & Ghouls collection.   VO imdb

Les Demoniaques (France 1973)  Aka  Curse of the Living Dead, The Demoniacs   imdb  DVD

--The Demons  See: Nine Demons

Demon's Claw (Czech Rep. 2006) Bathory imdb

--Demons of the Swamp  See: Attack of the Giant Leeches

Demonsoul (USA/UK, 1995) VHS imdb

--Denchuu kozou no bouken  See: Adventure of Denchu Kozo

Dendam Pontianak (Malaysia 1957)  Aka  Revenge of the Vampire. Master destroyed. No copies survive. Imdb

Les Dents de la nuit (Luxembourg, France, Belguium 2008) Aka The Teeth of the Night,Vampire Party DVD imdb

Depraved Fantasies 4: The Undead (USA 1995) imdb

Desert of Blood (USA 2006) DVD imdb

Descend into Darkness (USA 2005) w/Amanda Gademer  imdb

Descend Into Darkness 2 (USA 2005)

Desire, the Vampire (USA 1982)   Aka  I, Desire  VO imdb

--Desires of the Vampire  See: L'Ultima preda del vampire

Destiny: Vampire Mermaid (USA 1999)  adventures from Scary Monsters magazine, 30 min.  Videos 1, 2, & 3.

Destruction Kings (USA 2006)  DVD imdb BW

A Deusa de Marmore Escrava do Diabo (Brazil 1978) SJ

Les Deux orphelines vampires (France 1995)  Aka Two Orphan Vampires  DVD VO imdb

The Devil Bat (USA 1940) DVD Included in Great Bloodsucking Vampire Movies collection and  the "Legends of Hollywood: The Kings of Horror" set  imdb

The Devil Bat's Daughter (USA 1946) VO imdb VHS

The Devil Is Not Mocked (USA 1972)

--The Devil Walks at Midnight  See: La plus longue nuit du diable

--The Devil's Commandment (Italy 1956)  See: I Vampiri

Devil's Dynamite (HK) In Eastern Horror DVD set with Robo Vampire

--The Devil's Longest Night  See: La plus longue nuit du diable

The Devil's Mistress (USA 1966)  imdb SJ

--The Devil's Nightmare (Belgium/Italy 1971)  See: La plus longue nuit du diable

--The Devil's Plaything  See: Veil of Blood

The Devil's Skin (Singapore 1970) SJ

--The Devil's Wedding Night (Italy 1973)  See: Il Pleniluno delle vergini)

Devil's Vendetta (HK 1986) SJ

Devils of Darkness (UK 1965) DVD VO imdb SJ

Diary of a Teenage Vampire (USA 2008) 6 min. short.  imdb

Dick and the Demons (USA 1974)

Die Hard Dracula (USA 1998) DVD VO imdb

--Die of Pleasure  See: Papaya dei Caraibo

--Das Ding aus einer andereren Welt See: The Thing from another World

La Dinastia de Dracula (Mexico 1981) VO imdb SJ

Dinner With a Vampire (Italy 1988) Aka A cena coli l vampire DVD  VO imdb SJ

Dis | connected (USA 1996)

Disciple of Death (UK 1972) imdb

Disciples of Dracula (USA 1975) unverified

Diversions (UK 1976)

Divine Enforcer (USA 1991)  Aka  Deadly Avenger VO imdb

--Dnevnoi Dozor See: Day Watch

--Do Not Speak Ill of the Dead See: The Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue

Dr. Black, Mr. Hyde (USA 1974) Aka Decision for Doom, The Watts Monsterimdb  AA

Dr. Blood's Coffin (UK 1961)  DVD  imdb

--Dr. Breedlove  See Kiss Me Quick

Doctor Dracula (USA 1980)  Aka Jiang shi yi sheng VO imdb SJ

--Doctor in the Nude  See: Traitement de Choc

Dr. Shock's Grindhouse of Horrors  (USA 2008)

Dr. Terror's Gallery of Horrors (USA 1967)  Aka Gallery of Horrors, Alien Massacre, The Witch's Clock, The Blood Suckers, The Blood Drinkers, Return from the Past. DVD  VO imdb SJ

Dr. Terror's House of Horrors (UK 1964) VHS VO imdb SJ

Dr. Vampire (HK 1990)  VCD imdb SJ BW  also included in Terror Tales Vol. 2  set.

--Doctors Wear Scarlet  See: Bloodsuckers

--Does Dracula Really Suck  See: Dracula and the Boys, Guess What Happened to Dracula?

Dokuro kengyou (Japan 1982)

--La Dolceeze del peccato See: Der Turm der verbotenen Liebe

Dominion (USA 1992) Included in Sinister Souls DVD collection   VO imdb

?Don't Islamic Vampire Terrorists Suck? (USA 200?)

Doom of Dracula (USA 1966) 8 min. short. Excerpt of House of Frankenstein (1944) imdb BW

Doomsday County (USA 2010) imdb

Doracula (Japan ?)

Doug the Vampire Caper (USA 1997) VHS

Dracula (USA 1931)  Lugosi  VHS/DVD in Legacy set VO  imdb

Dracula (USA Spanish 1931)  VHS/DVD in Legacy set VO imdb

Dracula (USA 1957) John Carradine –tv, no known copy survives

--Dracula (UK 1958)  Christopher Lee  See: Horror of Dracula

Dracula (UK 1969) - Denholm Elliot. DVD SJ

Dracula (USA 1966) short 8 minute from 1931 Lugosi Dracula imdb

--Dracula (1970) See: El Conde Dracula.  Christopher Lee, Jess Franco

--Dracula (UK 1972) See: Dracula A.D. 1972

Dracula (USA 1973) Jack Palance VO imdb SJ VHS/DVD TV MD

Dracula (Canada 1973) w/ Norman Welsh. SJ

--Dracula (Andy Warhol version)  See: Andy Warhol's Dracula

Dracula (USA/UK 1979) w/ Frank Langella  VO imdb SJ VHS/DVD

Dracula (USA 1982) w/ Frank Langella HBO cable TV revival of broadway play SJ

Dracula (USA 1984) animated version issued on VHS with Frankenstein.

--Dracula  See: Count Dracula, Louis Jordan version

Dracula (USA 1994) dir. Mario Salieri 3X DVD  VO

--Dracula (France/USA 2001)  See Dracula 2000

--Dracula (USA 2001) See Dracula 2000

--Dracula (2002) – G. Giannini See: Dracula's Curse

Dracula (UK 2006) w/ Marc Warren  DVD imdb  TV MD

Dracula (USA 2007) 8 min. short. Dir. Adam Taylor imdb

Dracula (USA 2009) DVD Dir: George Anton

--Dracula 79  See: The Curse of Dracula

Dracula 3D (Italy, Spain 2012) imdb

Dracula II: Ascension (USA 2002)  VO imdb VHS/DVD

Dracula III: Legacy (USA 2005) DVD imdb

Dracula 2000 (USA 2000)  Aka Dracula, Dracula 2001 VHS/DVD  VO imdb

Dracula 3000  (USA 2004) DVD  VO imdb

Dracula A. D. 1972  (UK 1972)  Aka Dracula Today (working title)  VHS/ DVD (in 4 Film Favorites—Draculas set)  VO imdb SJ

Dracula: A Chamber Musical (Canada 2000) TV VHS imdb

Dracula aema (South Korea 1994) imdb

-- Dracula Against Frankenstein  See: Dracula contra El Dr. Frankenstein

+Dracula and Company

-- Dracula and Me  See: Drakoulas & Sia

--Dracula and Son  See: Dracula pere et files

Dracula and the Boys (USA 1969) Gay version of Guess What Happened to Dracula? First gay vampire movie

--Dracula and the Seven Golden Vampires  See: Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires

--Dracula and the Undead  See The World of Hammer

Dracula Bites the Big Apple (USA 1979)  short, released on DVD version of Vamps. imdb

--Dracula Blows His Cool  See: Graf Dracula Beisst Jetzt in Oberbayern

The Dracula Business (UK 1974) 

--Cerca Sangue de Vergine e. . . Mori de Sete  See: Andy Warhol's Dracula

Dracula contra el Dr. Frankenstein (Spain/France 1972) Aka Dracula Against Frankenstein, Dracula Prisoner of Frankenstein, Dracula vs. Dr. Frankenstein, Screaming Dead  (dir. Franco, w/ Howard Vernon)  DVD VO imdb SJ

--Drácula contra Franhenstein See: Dracula contra El Dr. Frankenstein

Dracula: Dead and Loving It (USA 1995) DVD  VO imdb comedy

--Dracula Does He?  See: Guess  What happened to Dracula?

Dracula entre l'amour et le mort (Canada 2005) DVD

Dracula Exotica (USA 1981) adult  DVD VO SJ

--Dracula, Father and Son  See: Dracula, pere et fils

Dracula/Garden of Eden (? 1928) silent BW

Dracula Goes to R. P. (Philippines 1974) imdb

Dracula Has Risen From the Grave (UK 1968)  DVD (included in 4 Film Favorites—Draculas set)  VO imdb SJ

--Dracula im Schloss des Schreckens  See: Nella strelte morsa del ragno

--Dracula in Brianza  See: Il Cavaliere Costante Nicosia Demoniaco Ovvero Dracula in Brianza

Dracula in Italy (Italy 1975) unverified

Dracula in the House of Horrors (? 1974) unverified

--Dracula in the Provinces  See: Il Cavaliere Costante Nicosia Demoniaco Ovvero Dracula in Brianza

--Dracula in the Realm of Terror (USA 1972 - never made

--Dracula in the Year 2000 (USA 1972) - never made,

Dracula in Vegas (USA 1999) imdb

-- Dracula, le dernier sanctuaire See: Dracula: the Resurrection

Dracula: The Legacy Collection, DVD collection includes: Dracula (1931), Dracula (Spanish 1931), Dracula's Daughter, Son of Dracula, and  House of Dracula

Drácula mascafierro (Mexico 2002) adult  DVD imdb

Dracula Meets the Outer Space Chicks (USA 1968) SJ

Dracula Mon Amour (France1993) 8 min. short BW

Dracula: Pages from a Virgin's Diary (Canada 2001)  Chinese DVD  VO imdb

Dracula, pere et fils (France 1976)  Aka Dracula, Father & Son  VHS  VO imdb SJ

Dracula, Prince of Darkness (UK 1966) Aka The Bloody Scream of Dracula  VO imdb SJ  VHS

Dracula Prince of Marketing (USA 2008) 10 min. short comedy  BW

--Dracula Prisoner of Frankestein  See: Dracula contra El Dr. Frankenstein

--Dracula: Resurrected See: Dracula II: Ascension

--Dracula Returns (France 1969) this film may not have been made)

Dracula Revamped (USA 2007) 14 min. short  BW

Dracula Rises From the Coffin (Korea 1982)  Aka Kwansukui Dracula SJ

Dracula Rising (USA, 1993) VHS   VO imdb SJ

--The Dracula Saga See:  La Saga de los Draculas, 

Dracula Sleeps in a Twin Bed (USA 2010) 10 min. short imdb

Dracula: Sovereign of the Damned (Japan 1980)  Aka Yami no teio kyuketsuki Dracula (1980) (TV)  animated based on Tomb of Dracula  VO imdb SJ VHS/DVD

Dracula Sucks (USA 1979) (three versions were released under a variety of names). The hardcore version appeared as Dracula's Brides. Aka The Coming Of Dracula's Bride,  Dracula's Bride,  Dracula... Ti Succhio,  DraculaX,  Eruption, / Liebling, Du Beisst So Gut, Lust At First Bite, La Novia De Dracula, This Vampire Sucks  VHS/ DVD VO SJ

Dracula Tan Exarchia (Greece 1983 ) SJ

--Dracula: The Bloodline Continues See: La Saga de los Draculas

Dracula: the Dark Prince (USA 2000) Aka Dark Prince: The True Story of Dracula DVD  VO imdb TV MD

Dracula: The Dirty Old Man (USA 1969)  VHS/ DVD with Guess what Happened to Count Dracula? adult VO imdb SJ

Dracula the Impaler (Romania 2002)  historical drama imdb

Dracula: the Legacy Collection  Includes: Dracula (Lugosi 1931), Dracula (Span. 1931), Dracula's Daughter, Son of Dracula, and  House of Dracula DVD

--Dracula the Terror of the Living Dead  non-vampire movie issued as La Orgía de los muertos (Spain 1973)

--Dracula Today  See: Dracula A.D. 1972

Dracula: Up in Harlem (USA 1983) unverified

Dracula –V- Frankenstein (USA 2011) DVD

--Dracula vs. Dr. Frankenstein  See: Dracula contra El Dr. Frankenstein

Dracula vs. Frankenstein (Spain/West Germany/Italy 1970)  Aka Assignment in Terror,  The Screaming Dead, El Hombre quell vine della ummo, Operation Terror, The Man Who Came from Ummo (w/ Michael Rennie) VHS/DVD VO imdb

Dracula vs. Frankenstein (USA 1971)  Aka Blood of Frankenstein, The Blood Seekers, Satan's Bloody Freaks, Teenage Dracula, The Revenge of Dracula  (w/ J. Carroll Naish)  DVD/VHS  VO imdb SJ

--Dracula vs. the Beasts of Zarcon (USA 1972) - never made)

--Dracula vs. the Terror of Atlantis (USA 1972) - never made)

Dracula Walks the Night (UK 1972) nonexistent

--Dracula's All Night Orgy  See: La Saga de los Draculas  

Dracula's Baby (USA 1970) musical

Dracula's Blood (? 1974)

Dracula's Brides (USA 1979) Title under which the hardcore version of Dracula Sucks was released

--Dracula's Castle, Or, Will the Real Count Dracula Please Stand Up?   See: Blood of the Castle

Dracula's Curse (Italy/Germany 2002) DVD Aka Bacio do Dracula VO imdb

--Dracula's Curse (2006) see Bram Stoker's Dracula's Curse.

Dracula's Daughter (USA 1936)  VHS/DVD VO imdb

--Dracula's Dirty Daughter  See: Mistress of Seduction

--Dracula's Dog  See:  Zoltan, Hound of Dracula

Dracula's Dungeon (UK 1995) adult

Dracula's Family Visit (Netherlands 2006) imdb BW

Dracula's Feast of Blood (UK 1974)

--Dracula's Fiancée  See: Fiancée of Dracula 

--Dracula's Great Love  See: Gran Amore del Conde Dracula DVD

Dracula's Guest (USA 2008) Aka Bram Stoker's Dracula's Guest  DVD imdb

Dracula's Hair (Commonwealth of Independent States 1992) SJ

Dracula's Last Rites (USA 1980)  Aka Last Rites VHS VO imdb SJ

--Dracula's Lust for Blood See: Lake of Dracula

--Dracula's Lusterne Vampire See: Guess what Happened to Dracula ?

Dracula's Mother (USA 2009)

--Dracula's Transylvania  See: Pa Jakt Efter Dracula

--Dracula's Vampire Lust  See: Guess What Happened to Dracula?

--Dracula's Virgin  See: Gran Amore del Conde Dracula

--Dracula's Virgin Lover See: El Gran Amore del Conde Dracula

Dracula's Wedding Day (USA 1967) underground short by Mike Jacobson SJ

Dracula's Widow (USA 1988)  VHS VO imdb SJ

Dracula's Wife (?) Never made?

--Draculas Lusterne See: Dracula's Lusterne Vampire

--Draculas Todesrennen  See: Crash

Draculine (USA 1993) VO

Draculito, mon Saigneur (Germany 1999) 23 min. short animated BW

Draculya: the Girls are Hungary (USA 2006)

Drag of the Vampire (HK  ??) x unconfirmed

Draghoula (Canada 1994) VHS  VO imdb

Dragon Against Vampire (HK 1985) Dir. Lionel Leung DVD  SJ

The Dragon Lives Again (HK 1999) Aka--Li san jiao wei zhen di yu men (HK 1977)  Deadly Hands of Kung Fu   imdb

--Dragon vs. Vampire  See: Dragon Against Vampire

Dragstrip Dracula (USA 1962) Don Glut, amateur film included on I was a Teenage Movie Maker DVD

Dragula (USA 1973) short QV

Dragula, Queen of Darkness (USA 1996)  QV

Drakoulas & Sia (Greece 1959) Aka Dracula and Me imdb

+O Drakoulas ton Exarheion (Greece 1983) imdb

Drakula halála (Hungary 1921) imdb

Drakula Istanbul'Da (Turkey 1952)  Aka  Dracula in Istanbul, Drakula Istanbulda VHS imdb

Drakulita (Philippines 1969) imdb SJ

Drawing Blood (USA 1999) DVD in Mortuary of Madness collection VO imdb

The Dreaded (USA 1996) VO imdb

Dreamaniac (USA 1986) imdb BW

Dreams of Blood (USA 1992)

Dreams of the Vampire (USA 2006) musical DVD

Dresden Files (2008 USA, Canada) TV MD

--Drink My Red Blood  See: Blood Son

--Drops of Blood  See: Il mulino della donne di Pietra

Drum Bun-Jo utat! (Hungary et all 2004) BW

Dry Kisses Only (USA 1990)

Dudley Do Right (USA 1999) imdb comrdy

--Dugo ng Vampira  See: Curse of the Vampires

Dukun Santet (Indonesia, 2001) DVD

Dungeon Master (USA 1968)

Dylan Dog (USA 2011) imdb DVD



Echenme al Vampiro (Venezuela/Mexico 1964) Aka Bring Me the Vampire DVDimdb SJ

--Eclipse See: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Ed Wood (USA 1994) VHS imdb

The Education of a Vampire (USA 2001) imdb

Edward II (UK 1991) SJ

--Einmal beissen bitte See: Once Bitten

Ejacula (USA 1992) 3x adult

Ejacula 2 (USA 199-) 3x VHS

Elusive Song of the Vampire (Taiwan 1987) SJ

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark (USA 1988) imdb SJ DVD

Elvira's Haunted Hills (USA 2002) DVD imdb

Embrace the Darkness (three-disc set on DVD)

Embrace the Darkness (USA 1997) Aka Le Baiser du Vampire  DVD VO imdb

Embrace the Darkness II (USA 2001) DVD VO imdb

Embrace the Darkness III  (USA 2001) DVD VO imdb

Embrace of the Vampire (USA 1996)  Aka Le Baiser du Vampire, Nosferatu Diaries: Embrace of the Vampire VHS  VO imdb

The Emissary ??

Emmanuelle Through Time: Sexy Bite (USA 2011)

Emmanuele vs. Dracula (USA 2004) TV -Emmanuele the Private Collection series  DVD VO imdb TV MD

Emotion: densetsu no gogo=itsukamita Dracula (Japan 1966)  Aka  Emotion,  imdb

--Empire of Dracula  See: El Imperio de Dracula

Encounter of the Spooky Kind I (HK 1981) Aka Spooky Encounters, Gui yao gui, Close Encounters of the Spooky Kind imdb  DVD

Encounters of the Spooky Kind II (HK 1990) Aka Gui yao gui II, Close Encounetrs of the Spooky Kind II imdb SJ

--Entrevista con el Vampiro See: Interview with the Vampire

--Era of the Vampire  See: Tsui Hark's Vampire Hunters

--Die Erbin des Dracula  See: Vampyros Lesbos

--Ercole al Centro della Terra See: Hercules in the Hainted World

The Erotic Ghost (USA 2001) imdb

Erotic Rites of Countess Dracula (USA 2001) DVD VO imdb  Bathory

--Erotic Rites of Frankenstein  See: Dracula Vs. Frankenstein

An Erotic Vampire in Paris (USA 2002)  Aka  Vampire of Notre Dame VHS/DVD VO imdb

--Erotikil  US release of severly cut version of La Comtesse Noire

Escala en HI-FI  (Spain 1963) imdb SJ

-- Essence of Anime: Blood the Last Vamppire  See: Blood: the Last Vampire (2001)

--Estate of Insanity  See: Black Torment

Este Vampiro es un tiro (Mexico 1991) imdb

Eternal (Canada 2004) w/Caroline Neron. VO imdb bathory  DVD

The Eternal (USA/Germany 2002)  DVD VO

--Eternal Blood  See: Sangre Eterna

Eternal Desires (USA 1997)  VHS

Et Mourir de Plaisir (France/Italy 1960) VO imdb

Eulogy for a Vampire (USA 2010)

Every Home Should Have One (UK 1971) Aka Think Dirty imdb SJ

Evil Deeds (USA 2004) imdb

Evil of Dracula (USA 1998) animated short  imdb SJ

--The Evil of Dracula  See: Bloodsucking Rose

--Evil Spirits in the House (alternate title for Evil Spirits?)

Evil Toons (USA 1990)

The Evil Touch (USA 1974)

--The Evil Within  See Baby Blood

Evils of the Night  (USA 1985) imdb SJ

--Evil's Commandment  See: I Vampiri

Exhumed (Canada 2003)  DVD imdb

Exit 38 (USA 2006) DVD imdb

Exorcist Master (HK 1993)  DVD imdb

Expendable (USA 2003) DVD imdb

El Extraño amor de los vampiros  (Spain 1975)  Aka Strange Love of the Vampires, Night of the Walking Dead VO imdb SJ

Extreme Vampires 8 Movie DVD Collection includes: Bloodwine, Livestock, Renfield: The Un-Dead, Requiem for a Vampire, My Bloody Wedding, Night Crawlers, Always From Darkness,  and The Remake (aka The Worst Horror Movie Ever Made: The Re-Make).

The Eye of Count Flickenstein (USA 1966) underground short SJ

--Eyes Are Upon You  See: Demon Lust



--The Fabulous Villans See: The Documented History of the Fabulous Villains

Face of Marble  (USA 1946) imdb

Fade To Black (USA 1980) VHS  SJ

El Fang-Dango (USA 197-) 14 min. short SJ BW

Fangs (USA 2001)  DVD imdb

--Fangs of the Living Dead  See: The Bloody Girl DVD

--Fangs 2  See: Cold Hearts

--Fangs of the Vampire  See: The Bloody Girl

El Fantasma de la Operetta (Argentina 1955) imdb

Fantasmagorie (France 1963) short SJ

Fantastic 4/Rise of the Silver Surfer (USA 2007) DVD imdb

Fascination (France 1979) DVD VO imdb SJ

Fatal Femmes, a DVD collection of six fims, includes: A Candle in the Dark and five non-vampire horror films

Fatal Kiss (USA 2002) DVD 26-min. short  VO imdb

Father, Santa Claus Has Died (Russia 1992)  Aka  Papa, umer Ded Moroz imdb SJ

Fear Girls, Volume 1 (USA 2000) imdb adult

Fear Girls 2 (USA 2009) imdb adult

--Fearless Fosdick in Batula  See: Batula

The Fearless Vampire Killers or Pardon me but your Teeth are in my Neck  (USA 1967)  Aka  Dance of the Vampires, Tanz der Vampire  VHS/DVD VO imdb

--The Fear Chamber See: The Chamber of Fear

A Feast of Flesh (USA 2007) Carmillla: Debbie Rochon  DVD imdb

Feast of the Vampires (USA 2010) DVD

La Fée Sanguinaire (Belgium 1968) imdb

--Fei zhou he shang  See: Vampires Must Be Crazy

Fem degn i august (Norway 1973) BW

--Female Butcher  See: Legend of Blood Castle

--Female Plasma Suckers  See Blood Orgy of the She Devils

--Female Vampire  See: La Comtesse Noire

Female Vampire (HK 1973) VO

--Femmes Vampires  See: Le Viol du Vampire

--Femmes Vampires  See:  Fiancée de Dracula

--Ferat Vampire  See: Upir z feratu

Fiancée of Dracula (France 2002)  Aka Dracula's Fiancée, Le Retour de Dracula, Femmes Vampires, El Retorno de Dracula DVD VO imdb

Fiend (USA 1980) imdb

Figures from Earth (HK 1988) imdb

--La Filha de Dracula  See: La Fille De Dracula

La Fille de Dracula (France/Spain/Portugal 1972)  Aka  Daughter of Dracula; La Hija de Dracula, La Filha de Dracula  DVD  VO imdb SJ

First Man Into Space (UK 1959) imdb VHS

The First Vampire: Don't Fall for the Devil's Illusions (USA 2004) 24 min. short  imdb

First Vampire in China (HK 1990) Aka Mao shan xian tang imdb SJ

Fist of the Vampire (USA 2007) imdb DVD in Mortuary of Madness collection

Flaming Creatures (USA 1962) imdb QV

The Flemish Vampire (Belgium, 2006) imdb

--The Flesh Creatures  See: Vampire Men of the Lost Planet

--Flesh of Your Flesh  See: Carne du tu Carne

Flow (USA 1996) DVD imdb QV

Der Fluch der Gruenen Augen (West Germany/ Yugoslavia 1963  Aka  Cave of the Living Dead, The Curse of the Green Eyes DVD imdb SJ

--Der Fluch der schwarzen Schwestern  See: Veil of Blood

+Fluffy the British Vampire Slayer (UK 2001) 18 min. short available on the Internet  imdb

A Fool There Was  (USA 1915) DVD imdb

Fools (USA 1970) imdb SJ

--A Fool's World  See: Mondo Balordo

Forever Night (USA 1998) 3x adult  VHS

The Forsaken (USA 2001)  VHS/DVD VO imdb

Fort Dracula (USA  2004) short imdb BW

4 Film Favorites—Draculas DVD collection includes four Hammer films: Horror of Dracula (1958), Dracula Has Risen from the Grave, Dracula A.D. 1972, and Taste the Blood of Dracula.

Fracchia Contro Dracula (Italy 1985) VO imdb SJ

Frankenstein and Me (Canada 1996) BW

Frankenstein Meets Dracula (USA 1957)

Frankenstein, el vampiro y compania (Mexico 1961)  Aka  Frankenstein, El Vampiro y Cia, Frankenstein, El Vampiro y Compania VHS/DVD imdb SJ

Frankenstein: the Legacy Collection, a DVD collection that includes: House of Frankenstein and four non-vampire movies.

Frankenstein's Bloody Terror (Spain 1968)  Aka  La Marca del Hombre Lobo, The Mark of the Wolfman, The Wolfman of Count Dracula, The Vampire of Dr. Dracula   DVD imdb SJJ

--Frankenstein Sings  See: Monster Mash

Fred 2: The Night of the Living Fred (USA 2011) TV MD

Friday Night (USA 1998)

Friends at Twilight (USA 1999) imdb

Fright Club (USA 2006) DVD imdb

Fright Night (USA 1985) VHS  VO imdb SJ

Fright Night (USA 2011) imdb DVD

Fright Night Part II (USA 1989) VHS VO imdb SJ

--The Frightening Secret of Dr. Hichcock  See: L'Orrible segreto del Dottor Hitchcock

Frightmare (USA 1982)  VHS  imdb 

Les Frissons des Vampires (France 1970)  Aka  Sex and the Vampire, Terror of the Vampires, Shudder of the Vampire,  The Vampire's Thrill, The Thrill of the Vampire, The Shiver of the Vampires.  DVD & VHS  VO imdb SJ

--From Dracula with Love  See: My Soul Is Slashed

From Dusk Till Dawn (USA 1996) VO  imdb VHS/DVD 

From Dusk Till Dawn 2: The Texas Blood Money (USA 1998) Aka Texas Blood Money VHS/DVD VO imdb

From Dusk Til Dawn 3: The Hangman's Daughter (USA 2000) VHS/DVD-Collectors Series  VO imdb

From Dusk 'til Porn (UK 2004)

Frost: Portrait of a Vampire (USA 2001) Aka A Killing Frost  DVD VO imdb

Frostbite (Sweden 2005) Aka Frostbiten DVD imdb

--Frostbitten  See: Frostbite

Full Moon High (USA  1981) VHS imdb

--Full Moon of the Virgins  See: Il Plenilunio delle vergini

The Funeral (USA 1972)



G-Man Gitters (USA 1939) 7 min. short. Animated with Gandy Goose

G-string Vampire (USA 2005) DVD  VO imdb

Gakkou no kaidan: Haru no tatari special (Japan 1999) anime

Galgalri familywa Dracula (South Korea 2003) Aka The Galgalri Family and Dracula  imdb

Galgalri Family 2 (South Korea 2005) no vampire content

--Gallery of Horrors  See: Dr. Terror's Gallery of Horrors

The Game of Killing (China 2004) Chinese DVD imdb

--The Games of Countess Dollinger  See: Jeux de la Comtesse Dollingen de Graz

--Gandy Goose in G-Man Jitters See: G.-Man Jitters

--Gandy Goose in the Ghost Town See Ghost Town

Ganja And Hess (USA 1973) Aka  Blood Couple, Black Out, Double Possession, Black Evil, Black Vampire, The Moment of Terror, VHS  VO imdb SJ AA

--Garu, the Mad Monk  See: Guru, the Mad Monk

--Gary Davis' The Spanish Inn  See: The Spanish Inn

Gayracula (USA 1985) adult imdb QV SJ

--Gebissen Wird nur Nachts See: Vampire Happening

Geek Maggot Bingo (USA 1983)  Aka  The Freak from Suckweasel Mountain DVD imdb SJ

--Geheimnis der Todesinsel  See:  Isla de la Muerte

--Genie of Darkness  See:  Nostradamus y el Genio de la Tinieblas

--Getting My Brother Laid  See: My Bruder der Vampir

--Geung si sin sang  See: Mr. Vampire 

Ghost Brigade (USA 1993)  Aka  The Killing Box

Ghost Eyes (HK 1974) imdb Aka Gui Yan

Ghost Fever (USA 1987) BW

Ghost Fever (HK 1989) imdb VCD

Ghost in the Invisble Bikini (USA 1966) adult imdb

Ghost of Dragstrip Hollow (USA 1959) includes Dracula cameo  imdb

Ghost Punting (HK 1991) imdb

Ghost Stories: Graveyard Thriller (USA 1986) imdb

Ghost Story (USA 2000) short

+Ghost Town (USA 1944) 7 min. animated short with Gandy Goose.

Ghostly Mouth-to-mouth Resuscitation (Taiwan 1985)

Ghostly Vixen (HK 1990) VCD imdb

--Ghosts on the Loose  See: Spooks Run Wild

Ghoul Mates (USA 2006) imdb BW

Ghoul Sex Squad (Taiwan 1991)

Ghouls Gone Wild (USA 2008) Dir: Philip Adrian Booth imdb

--The Giant Leeches  See: Attack of  the Giant Leeches

Gidget Gets Married (USA 1978) SJ TV MD

The Girl with Hungry Eyes (USA 1967). Dir: HarrtNovak  DVD (with The Agony of Love) not a vampire movie 

The Girl With the Hungry Eyes (USA 1995) Aka Intervista con la Vampira. Dir: Jon Jacobs. VO imdb

Girlfriend From Hell (USA 1989) imdb

Globi and the Stolen Shadows (Germany 2003) Aka Globi und der Schattenräuber imdb

Go For a Take (UK 1972) imdb SJ BW

God of Vampires (USA 1999) imdb DVD

--The Gods Must be Crazy III  See: Vampires Must Be Crazy

--Going Down for the Count  See: Out for Blood

Goke, Bodysnatcher From Hell (Japan 1969)  Aka Kyuketsuki Goke mi doro VO imdb SJ

Der Goldene Nazivampir von Absam 2 - Das Geheimnis von Schloß Kottlitz (Germany 2007) Aka The Golden Nazi Vampire of Absam: Part II - The Secret of Kottlitz Castle  imdb BW

--Goliath and the Dragon  See:  Vendetta di Ercole

--Goliath and the Vampires  See: Maciste contra il vampiro

Golden Nun (HK 1987) imdb

The Golden Nazi Vampire of Absam: Part II - The Secret of Kottlitz Castle (Germany 2007) Aka Der Goldene Nazivampir von Absam 2 - Das Geheimnis von Schloß Kottlitz imdb

--Gon shut sin sang  See: Vampire Controller

The Gong Show Movie (USA 1980) imdb SJ

Gore-Met Zombie Chef from Hell (USA 1987)

Gothic (UK 1987) VHS/DVD in Horrorlicious collection VO imdb

Gothic Movie: Good Girls Don't Sleep in Coffins (USA 2003) DVD imdb

Gothic Vampires from Hell (USA 2007) DVD imdb

Grace (USA 2009) imdb  DVD

Graf Dracula beißt jetzt auch in Oberbayern (Germany/Spain 1979)  comedy Aka  Dracula Blows His Cool DVD VOimdb SJ BW

Graf Dracula's Bissige Saftfotzen (Germany 2008) aka Count Dracula's Snappish Juicecunts

--Grampire See: My Grandpa is a Vampire

El Gran Amore del Conde Dracula (Spain 1972  Aka  Dracula's Virgin, Vampire Playgirls, Dracula's Great Love, Velvet Vampire, Cemetery Girls  DVD/VHS VO imdb SJ

--Grandaughter of Dracula  See: Nocturna

La Grande Troville (France 1973) Aka  Tender Dracula, or Confessions of a Blood Drinker, Tendre Dracula VO imdb SJ  VHS

The Grave Digger (HK 1987) Aka Zombie vs Ninja imdb

Grave of the Vampire (USA 1972)  Aka  The  Seed of Terror VHS/DVD In Vintage Horror Classics: Dracula. VO imdb SJ

Graveyard Disturbance (Italy 1987) imdb SJ

Graveyard Shift (Canada 1987) Aka Central Park Drifter  w/ Michael Miranda VO imdb SJ VHS

Graveyard Shift (USA 1990) Stephen King  DVD/VHS imdb SJ

--Graveyard Shift II: The Understudy  See: The Understudy: Graveyard Shift 2

The Great Bear Scare (UK 1983) 30 min. short animated BW

Great Bloodsucking Vampire Movies DVD collection includes: The Satanic Rites of Dracula, The Devil Bat, and The Last Man on Earth

The Green Monster (Italy 1974)

Gremlins II (USA 1990) Dracula cameo DVD imdb

De Griezelbus (Netherlands 2005) imdb

--El Grito de la muerte See: The Living Coffin

Guess What Happened To Count Dracula (USA 1969)  Aka The Master of the Dungeon, Dracula and the Boys, Draculas lusterne Vampire, Does Dracula Really Suck  DVD with Dracula the Dirty Old Man VO imdb SJ  Note: Dracula and the Boys, aka Does Dracula Really Suck, appears to be a gay variant of the original, though this fact is unverified at present.

--Gui Gan Bu   See: Red and Black

--Gui Yan  See: Ghost Eyes

--Gui yao gui  See: Encounters of the Spooky Kind

--Gui yao gui II  See: Encounters of the Spooky Kind II

Guns of El Chupacabra (USA 1997) imdb

Guns of El Chupacabra II: The Unseen (USA 1998) Scott Shaw imdb

Guru, The Mad Monk (USA 1970)  Aka  Garu, the Mad Monk DVDimdb SJ

Gypsy Vampire (USA 2005) DVD imdb

Gypsy Vampire's Revenge (USA 2007) DVD

Gypsy Vampire 3: Freaky Vampire (USA 2008) DVD

Gypsy Vampire: The Final Blood Lust (USA 2008) On DVD with On the Trail of Ed Wood 



Habit (USA 1997) VHS/DVD VO imdb

El Hacha Diabolica (Mexico 1964) SJ

Halik ng bampira (Philippines 1997) imdb

Halloween That Almost Wasn't (USA 1979)  Aka The Night Dracula Saved the World VHS  VO imdb TV MD

Halloween With the Addams Family (USA 1979)  Aka  All New Addams Family Halloween. The Original Addams Family  VHS   imdb SJ BW TV MD

Hallow's End (USA 2003) DVD imdb BW

The Hamiltons (USA 2006) DVD imdb

Hamlet the Vampire Slayer (USA 2008) imdb DVD

--Hanayome Kyuuketsuma  See: Vampire Bride

--Hand of Death  See: Beast of Morocco

--The Hand of Night  See: Beast of Morocco

--The Hangman's Daughter  See: From Dusk to Dawn III: The Hangman's Daughter

--Hannah, Queen of the Vampires See: Crypt of the Living Dead

--Hanno Cambiato Faccia See: They've Changed Faces

Haram alek (Egypt 1954) BW

--Hard Times for Dracula  See: Tempi duri per I vampiri

--Hard Times for Vampires  See: Tempi Duri per i Vampiri  

Harker (USA 2005) 14 min. short

Harpy (Korea, 2000) Aka Harpy: Spirited Away DVD imdb

--Harpy: Spirited Away  See: Harpy

Haunted Cop Shop I (HK 1984) VCD imdb SJ

Haunted Cop Shop II (HK 1986) VCD imdb SJ

Haunted Karaoke (HK 1997)  DVD imdb

Haunted Summer (USA 1988) VHS imdb

Haunting Desires (USA 2006) DVD  VO imdb

Hay que matar a Drácula (Argentina 1968) imdb BW

-- The Headless Terror  See: Penanggalan

Heartstopper (USA 1992) Aka Dark Craving  DVD VO

--The Heiress of Dracula  See: Vampyros Lesbos

Hellboy Animated: Blood & Iron (USA 2007) DVD imdb

Hello, Dracula (HK 1985) imdb SJ

--Hell's Belles  See: Vampires and Other Stereotypes

--Hellzone Rangers  See: Samurai Vampire Bikers from Hell

Helsinki Vampires (USA 2006) Musi video  DVD

Her Cry: La Lllarona Investigation (Mexico 2011) imdb

--Her Majesty's Top Gun  See: No. 1 of the secret service

Her Morbid Desires (USA 2008) BW

Hercules in the Haunted World (Italy 1964)  Aka  Ercole al centro della terra  DVD VO imdb SJ

Here Come the Munsters (USA 1995) imdb BW TV MD

Here Comes a Vampire (HK 1990) VCD VO imdb

Here Lies Lucy: A Vampire Yarn (UK 2008) 24 min. short  imdb

La Herencia de la Llorona (Mexico 1947) Aka The Heritage of the Crying Woman  imdb  DVD

--The Heritage of Dracula  See: Vampyros Lesbos

-- The Heritage of the Crying Woman  See: La Herencia de la Llorona

--Heubhyeolgwi yeonyeo (South Korea 1981)  See: The Vengeful Vampire Girl

High Priest of Vampires (UK 1971)

Hijos de la Noche (Mexico 1997)  Aka  Children of the Night

Higanjima (Japan 2009) imdb Aka Higanjima: Escape from Vampire Island, Barefoot Dream DVD

High Midnight (USA/Canada 2012) imdb

Hiroku Kaibyoden (Japan 1969) SJ

Hitsuji no Uta (Japan 2000) imdb

Hollywood Vampyr (USA 2000) Included in Blood Suckers DVD collection VHS/DVD  VO imdb

Hollywood's Legends of Horror Collection, a six-DVD set includes: The Return of Doctor X, Mark of the Vampire, and four non-vampire movies.

--El Hombre quel Vine della Ummo, See:  Dracula vs. Frankenstein

Home Run (Germany 2002) short imdb

Homocula wa hakketsu ga osuki: Zorome wo nerae (Japan 1986)

The Horny Vampire (USA 1971) adult

--The Horrible Dr. Hichcock  See: L'Orrible segreto del Dottor Hitchcock

The Horrible Orgies of Count Dracula, Or, Black Magic. . . Rites. . . Reincarnations (Italy 1973)  Aka The Reincarnation of Isabel, Riti, magie nere e segrete orge nel trecento adult imdb SJ DVD

--The Horrible Secret of Dr. Hichcock  See: L'Orrible segreto del Dottor Hitchcock

--Horrible Sexy Vampire  See: El Vampiro de la Autopista

--Horror Creatures of the Red Planet  See: Vampire Men of the Lost Planet

--Horror Convention See: Nightmare in Blood

--Horror from Beyond  See: Blood Thirst

--Horror of the Blood Monsters  See: Vampire Men of the Lost Planet

Horror of Dracula (UK 1958) VHS, DVD (in 4 Film Favorites—Draculas set)  VO imdb

Horror of Dracula (USA 1966)

The Horror of It All (UK 1964) imdb SJ

Horror of the Zombies (Spain 1974) Aka El Baque Maldito SJ

Horror Classics 50 Movie Pack DVD collection includes: Attack of the Giant Leeches (1959) Atom Age Vampire (1960), Dead Men Walk (1943), Little Shop of Horrors (1960), The Last Man on Earth (1964), Nightmare Castle (1965), Nosferatu (1922), and The Vampire Bat (1933) along with variious non-vampire horror movies.

The Horror Within (USA 2005) VO imdb

Horrorritual (USA 1972) 3 min. short SJ

Horrorlicious DVD collection includes: Gothic and The Vampire's Niece.

Hot Vampire Nights (USA 2000) DVD  VO imdb

Hotel Macabre (UK 1976)

Hotel Transylvania (USA 2012) imdb

Hotter Than Hell horror film DVD collection includes one vampire film: Witchcraft X.

Hour of the Wolf (Sweden 1968) Ingmar Bergman  DVD imdb 

--The Hour When Dracula Comes  See:  La Maschera del demonio

House of Dark Shadows (USA 1970) VHS/DVD imdb SJ

House of Dracula (USA 1945) VHS  VO imdb

House of Frankenstein (USA 1944)  DVD  VO imdb

House of Frankenstein (USA 1997) made for TV imdb

House on Bare Mountain (USA 1962) adult imdb SJ DVD with Kiss me Quick

The House That Dripped Blood (UK 1971) DVD VO imdb SJ

House Vampire (USA 1994) imdb  

Hover (USA 1996) 10 min. short imdb

How I Became a Vampire (USA 2010) 53 mon. short imdb

How My Dad Killed Dracula (USA 2008) 14 min. short BW

How They Became Vampires (? 1973)

How to Slay a Vampire (USA 1995)  DVD In Bite Me! set.  In Blood Hunt set. Imdb

How to Survive a Vampire Attack (USA 2009) short imdb

--Howl of the Devil  See: El Aullido del diablo

Howling VI: The Freaks (USA 1990) VHS VO imdb SJ

La Huella Macabra (Mexico 1963)  Aka  The Macabre Mark imdb SJ

Hungarian Dracula (Hungary 1983) BW

The  Hunger (UK/USA 1983) VHS/DVD  VO imdb SJ

The Hunger (USA/Canada 1997) 3x adult VHS

--Hungry Like a Bat  See: Twisted Tales

--Huphyokwi Yanyo  See: The Vengeful Vampire Girl

Hyocho no Bijo (Japan 1977) SJ

Hysterical (USA 1983) imdb SJ BW



I Am Legend (USA 2007) DVD 2-disc edition imdb

I Am Legend: Awakening - Story 1: Sacrificing the Few for the Many (USA 2007) short

I Am Legend: Awakening - Story 2: Isolation (USA 2007) short

I Am Legend: Awakening - Story 3: Shelter (USA 2007) short

I Am Legend: Awakening - Story 4: Death as a Gift (USA 2008) short

I Am Legend: Done in 60 Seconds (USA 2008) short

I Am Virgin (?)

I Bought a Vampire Motorcycle (UK 1990) VO imdb SJ  DVD

I, Desire (USA  1982)  Aka Desire, the Vampire imdb SJ TV MD

I Dream of Dracula (USA 2003)  Included in Mortuary of Madness DVD collection.  Included in Sinister Souls DVD collection  imdb

I Kissed a Vampire (USA 2010) imdb DVD

--I Like Bats  See: Lubie Nietoperze

I Married a Vampire (USA 1983) VHS/DVD VO imdb SJ

I Pass for Human (USA 2004) DVD imdb

I Sell the Dead (USA 2008) DVD imdb

I, The Vampire (Spain 1972) DVD

--I Tre Volte della Paura  See: Black Sabbath

I Vampire-Trilogy of Blood (USA 2006)  DVD

I Vampiri (Italy 1956)  Aka  Evil's Commandment, Devil's Commandment, Lust of the Vampires, Lady vampire  Bathory  DVD VO imdb

I Was a Teenage Movie Maker: Don Glut's Amateur Movies (USA 2006) imdb  DVD

--I Was A Teenage Vampire  See: My Best Friend is a Vampire

I Was A Teenage Vampire (USA 1959) Aka Liebe mit Biss

I Was A Teenage Zabbadoing And The Incredibly Lusty Dust-Whip From Outer-Space  Conquers The Earth Versus The Three Psychedelic Stooges Of Dr. Fun Helsing  And Fighting Against Surf-Vampires And Sex-Nazis And Have Trouble With This Endless Titillation Title (Austria,/Germany 1988) Aka Vampyros Sexos imdb

--Icon See: Il mulino della donne di Pietra

Imagination (USA 2002) imdb

--Immoral Tales (France 1969)  See: Contes Immoraux

Immortal (USA 1995) Included in Blood Suckers DVD & Mortuary of Madness collections DVD VO imdb

Immortal Enemy (Thailand, 2003)  DVD  VO imdb

--Immortal Ecstasy  See: Dark Town

--Immortality  See: The Wisdom of Crocodiles

Immortally Yours (USA 2009) Aka Kiss of the Vampire imdb

Impaktita (Philippines 1989) imdb

El Imperio de Dracula (Mexico 1967) Aka Empire of Dracula imdb SJ

--The In-Laws of Dracula  See: Mga Manuggang ni Dracula

--In Search of Dracula  See:  Pa Jakt Efter Dracula

--In the Midnight Hour  See: The Midnight Hour

Inbred Redneck Vampires (USA 2004) imdb DVD

--Incense For the Damned See: Bloodsuckers

The Incredible Melting Man (USA 1977) imdb SJ

 --Incubo sulla città contaminate See: City of the Walking Dead

Incubus (USA 1965) w/ William Shatner. In Esparanto with English subtitles. DVD imdb SJ

Incubus (Canada 1981) w/ John Cassavetes  VHS/DVD imdb

Incubus (Italy 1985) short animated   imdb

Incubus (USA 2000) w Leah Iron imdb

Incubus (USA 2002) w Lina Romay Also included in Jess Franco's Perversion Double Feature DVD set. DVD imdb

Incubus (Ireland 2003) short imdb

Incubus (UK 2005) w/ Tara Reid DVD imdb

Indemnity: Rage of a Jealous Vampire (USA 2011)  DVD

The Informers (USA/Germany) imdb

--inframundo: la Evolucion  See: Underwolrd: Evolution

--Inju Dai Toshi  See: Beast City

Inkubus (USA 2011) imdb DVD

Innocent Blood (USA 1992) DVD/VHS VO imdb SJ

--Innocents from Hell  See: Alucarda: la hija de las tinieblas

The Insatiable (USA 2006) w/ Sean Patrick Flanery DVD imdb

Insomnia (France 1965)

Intercourse with the Vampire (USA 1994) adult

Intercourse with the Vampire II (USA 1994) adult

Interview with a REAL Vampire (USA 2010) 10 min. short imdb

Interview with the Vampire (USA 1994) Aka Entrevista con el Vampiro  VHS/DVD  VO imdb

--Intervista con la Vampira  See: The Girl with the Hungry Eyes

--Intimate Interviews: Bela Lugosi  See: Bela Lugosi

La Invasion de los Muertos (Mexico 1972)  Aka  Invasion of the Dead  imdb SJ

La Invasion de los Vampiros (Mexico 1961)  Aka  Invasion of the Vampires VO imdb SJ

--Invasion by the Atomic Zombies  See: City of the Walking Dead

Invasion of the Blood Farmers (USA 1972) DVD imdb SJ

The Irish Vampire Goes West (Ireland/USA 2007) imdb

Ironbound Vampire (USA 1998) VHS VO imdb

Is There a Vampire in the House? (? 1972)

Isabell, A Dream (Italy 1958)

La Isla de la Muerte (Spain/West Germany 1966)  Aka  The Blood Suckers, Death Island, Das Geheimnis der Todesinsel,  Island of the Doomed, Man Eater of Hydra VOimdb SJ

--Island of the Doomed  See: Isla de la Morte

Island of the Vampire Birds (Australia 1999) imdb

Isle of the Dead (USA 1945) DVD (with Bedlam) imdb

--It Lives By Night (USA 1973)  See: The Bat People

--It's Alive  See: The Bat People

It's Alive! (USA 1974) DVD (It's Alive triple feature set)  VO imdb

It's Alive II: It Lives Again (USA 1978) DVD (It's Alive triple feature set) imdb

It's Alive III: Island of the Alive (USA 1986) DVD (It's Alive triple feature set) imdb

It! The Terror from Beyond Space (USA 1958) VHS imdb

--I've Been Watching You  See: The Brotherhood

--Iyarashii hitozuma: nureru See: Love-Zero=Infinity



Jack Turner and the Reluctant Vampire (USA 2008) short  DVD

+The Jail Break (USA 1946) animated short, Mighty Mouse cartoon with Dracula cameo, available on the Internet. imdb

--Japula  See: Lake of Dracula

Jaws of the Jungle (Ceylon/USA 1936) Aka Jungle Virgin short imdb

Jennifer's Body (USA 2009) succubus imdb DVD

Jenny the Vampire Hunter & Other Tales (USA 2000) imdb

Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter (Canada 2001) DVD VO imdb

Jeu de massacre (France 1967)  Aka  The Killing Game imdb SJ

Jeux de la Comtesse Dolingen de Graz (France 1980)  Aka  The Games of the Countess Dolingen of Graz imdb SJ

Jezebeth (USA 2011) imdb included in Super Pack Vampire set  DVD

Jezebeth 2: Hour of the Gun (USA 2012) imdb

--Jiang shi fan sheng  See: New Mr. Vampire

--Jiang shi fu xing zi  Aka  Vampire Kids

--Jiang shi pa pa  See:  Close Encounters of the Vampire

--Jiang shi shao ye See: Young Master Vampire

--Jiang shi shu shu  See: Mr. Vampire 4

--Jiang shi zhuo yao  Aka  Vampire Strikes Back

--Jiang shi xian sheng  See: Mr. Vampire

--Jiang shi xian sheng xu ji  See: Mr. Vampire 2

--Jiang shi yi sheng  See: Doctor Vampire

Jing Sheng Jian Jiao  (HK 2001) Aka Geng Sing Chim Giu (no English title)  VO imdb

Jissouji Akio no mystery file: Maboroshi no yAkata (Japan 1995)

The Jitters (Japan/USA 1989) Dir: John Fasano VHS imdb SJ

--Jiu zi tian mo  See: Nine Demons

Joe Nosferatu: Homeless Vampire (USA 2004) imdb

John Carpenter's Vampires (USA 1998) Aka Vampires VHS/DVD VO imdb

--John Carpenter presents Vampires: Los Muertos  See: Vampires: Los Muertos

J-ok'el (Mexico 2007) Aka Curse of the Weeping Woman: J-ok'el  DVD imdb

Jonathan (Germany 1970) Aka Jonathan, Vampire Sterben Nicht, Jonathan, le dernier combat contre les vampires  VO imdb SJ

--Jonathan, le dernier combat contre les vampires See: Jonathan

Jonathan of the Night (USA 1987) SJ

--Jonathan, Vampire Sterben Nicht See: Jonathan

Jorgito y el vampiro (Mexico 1987) imdb

Journey into Darkness: the Trilogy (USA 2004) documentary on New Orleans

El Jovencito Dracula (Spain 1975) imdb SJ

Jugular Wine (USA 1994) VHS VO imdb

July Spirit (HK 1986)

--Jungfrau am Abgrund See: Mondo Wierdo

--Jungle Virgin  See: Jaws of the Jungle

Jupiter (France 1971) imdb SJ

Just One More Bite (UK 2007) imdb



--K-2 See Karmina 2: L'enfer de Chabot

--K-Sex  See: My Vampire Lover

--Kai xin gui jing ling  See: Love Me, Vampire

Kaidan Kyuuketsuki Murasaki Kengyou (Japan ???)

Kali: Devil Bride of Dracula (UK 1975) never produced.

--Kamitsukitai/Dorakiyura yori ai-0  See: My Soul is Slashed

Kara Boga (Turkey 1974) imdb BW

Karanlik Sular (Turkey 1994)   Aka  The Serpent's Tale, imdb

Karmina (Canada 1996) DVD imdb

Karmina 2: L'enfer de Chabot (Canada 2001) Aka K-2 VHS  VO imdb

Kathavai Thatteya Mohni Paye (India 1975) SJ

The Keep (USA 1983) VHS imdb

Kerana Dia/Titisan Nenek Lampir (Indonesia 2003) VCD

Ketchup Vampires (Germany/Hungary 1995) VHS

Ketchup Vampires II (USA 1996) VHS

Khooni Dracula (India 1992) Aka Deadly Draculaimdb

Kibris: La ley del equilibrio (Spain 2005) imdb

--Kill Baby Kill  See: Operazione paura

Killer Barbys (Spain 1996) Aka Vampire Killer Barbys  DVD  VO imdb

Killer Barbys vs. Dracula (Germany / Spain 2002) DVD VO imdb

+Killer Bikini Vampire Girls Strike Back (Australia 2006) 11 min.  short imdb [sequel to Return of the Killer Bikini Vampire Girls] Available on the Internet

+Killer Bikini Vampire Girls 3: A New Hope (Australia 2007) 16 min. short available on the Internet  imdb

Killer Klowns From Outer Space (USA 1988) DVD imdb

--A Killing Frost  See: Frost: Portrait of a Vampire

--The Killing Game  See: Jeu de Massacre

Kimera (Japan 1996) DVD imdb

Kinder der Nacht (Germany 2000) imdb

Kingdom of the Vampire (USA 1991) VHS DVD VO imdb dir J. R. Bookwalter on DVD with Kingdom of the Vampire (2007)

Kingdom of the Vampire (USA 2007) DVD dir Brett Kelly on DVD with Kingdom of the Vampire (1991).

The Kiss (USA/Canada 1988) VHS imdb SJ

The Kiss (USA 2008) Dir. Scott Malden. DVD

Kiss Attack (USA 2008) DVD

Kiss Me Quick (USA 1963) Aka  Dr. Breedlove. adult. Imdb SJ  DVD with House on Bare Mountain

Kiss My Blood (Germany 1999)  VO imdb

Kiss of the Vampire (UK 1963) VO imdb SJ VHS

Kiss of the Vampire (USA 1999) DVD/VHS   check

--Kiss of the Vampire (2006)  See: Immortally Yours

--Der Kleine Vampir See: Bübchen

KM31 (Mexico, Spain 2006) aka Kilometre 31 DVD imdb

Knights (USA 1993)  VHS imdb

Kohtalon kirja (Finland 2003) Aka The Book of Fate imdb

--Konarac See: MosquitoMan

--Der Konigin der Verdammten  See: Queen of the Damned

Kori (Switzerland 1997) VO imdb

--Kronos  See: Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter

Krvavá pani (Czechoslovakia 1980)  animated Bathory imdb SJ

--Kulay dugo ang gabi  See: The Blood Drinkers

Kung Fu Beyond the Grave (HK 1982) DVD in Black Belt Theatre set with Chinese Vampire Story. imdb SJ

Kung Fu Vampire (HK 1983) VCD

--Kung Fu Vampire Buster  See: New Mr. Vampire

Kung Fu Vampire Killers (New Zealand 2001) imdb

Kung Fu Zombie (HK 1984) Aka Wu long tian shi zhao ji gui. DVD imdb

Kuntilanak (Indonesia 2006) Aka The Chantingimdb

Kuntilanak 2 (Indonesia 2007) Aka The Chanting 2

Kuntilanak beranak (Indonesia 2009) imdb Aka Birth of the Vampire DVD

--Kuroneko  See: Black Cat from the Grave

Kwaidan (Japan, 1965)  DVD imdb

--Kwansukui Dracula See:  Dracula Rises from the Coffin.

Kyoto sexy youkai satsujin annai: Sagano ni sumu kyuuketsu bijo no fukushuu! (Japan 1997)

--Kyuusetku Dokorosen  See: Living Skeleton

--Kyuuketsu Ga  See: The Vampire Moth

Kyuuketsu Kaijin Yashiki (Japan 1961)

Kyuuketsu Onsen-He Youkoso (Japan 1996)

--Kyuuketsu Shojo tai Shojo See: Vampire Girl Vs. Frankenstein Girl

--Kyuuketsuki See: Lost: Norowareta shima

--Kyuusetsuki Dorakyura Kobe Ni Arawaru: Akuma Wa Onna Utsukushiku Suru  See: The Vampire Dracula Comes to Kobe: Evil Makes Beautiful Women

Kyuuketsuki Futatabi (Japan 1976)

--Kyuuketsuki Gokemidoro  See: Goke: The Body Snatcher from Hell, Goke the Vampire

--Kyuuketsuki Miyu  See:  Vampire Princess Miyu

Kyuuketsuki: Shitataru binyuu (Japan 1998)



--Ladies of the Night  See: Vampire Hookers

--Ladies of the Night (1998) 3x See: Les Vampyres

Lady Dracula (West Germany 1977) VO imdb SJ

--Lady Dracula   See: Lemora: A Child's Tale of the Supernatural

--Lady Dracula (1982)  See: Living Dead Girl

Lady of the Dark: Genesis of the Serpent Vampire (USA 2011) imdb  DVD

--Lady Vampire See: I Vampiri

Lady Vampire (Japan 1959) Aka Onna-Kyuketsuki VO imdb

--Lago di Satana  See: La Sorella di Satana

Laila - Unsterblich Verliebt (Germany 2000)  VO imdb

Lair of the White Worm (USA/UK 1988) not vampire

Lake of Dracula (Japan 1971) Aka  Noroi no Yat, Dracula's Lust for Blood,  Chi O Suu Me, Japula, Bloodsucking Eye VHS/DVD  VO imdb SJ

L'Amante del Vampiro (Italy 1962)  Aka The Vampire and the Ballerina imdb

Lament of the Lamb (Japan 2003) anime

Laser Fart (USA 2004) 47 min. short BW

The Last (USA 2007) imdb

The Last American Vampire: Mercy's Revenge (USA 2009) DVD

Last Blood (USA  2006) 14 min. short imdb

Last Call Before Sunset (USA 2007) imdb

The Last Horror Movie (USA 1982) DVD SJ not a vampire movie

The Last Man on Earth (USA/Italy 1964)  Aka L'Ultimo ummo della terra DVD (also in Great Bloodsucking Vampire Movies collection) imdb SJ

--Last Prey of the Vampire See: L'Ultima preda del vampiro

--Last Rites  See: Dracula's Last Rites

The Last Sect (USA 2006) DVD imdb

The Last Vampire on Earth (USA 2010) imdb DVD

--The Last Vampyre See: Sherlock Holmes: The Last Vampyre

--Last Voyage of the Demeter (USA 2004?) never made

-- Aka Låt den rätte komma in See: Let the Right One In

The Laughing Dead (USA 1998) VHS  VO imdb

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (USA 2003) DVD imdb

--Learning about Numbers  See: Sesame Street: Learning about Numbers

The Leech Woman (USA 1960) imdb  VHS

Leeches (USA 2003)  DVD imdb

Legacy of Dracula (Japan, 1970) Aka Night of the Vampire,  Chi O Suu Ningyo, Bloodsucking Doll, Yureiyashiki no kyufu, The Vampire Doll   DVD VO SJ

-- Legend of Duo  See:  Rejendo obu duo

Legacy of Satan (USA 1973) imdb

The Legend of Aerreus Kane (USA 2003) short  imdb

Legend of Blood Castle (Italy/Spain 1972)  Aka  Ceremonia Sangrienta,  Bloody Ceremony, The Female Butcher  Bathory  imdb SJ  VHS

--The Legend of Dracula  See: Pa Jakt Efter Dracula

--Legend of the Eight Samurai  See: Satomi hakken-den

Legend of the Chupacabra (USA 2000) VHS/DVD imdb

Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires (HK/UK 1973)  Aka Dracula and the Seven Golden Vampires, Seven Brothers Meet Dracula  VHS  VO imdb SJ

 --The Legendary Curse of Lemora  See: Lemora: A Child's Tale of the Supernatural

Legion of the Dead (Germany 2000)  imdb

Lemon Grove Kids Meet the Green Grasshopper and the Vampire Lady from Outer Space (USA 1963) short, included in the Lemon Grove Kids Meet the Monsters (USA 2003) an anthology DVD imdb SJ

Lemora: A Child's Tale of the Supernatural (USA 1973)  Aka  The Legendary Curse of Lemora, Lady Dracula, Lemora, the Lady Dracula, Blood Kiss VHS/DVD VO imdb SJ

Leonor (France/Italy/Spain 1975) VO imdb SJ

Leptirica (Yugoslavia 1973) DVD imdb

Lesbian Vampire Killers (USA 2009) Aka Vampire Killers  DVD  imdb

Lesbian Vampire Lovers DVD Collection includes: My Vampire Lover, Sexy Adventures of Van Helsing: Vampire Seduction, and Vampire Vixens.

Lesbian Vampire Sex and Bondage (USA 1998) QV

--Lesbian Vampires  See: Vampyros Lesbos

Lesbian Vampires (USA 2010)  DVD

--Lesbian Vampires:The Heiress of Dracula  See: Las Vampiras

Let Me In (USA 2010) imdb DVD

--Let Sleeping Corpses Lie  See: The Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue

Let the Right One In (Sweden 2008) Aka Låt den rätte komma in  DVD

Let's Scare Jessica To Death (USA 1971) DVD imdb SJ

Levres de Sang (France 1976) Dir: Jean Rollin  Aka  Lips of Blood DVD VO imdb SJ

Les Lèvres Rouge (Belgium 1971) w/ Delphine Seyrig  Aka Daughters of Darkness, Children of the Night, La Rouge aux Levres, Blut on den Lippen  DVD/VHS VO imdb

--Li san jiao wei zhen di yu men  See: The Dragon Lives Again

The Librarian: The Curse of the Judas Chalice (USA 2008)  imdb  DVD  TV MD

--Liebe auf den ersten Biss  See: Love at First Bite

--Liebe mit Biss See: I Was a Teenage Vampire

Life Blood (USA 2009) DVD

--Life Sucks  See: Night with a Vampire

Lifeblood (USA 2006) DVD in Blood Suckers & Brutal Blood Suckers set  imdb

Lifeforce (UK 1985) Aka Space Vampires  VHS/DVD VO imdb SJ SyFy

Lil Creepers (USA 2004) 22 min. short animated  BW

Limp Fangs (USA 1996) VHS imdb comedy

Linda Lovelace for President (USA 1976) SJ

--Ling chen wan can  See: Vampire's Breakfast

--Ling huan xian sheng  See: Mr. Vampire 3

--Lips of Blood  See: Levres de Sang

Lips of Blood (France Spain 1973) Dir: Ken Rudder Aka La Sang des Autres, Les chemins de la violence, El Segretto de la Momia, Perversions Sexuelles SJ

-- Little Red Riding Hood and Tom Thumb vs. the Monsters   See: Caperucita y Pulgarcito conta los Monstruos

The Little Sex Shop of Horrors (USA 2008) 11 min. short imdb

The Little Shop of Horrors (USA 1960) VHS imdb SJ

Little Shop of Horrors (USA 1986) VHS/DVD imdb SJ

--The Little Vampire (West Germany 1969)  See: Bübchen

The Little Vampire (Germany/Netherlands/USA 2000)  Aka  Der Kleine Vampir VHS/DVD VO imdb

Live Evil (USA 2009) Western  DVD

Livestock (USA 2009) imdb included in Super Pack vampires set  DVD

The Living Coffin (Mexio 1959) Aka El Grito de la muerte imdb  DVD

--Living Corpse  See: Zinda Laash

The Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue (Spain/Italy 1974)  Aka Non si deve profanare il sonno dei morti, Let Sleeping Corpses Lie, Do Not Speak Ill of the Dead  DVD  imdb  A zombie movie

Living Dead Girl (France 1982)  Aka  La Morte Vivante, Scare, Lady Dracula  DVD  VO  imdb SJ

The Living Impaired (USA 2005) imdb DVD

Living Skeleton (Japan 1968)  Aka  Kyuketsu dokuro sen imdb

La Llamado del Vampiro  (Spain 1971)  Aka  The Curse of the Vampyr, Aquelarre de vampiros, Curse of the Vampire imdb SJ

La Llarona (Mexico 1933) Aka The Crying Woman imdb

-- La Llorona: The Wailer See: The Wailer

--La Llorona: The Wailer II See: The Wailer

Las Lloronas (Mexico 2004) DVD

Loins of a Vampire (Hungary/Romania 1996) Adult

Loins of a Vampire (Japan 1991)

Lon Chaney After Midnight (USA 2010) 6 min. documentary short  imdb

London After Midnight (USA 1927) lost silent film. Reconstructed version released in