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List of Vampire TV Series in English (origins-2008) by J. Gordon Melton

Please send comments on additions or corrections to the author at Jgordon@rain.org.

Colors: Blue-animated
Yellow-screen adaptations of Dracula

VO=Vampires Online http://www.vampyres-online.com/index2.html

imdb=Internet Movie Database http://www.imdb.com/

HK=Hong Kong

ABC Weekend Specials (USA 1977-1997) TV series. Season 5, episode 3, “Bunnicula, the Vampire Rabbit” imdb

The Addams Family (1964-66) TV series-64 episodes VHS

#5018 New Neighbors Meet the Addams Family VHS

#5030 The Addams Family Meet the VIPs VHS

The Addams Family (USA 1964-66) DVD

The Addams Family Vol. 1 DVD

The Addams Family Vol. II DVD

The Addams Family Vol. III DVD

The Addams Family—The Complete Series DVD

Addams Family (1973) animated TV series

Addams Family Ghost Town (USA 1974) VHS

Addams Family in New York (USA 1973) VHS

Addams Family at the Kentucky Derby (USA 1973) VHS

Addams Family Left in the Lurch (USA 1973) VHS

Addams Family Roller Derby

Addams Family Circus Story

Addams Family Reluctant Astronauts

Addams Family (USA 1992) animated TV series

Addams Vs Munsters: Family Feud (USA 1999) TV documentary on two VHS tapes

"The Adventures of Sinbad" (USA 1996-1997) TV series imdb season 2, episode 3, “Heart and Soul”

Adventures of the Quest: Visiting the Vampire (Australia 2000) episode of tv series

Alfred Hitchcock Presents (USA 1989) TV series. Season 4 episode 77 (of 80) “Night Creatures”

The Amazing Screw-On Head (USA 2007) 20 min. animated TV short

America Undercover (USA 1999) episode “The Vampire Murders” documentary VHS

Ancient Mysteries (USA 2006) episode 4 “Origin of the Vampire” documentary VHS

Angel (USA 11999-204) vampire TV series, 111 episodes VO imdb

First Season DVD

Second Season DVD

Third Season DVD

Fourth Season DVD

Fifth Season DVD

Are You Afraid of the Dark (USA 1991-96) TV series- imdb

season 1, episode 8, “The Tale of the Nightly Neighbors”

season 2, episode 2, “The Tale of the Midnight Madness”

season 5, episode 11, “The Tale of the Night Shift”

Astro Boy (Japan late 1950s) TV series, episode 55 “Vampire Vale”

Backstory (USA 2000-2005) TV series. episode “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” aired in 2002. Imdb

The Baskervilles (Canada 2000-2001) TV series animated 26 episodes imdb

The Batman (USA 2004) animated TV series

season 1, episode 4 “The Man Who Would Be Bat”

season 2, episode 19 “Pets”

season 4, episode 50 "Rumors"

season 5, episode 61 “Attack of the Terrible Trio”

Batman Gotham Knight (USA 2008) imdb

Batman: The Animated Series (USA 1992-1995) animated TV series imdb

season 1, episode 2 “On Leather Wings

season 1, episode 30 “Tyger, Tyger"

season 1, episode 37 "Terror in the Sky

Behind the Fame: The Munsters/Addams Family (USA 2002) documentary imdb

O Beijo do Vampiro (Brazil 2002) TV series imdb

Best of Barnabas (USA 1990) VHS

The Best of Dark Shadows (USA 1965-71) VHS

The Best of Dark Shadows 2 (USA 1971)

Beetleborgs Metallix (France/USA 1997) TV series imdb

BJ and the Bear (1979) TV series

episode ---- “A Coffin with a View”

Black Blood Brothers (Japan 2006) vampire TV series imdb

Chapter 1, Bad Tidings (2008)

Chapter 2, Emergence (2008)

Chapter 3, Resurrection (2008) DVD

Blade: House of Chthon (USA 2006) TV series DVD

Blade the Series: The Complete Series (USA 2006) vampire TV series imdb

Blake’s 7 (1978-79) TV series.

Season 1, episode 8 “Duel”

season 1, episode 9 “Project Avalon”

season 2, episode 5 “Pressure Point”

Blood+ (Japan 2005-06) TV series anime, 50 episodes DVD imdb

Part One (six disc set), episodes 1-25

#1 episodes 1-5

#2 episodes 6-10


Blood Ties (Canada 2007) TV series, 22 episodes imdb

Bloodhound: Vampire Gigilo (Japan 2007) TV




Buck Rogers of the 25st Century (USA 1979-81) TV series.

season one, episode 14, “Space Vampire” VHS

Buffy the Vampire Slayer ( 1997-2003) vampire TV series imdb

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (USA 1997-2004) Vampire TV series, 145 episodes imdb

First Season DVD

Second Season DVD

Third Season DVD

Fourth Season DVD

Fifth Season DVD

Sixth Season DVD

Seventh Season DVD

Buffy the Vampire Slayer 1, 2, 3+ VHS

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Buffy/Angel Chronicles VHS

Buffy the Vampire Slayer-Unaired Video Dailies. From the episode "I Robot, You Jane" VHS

--Bunnicula The Vampire Rabbit See ABC Afternoon Specials.

--Carmilla See: Mystery and Imagination

Charmed (USA 1998-2006) TV series VO imdb

season 4, episode 18, “Bite Me”

Cherub the Vampire with Bunny Slippers (USA 1996) DVD Parody of Angel TV series

Chojin sentai Jettoman (Japan 1991) TV series 51 episodes. Includes one brief vampire story arc. imdb

The Comic Strip (USA 1987-88) TV Series included 11 episodes of the “Mini-monsters” imdb

Count Duckula (UK 1988-1993) TV series, 63 episodes imdb SJ

Count Duckula VHS

Count Duckula—The Complete First Season DVD

Count Duckula: The Complete First Series DVD

Count Duckula: The Complete Second Series DVD

Count Duckula: The Complete Third Series DVD

Count Duckula—From Duck to Dawn DVD

Count Duckula-Vampire Vacation (UK 2002) DVD

CSI (2004) TV series

Season 4, episode 414, “Suckers”

Cyber City Odeo 808: Data 3 (Japan 1990-91) TV series anime VO imdb

Cyber City: The Vampire (Japan 1990) DVD

Cyber City: Time Bomb

Dark Stalkers Out of the Shadows (Japan, 1995) DVD set imdb

Dark Shadows (1966-1971) vampire TV series imdb SJ Avamilable on VHS and DVD

Dark Shadows (USA 1966) VHS Have 1, 2, 4 [200+ tapes were released]

Dark Shadows (USA 1990) vampire TV series 12 episodes imdb SJ

Dark Shadows 1840 Flashback (USA 1967) VHS

Dark Shadows: Behind the Scenes (USA 1991) VHS

Dark Shadows Bloopers (USA 1993)

Dark Shadows Bloopers & Treasures (USA 2006) DVD

Dark Shadows Music Videos (USA 2001) VHS

Dark Shadows on Location (USA 1991) documentary short

Dark Shadows – Resurrected (USA 1991) VHS

Dark Shadows Reunion (USA 2003) DVD

--"Dark Shadows Scariest Moments See: Scariest Moments from Dark Shadows

Dark Shadows The Revival - The Complete Series (USA 1991) DVD

Dark Shadows 30th Anniversary Tribute (USA 1996) imdb

Dark Shadows: Vampires and Ghosts (USA ---) VHS

Dark Shadows – Video Scrapbook (USA 1999) VHS

Darkroom (Canada/USA 1981) TV series, 13 episodes

episode ------ “The Bogeyman Will Get You” SJ

--Dead of Night See: Late Night Horror

Descendants of Darkness (Japan 2001) vampire TV series anime 13 episodes imdb

Vol. 1 Vampire's Lure (Japan 2001) DVD

Vol. 2 Devil’s Song (Japan 2001)

Vol. 3 Tarot Curse (Japan 2001)

Vol. 4 Demons Reckon (Japan 2001)

Doctor Who (UK 1964) TV series

season --- episode --- “A Journey into Terror”

season --- episode --- “The Claws of Axos”

season --- episode --- “The Curse of Fenric”

season --- episode --- “State of Decay”

season --- episode --- “The Stobes of Blood”

Don Dracula (Japan 1999) TV series. 4 of 8 episodes aired.

Drack Pack (USA 1980) TV series, 16 episodes imdb

--Dracula (USA 1957) John Carradine –See: Matinee Theatre

--Dracula (UK 1969) w/ Denholm Elliot. See: Mystery and Imagination

--Dracula (Canada 1973) w/ Norman Welsh. See Purple Playhouse

Dracula (Japan 1980) Aka Yami no teio kyuketsuki Dracula (1980) (TV) animated based on Tomb of Dracula VHS VO imdb SJ

Dracula (USA 1982) Frank Langella HBO cable TV revival of Broadway play SJ

Dracula: The Series (USA 1990) vampire TV series 2DVDs imdb SJ

Draculito, mon saigneur (France 1992) vampire TV series, 26 episodes imdb

The Dresden Files (USA 2007) TV series.

Season 1, episode 5, “Bad Blood” imdb

The Evil Touch (Aust./Canada 1973) TV series episode --- “The Fans” SJ

F Troop (USA 1965-67) TV series. Season 2, Episode 22, “V Is for Vampire” imdb

Fantasy Island (USA 1978) TV series

Season 2, episode 13 “Vampire/Widow” SJ

--Feet Foremost See: Mystery and Imagination Also: Shade of Darkness

The Flintstones (USA 1980) TV special. --- min. “The Flintstones Meet Rockula and Frankenstone” SJ

Friday the Thirteenth the Series (USA 1988) TV series season 1, episode 13, “The Baron's Bride” SJ

season 1, episode 13 “The Baron’s Bride”

season 1, episode 26 “Bottle of Dreams”

season 3, episode 60 “Night Prey”

season 2, episode 37 “The Sweetest Sting”

Forever Knight (USA/Canada 1992-95) vampire TV Series imdb SJ

Season I DVD set

Season II DVD set

Season III DVD set

Gensou Midnight (Japan 1997) TV series (not released in the West)

Get Smart (USA 1965-1970) TV series imdb SJ

season 1, episode 14: “Weekend Vampire

Ghost Story (USA 1972) TV series SJ

episode --- “Alter Ego”

episode --- “Elegy for a Vampire”

Goosebumps (USA 1995-1998) TV series

season 2, episode 17,’Vampire Breath” imdb

Gravedale High (USA/Canada 1990-91) TV series

Greg the Bunny (USA 2002) vampire TV series 13 episodes imdb

Groovie Goolies (USA 1990) VHS SJ

The Groovie Goolies See: Aka Sabrina and the Groovy Gooulies

"Gys, Grin & Go'e historier" (Denmark 1999) TV mini-series imdb

The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Mysteries (USA 1977-79) Season two episode one “The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Meet Dracula” imdb

Heat Guy J (Japan 2002-04) TV series imdb

Vol. 2-Vampire's Ambition (2002) DVD-episodes 5-8, vampire is a crime boss

Hellsing (Japan 2002) vampire TV series. DVD imdb

Hellsing-Blood Brothers DVD

Helsing-Eternal Damnation DVD

Helsing-Impure Souls DVD

Hellsing-Search and Destroy DVD

Hellsing Ultimate OVA Series (Japan 2006-07) vampire TV series imdb

Helsing Ultimate 1 DVD

Helsing Ultimate 2 DVD

Helsing Ultimate 3 DVD

Highlander (Canada 1992-98) TV series season 2, episode 17 “The Vampire”

The Hilarious House of Frightenstein (USA 1974-75) TV series imdb SJ

The Hitchhiker (Canada, France/USA 1983-91) TV series

season 3, episode 1 “Nightshift”

The Hunger (USA 1997-2000) TV Series imdb

The Hunger: Vampires (1997) 4 episodes DVD

Inside Television's Greatest - Addams Family & The Munsters (USA 2002) TV documentary VHS

Kaiki daisakusen (Japan 1968) TV series 26 episodes

Karin (Japan 2005) vampire TV series anime imdb

Vol. 1 Infusion DVD

Vol. 2 Vampire Hunter DVD

Vol. 3 Thicker than Blood DVD

Kindred:The Embraced (USA 1996) vampire TV series VHS 3-tape set VO imdb

Kolchak: The Night Stalker (USA 1974) TV series 20 episodes,

season 1, episode 4 “The Vampire” VHS imdb

Kyoufu gekijou Unbalance (Japan 1973) TV Series

The Lair (USA 2007) vampire TV series imdb

Season One DVD

Lamb Chop in the Haunted Studio (USA 1994) TV VHS imdb

The Last Van Helsing (UK 2008) TV series imdb

Late Night Horror (UK 1968) TV series VO imdb SJ

episode --- “Dead of Night” Aka “No Such Thing as a Vampire.” Written by R. Matheson VHS

Lexx (Canada 1997-2002) TV series season 4, episode 8, “Vlad” imdb

Little Dracula (USA 1991, 1999) TV series animated two seasons, 10 of 13 episodes aired. imdb

The Little Vampire (UK/Germany 1985) vampire TV series imdb SJ

Lost Worlds (Canada/Australia 1999) TV series season 1, episode 5 “Blood Lust”

Love American Style (USA 1971) TV series

season ---, episode --- “Love and the Vampire”

Love and Curse (USA 1991) werewolf TV series

episode --- “Habeas Corpses”

Lunar Legend Tsukihime (Japan 2003) vampire TV series 12 episodes

Lupin the Third Part II (Japan 1977=1981) TV Series

season 2, episode 34 “Lupin Becomes a Vampire”

McCloud (USA 197-) TV series

Season 7, episode 6 McCloud Meets Dracula SJ

--The Mad, Mad Monsters See: Saturday Superstar Movie

The Making of the Addams Family (USA 1991) TV documentary imdb

The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (USA 1966) TV series SJ

season 2, episode 57 “The Bat Cave Affair”

Master of Mosquiton the Vampire (Japan 1997-1998) vampire TV series. 26 episodes anime VO

#1 Master of Mosquiton the Vampitre-Resurrection

#2 Master of Mosquiton the Vampire-Blood Ties VHS

#3Master of Mosquiton the Vampire-Until the End of Tim VHS

Masters of Horror (USA 2007) TV series,

season 2, episode 3, “The V Word” DVD imdb

Matinee Theatre (USA 1956) TV series

season 2, episode 58, “Dracula” w/ John Carradine imdb

Milton the Monster Show (USA 1965-66) TV series

Episode 16, “V for Vampire”

--Mini-Monsters See: Saturday Superstar Movie

Mr. & Mrs. Dracula (USA 1980) Pilot for unmade vampire TV series SJ

Mona the Vampire (Canada 1999) animated vampire TV series

Mona the Vampire: Freaky Fieldtrips DVD

Mona the Vampire: Tales from the Book of Slimy DVD

Mona the Vampire: Best Friends Together Forever DVD

The Monkees (USA 1967) TV series SJ

season ---, episode --- “The Monstrous Monkee Mash:”

Monster Squad (USA 1976) vampire TV series 13 episodes

Monsters (USA 1988) TV series VO SJ

season one, episode nine “Pool Sharks”

season ---, episode --- “Shave aand a Haircut, Two Bites”

season ---, episode --- “The Vampire Huunter”

season ---, episode --- “The Waiting Game”

Monster Mash (Italy/USA 2000) vampire TV series animated

Moon Phase (Japan 2004-2005) vampire TV anime 26 episodes imdb

Phase One episodes 1-5

Phase Two episodes 6--10

Phase Three episodes 11-14

Phase Four episodes 15-18

Phase Five episodes 19-22

Phase Six episodes 23-26

Moonlight (USA 2007-2008) vampire TV series. imdb

Moonlight—the Complete First season DVD

The Munsters (USA 1964-66) vampire TV series imdb

The Munsters Complete First Season DVD

The Munsters Complete Second Season DVD

The Munsters—America's First Family of Fright (USA 2003) documentary 2 DVDs

The Munsters “Family Portrait” (USA 1964) DVD colorized version of episode #13.

The Munsters: The Lost Episode (USA 1964) VHS

Munsters Today (USA 1990) vampire TV series Aka: The New Munsters

The Munsters: The Munsters Unaired Pilots, TV Commercials and Promos (USA 1964-66) VHS

The Munsters: Unaired Pilots (USA 1964/) VHS

My Date with a Vampire (HK 1999) TV series

My Date with a Vampire II (HK 2001) TV series Chinese copy DVD (6 discs)

My Date with a Vampite III (HK 2003) TV series

Mystery and Imagination (UK 1966) TV series SJ

season--, episode--- “Carmilla”

season --, episode --- ”Dracula” w/ Denholm Elliot. DVD

season ---, episode ---“Feet Foremost”

Neverwhere (UK 1996) TV miniseries, six episodes

Nigema!? (Japan 2006-2007) animated vampire TV series

Magic 101

Magic 201

Magic 301

Magic 401

Magic 501

Magic 601

Episode 23

Episode 24

Episode 25

Episode 26

--Night Gallery See Rod Stirling’s Night Gallery

Night Walker (Japan 2000) vampire TV series DVD (2 discs-12 episodes) VO imdb

Night Walker #1 Prescription for Death VHS

NightWalker #2: Midnight Detective VHS/DVD VO

NightWalker #3: Eternal Darkness DVD/VHS

Night Warriors - Darkstalkers Revenge (Japan 1998) Aka Vampire Hunters (Japan) VHS imdb

Nightmare Classics (USA 1990) TV Series 4 episodes. “Carmilla” with Meg Tilly imdb

The Night Stalker: Two Tales of Terror (USA 1974)

--No Such Thing as a Vampire See: Late Night Horror

Obake no Samba, Mon Mom Monster (Japan 1980) vampire TV series. SJ

"Otra vez Drácula" (Argentina 1970) vampire TV miniseries imdb

The Passion of Dracula (USA 1980) aired on Showtime. Not available on VHS or DVD

Phanton Quest Corp. (Japan 1994) Aka Yûgen kaisha episode one, “Kiss of Fire” VO

The Phil Silvers Show (USA 1958) TV series episode --- “Bolko’s Vampire” SJ

Play for Today (UK 1970?) TV series

episode, “Vampires” SJ

-- Porky Pig and Daffy Duck Meet the Groovie Goolies See: Saturday Superstar Movie

Primary Focus (USA 2000)

episode “The Vampire Mystique” documentary VHS

Purple Playhouse (Canada 1973) “Dracula” with Norman Walsh

Quacula (USA 1979-80) animated vampire TV series

Quacula: The Complete Uncut/unedited Series DVD

The Real Ghostbusters (Japan/USA 1986) animated TV series episode “No One Comes to Lupusville”

Real Vampires. . . Exposed (USA 1998) TV special. Documentary VHS

Rejendo obu duo (Japan 2004) animated vampire TV series 12 episodes Aka Legend of Duo imdb

Rod Stirling’s Night Gallery (USA 1973) TV series imdb SJ

season2, episode 2 (19) “Miss Lovecraft Sent Me”

season 2, episode 12, “The Devil Is not Mocked”

season 2, episode 23 (41) A Matter of Sematics”

season 2, episode 24 (41) “The Big Surprise”

season 2, episode 27 (44) “A Midnight Visit to the Neighborhood Blood Bank”

season 2, episode 44 (61) “The Funeral”

season 3, episode 2 (82) “The Girl with Hungry Eyes”

season 3, episode 8 (88) “Smile Please”

season 3, episode 13 (93), “Death on a Barge”

season 3, episode 17 (97) “How to Cure the Common Vampire”

Rosario + Vampire (Japan 2008) animated TV series 13 episodes

Saban's Big Bad BeetleBorgs: Curse of the Shadow Borg (USA 1996 ) VHS VO

Sabrina, The Teenage Witch (USA 1996) season 6, episode 1, “Silly”

Sabrina and the Groovie Goolies (USA 19790) TV series, 16 episodes Aka The Groovie Goolies [Released on DVD as The Groovie Goolies: Saturday Mourning Collection. Episodes also included in Frightfully Funny Collection I & II]

Saturday Superstar Movie (USA 1972) juvenile TV series SJ

episode --- “The Mad, Mad Monsters”

episode --- “Mini-Monsters”

episode --– “Porky Pig and Daffy Duck Meet the Groovie Goolies” 90 min. movie spin-off of Sabrina and the Groovie Goolies

Scariest Moments from Dark Shadows (USA 1966) Aka Dark Shadows: Scarriet Moments VHS/DVD

Scooby Doo and the Ghoul School (USA 1988) animated DVD

Scooby-Doo and the Legend of the Vampire (USA 2003) VHS VO imdb

Scooby Doo and the Reluctant Werewolf (USA 1988) animated VHS imdb SJ

Scooby-Doo - Halloween Hassle at Dracula's Castle (USA 1996) VHS

Scooby Doo's Spookiest Tales (USA 2001) animated DVD

Scrapbook Memories of Dark Shadows (USA 19--) VHS

Sesame Street (USA 19-- Present) TV series with continuing vampire character, Count von Count

Count It Higher (USA 2005) movie derived from series

Learning about Numbers (USA 2004) movie derived from series

Rock & Roll! (USA 1990) movie derived from series VHS

Shades of Darkness (UK 1983) TV series SJ

episode, “Feet Foremost”

The Simpsons (USA 1989-present) TV series animated imdb

season 5, episode 5: “Treehouse of Horror IV” Spoof of Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992)

season 9, episode 4, “Treehouse of Horro VIII.

Sledge Hammer (USA 1987) TV series SJ

episode, “The Last of the Red Hot Vampires”

Smallville (USA 2001-??) TV series

season 5, episode 5, “Thirst”

Spider-Man (USA 1994-1998) TV series animated.

season 2, episode 11: “Neogenic Nightmare Chapter 9: Blade the Vampire Hunter”;

season 2, episode 12: “Neogenic Nightmare Chapter 10: The Immortal Vampire”;

season 4, episode 7: “Partners in Danger Chapter 7: The Vampire Queen

Starsky & Hutch (USA 1976) mystery TV series SJ

season 2 episode 7 “The Vampire” VHS

Super Mario Bros. Super Show (USA 1989-91) 130 episodes.

season 1, episode 18, “Count Koopala” imdb

Struck by Lightning (USA 1978) TV series SJ

episode ---

Superboy (USA 1990) TV series SJ

episode “Run Dracula, Run”

episode, “Young Dracula”

Supernatural (USA 1977) TV series SJ

episode, “Dorabella”

Supernatural (USA 2003--) TV series imdb

season 2, episode 3, “Blood Lust”

Suspense (USA 1951) TV series SJ

episode, “Vamp Til Dead”

Tales from the Crypt (USA 1991) TV series VO imdb SJ

season 3, episode 7 “The Reluctant Vampire” 30 min.

season---, episode --- “The Secret”

season ---, episode --- “Werewolf concerto”

Tales from the Darkside (USA 1986) TV series VO imdb SJ

season 2, episode 21 “Strange Love”

season---, episode --- “The Circus”

season---, episode --- “My Ghostwriter, The Vampire”

Thirty Days of Night: Blood Trails (USA 2007) TV series 7 episodes

Toonsylvania (USA 1998) TV series animated No vampires. VHS

Thriller (USA 1961) [Boris Karloff Presents, UK title] TV series SJ

episode, “Masquerade”

Tremlin (France 1969) TV series ?? SJ

Trinity Blood (Japan 2005) vampire TV series 24 episodes imdb

Trinity Blood (Japan 2005) DVD

Trinity Blood II (Japan 2005)

Trinity Blood III (Japan 2005) DVD

Trinity Blood IV (Japan 2005

Trinity Blood V (Japan 2005) DVD

True Blood (USA 2008) TV series

True Blood The Complete First Season DVD

The Twilight Zone (USA 1985-89) scifi/horror TV series imdb SJ.

season 1, episode 15 “Monsters”

season --, episode --- “Red Snow”

Twist in the Tale (USA 1977) TV series ?? SJ

episode “The Nomads”

Ultraviolet (UK 1998) vampire TV mini-series VO imdb

Unnatural History (USA 1997) TV series

episode “Vampires & Witches” documentary VHS

Upior (Poland 1967) vampire TV series SJ

Urban Gothic (UK 2000) TV series

episode 2.1 “Vampirology” documentary imdb

Vampire Expert (HK 1995-96) vampire TV series

Vampire High (Canada 2001-2002) vampire TV series 23 episodes imdb

Vampire High- School's A Pain In The Neck episodes 1-4 DVD

Vampire High- Second Semester: High School Bites episodes 5-7 DVD

Vampire High Bites Back: They're Dying To Meet You! Episodes 8-10 DVD

Vampire Host (Japan 2004) vampire TV series

The Vampire Princess Miyu (Japan 1988-89) vampire TV series, 4 episodes (Japan 1997-98) 26 episodes VO imdb SJ

The Vampire Princess Miyu 1: Unearthly Kyoto (Japan, 1988) Aka Kyuuketsuki Miyu

The Vampire Princess Miyu 2: A Banquet of Marionettes (Japan 1988)

The Vampire Princess Miyu 3: Fragile Armor (Japan 1988) VHS

The Vampire Princess Miyu 4: Frozen Time (Japan 1989) VHS

The Vampire Princess Miyu 1: Unearthly Kyoto & and Banquet of Marionettes DVD

The Vampire Princess Miyu (Japan 1997-98) vampire TV series 10 episodes VO

Vol. 1 Initiation episodes 1-3

Vol. 2 Haunting episodes 4-7

Vol. 3 Illusion episodes 8-11

Vol. 4 Mystery episodes 12-16

Vol. 5 Dark Love episodes 17-21

Vol. 6 The Last Shinma episodes 22-26 DVD

Vampire Syndrome: Hatu (Japan 2002) TV series

Vampiyan Kids (Japan 2002-2003) vampire TV series 26 episodes

Virtual Murder (UK 1992) TV series SJ

episode, “A Dream of Dracula”

Wacky Races (USA 1968-70) TV series, 17 episodes featuring the vampire racer, “Little Gruesome” [Released on DVD as Wacky Races—The Complete Series (2004)]

Wide World of Entertainment (USA 1974) TV series SJ

episode. “Horror Hall of Fame—A Monster Salute”

The World of Hammer (UK 1990) TV series 13 episodes 25 min. VHS imdb

Christopher Lee

Dracula and the Undead VHS

Peter Cushing

Vamps VHS

X-Files (USA 1993-2002) TV series imdb

season 1, episode 7 “Ice”

season 5, episode 12 "Bad Blood"

You Asked for It (USA 1954) TV show

episode-Bela Lugosi appears as Dracula

Young Dracula (UK 2006) vampire TV series DVD imdb