CESNUR - Centro Studi sulle Nuove Religioni diretto da Massimo Introvigne

The 2016 CESNUR Conference co-organized by:
Center for Studies on New Religions (CESNUR)
International Society for the Study of New Religions (ISSNR)
Korean Academy of New Religions (KANR)
Department of Daesoon Theology, Daejin University



Daejin University - 1007 Hoguk Road, Pocheon City, Republic of Korea
5 July - 10 July 2016



CESNUR 2016 Conference in Korea: An Overview, by Massimo Introvigne



Preston Moon and the Family Peace Association, by Massimo Introvigne

Accusations of Satanism against Mormonism and the Utah Satanic Abuse Scare, by Massimo Introvigne

A Four Brain Trait Model based on Neurotransmitter-EEG matching, by Dae Keun Kim

Position of the Family Peace Association, by Youngjun Kim

MISA, an Overview, by Massimo Introvigne

Next Year in Jerusalem: Anti-Cultism in Israel and the Case of Bnei Baruch, Banquet Speech by Massimo Introvigne

Yoga in the Courts: the Legal Battles about MISA, by Gabriel Andreescu. See also the Slides 

Similarities between Neo-Confucianism and Islam through Maitreya Egypt-Isis, Christianity, YinYangWuxing and I-ching in Daesoonjinrihoe, by Choi Won Hyuk

Mormonism, Magic, and Sexual Purity, by Clyde R. Forsberg Jr.

Prioritizing Ki: the Shift toward Energy and Transformation in 19th Century Korea, by Don Baker

Ritual Acts. Falun Gong’s Shen Yun Song and Dance Performances, by Benjamin Penny

"Cult" Stereotipes in Sign of the Wonders (1995), by Carole M. Cusack

The Best of Times, The Worst of Times... The End of Times? - A Brief Comparison of Eschatology in a Selection of Popular New Asian Religions (Text), by Jason Greenberger. See also the Slides

Common Ground and Sacred Exchange - An Overview of Theological Similarities and an Account of Inter-Religious Activities Among Caodaism, Oomoto, and Dàoyuàn (Text), by Jason Greenberger. See also the Slides

Religious Belief System of Daesoonjinrihoe, by Sayeon Joo

Medicine and Health Care in Controversial Minority Religions, by Liselotte Frisk

The Christian Science Monitor. An Example of the Practical Application of the Theology of Christian Science, on a Global Scale, Through  the Medium of Journalism, by Susan Searle. See also the Slides

Portraying the Truth in Fiction: Jehovah's Witnesses in Novels, by George D. Chyssides

Study on the Relations between Kang Jeungsan and Cho Jeongsan Decribed in the Chapter two of Passing on of the Teachings, Jeon-gyeong, by Ko Nam Sik

On Falun Gong's View on Health Issues, by Huang Chao

Going Within: Shirley MacLaine in Taiwan's New Age Religion, by Paul J. Farrelly

Therapeutic Religion: Focused on Two Korean Meditation Groups, Maum Suryon and Dongsasup, by Hairan Woo

From Reification to Formatting: Reflections on the Religion in the Globalized World, by Patrick Laude

Schism in the Unification Church, by Dan Fefferman

Incantation Practice of New Religions in South Korea, by Ingyu Park. Listen also File audio 1, File audio 2, File audio 3.

A Study on the Reception of Science-Technology in Ch'eondoism: In the Case of Yi Don-hwa, by Taeyeon Kim

Innocent Victims of Chinese Oppression, Or Media Bullies? Falun Gong's In-Your-Face Media Strategies, by James R. Lewis (with Nicole S. Ruskell)

Varieties of Personal Religious Experience in Korean New Religious Movements - A Jamesian Approach, by Chae Young Kim

Neo Shamans, Nurtured by Traditional Shamans in Korea, by Dong-kyu Kim

MISA and the Esoteric Tradition of Sacred Sexuality. A Modern Appropriation of TaNTRA, TaOISM, and Western Esotericism, by J. Gordon Melton

Nationalities and the World, the Three Teachings, and the Way of Change – Religious Connotations of Taiwan’s Weixinshengjiao and South Korea’s Daesoonjinrihoe, by Fiona Hsin-fang Chang. See also the Slides

The Prospective Aspect of the Cosmogonic Models in Laozi and T’iandi Teaching‘s Text, by Chien-Hui Liou

The Methods of Propagation of A Japanese New Religion in the UK – Tenrikyo, by Yueh-po Huang

Research on the Relational Characteristics of "Guarding against Self-deception" in Daesoon Thought: Focusing on the "Resolution of Grievances for Mutual Beneficence", by Taesoo Kim

The Prototype of R.O.C. Red Heart Association: Overview for the Literature of Shanxi Province Red Heart Association, 1935-1951, by Liu Wenxing. See also Slides

New Christian Religions in Asia: Iglesia ni Cristo, the Local Churches and their Founders, by Edward A. Irons

The List of China's Banned Religious Groups, by Edward A. Irons

Introducing Universal Medicine, by Angela Coco and Des Tramacchi

Social Participation Activities of Won Buddhism. Focused on Education and Interfaith Dialogues, by Seong Hun Jo

Religion and Globalization: Challenges and Opportunities, by Anselm Kyongsuk Min

Treatises of Romantic Geometry in the Magical Art of Zbigniew Makowski, by Malgorzata Alicja Dulska and Karolina Maria Hess

Esoteric Current in Cao Dài: Inner Transformation and Millenarian Aspect, by Grzegorz Fraszczak


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