CESNUR - Centro Studi sulle Nuove Religioni diretto da Massimo Introvigne

CESNUR and Human Rights Without Frontiers Release White Paper on Shincheonji and Coronavirus

" We are scholars, human rights activists, reporters. and lawyers, all with a substantial experience in the field of new religious movements (derogatorily called “cults” by their opponents). Some of us have studied the Korean Christian new religious movement known as Shincheonji Church of Jesus, the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony (in short, Shincheonji).

We are concerned with the vast amount of inaccurate information circulating about Shincheonji and its involvement in the coronavirus crisis in South Korea. We have interviewed members of Shincheonji and Korean scholars, and examined documents from both the South Korean government and Shincheonji. We have prepared this white paper to help international organizations, the media and other concerned parties to better understand the situation. None of us is a member of Shincheonji, nor do we adhere to its theology. But theological criticism should not be confused with discrimination or violation of human rights.

Massimo Introvigne, Center for Studies on New Religions

Willy Fautré, Human Rights Without Frontiers

Rosita Šorytė, International Observatory of Human Rights of Refugees

Alessandro Amicarelli, attorney, European Federation for Freedom of Belief

Marco Respinti, journalist


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Virtual Press Conference, March 17, 2020

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Rosita Šorytė:


Willy Fautré:


Alessandro Amicarelli:


See also: Human Rights Without Frontiers, Coercive Change of Religion in South Korea: A Report on the Practice of Kidnapping, Confinement, and Forced De-Conversion in South Korea, 2020.