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Quasi-Religiosity in Contemporary Society

quasi-religiosity conference poster

The Korean Academy of New Religions(KANR) invites submissions for its annual international conference to be held virtually on Nov. 11, 2022.  



This conference continues our exploration of the broad area of quasi-religions in contemporary society.  Quasi-religions share some traits of religions but are not clearly classified as religious.  This conference hopes to discuss distinctions between quasi-religious and religious phenomena.  We wish to investigate further how quasi-religions are depicted in different societies and in the media.  The organizers encourage submissions on any other topic areas related to the question of quasi-religiosity.  For instance, how do different groups navigate the question of legal registration in their base country? And how do members self-define? The organizers welcome explorations using any methodological approaches, including ethnographic, textual, theoretical and ritual studies.

Submitting papers and session proposals
We invite you to submit a paper title and abstract (max 250 words) or a session/panel proposal on the main theme of the conference before September 30, 2022.   Please send proposals to the organizer, Dr. LEE Gyungwon: leegw@daejin.ac.kr
The selected papers and sessions will be announced in October, 2022.
The official language of the conference on Nov.11 will be English.