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As usual, the easiest way of searching is by title, author's last name, publisher or any combination of these. Notice that if there is more than one author, or editor, your search should indicate the FIRST author or editor. The data base is case-sensitive: please check your spelling. For more than three authors try AA.VV. (Auctores Varii, in Latin).

More sophisticated searches are by argument, by approach or any combination of these. Arguments are thematic units somewhat arbitrarily selected by CESNUR. Please check the alphabetic list of argument shortcuts and use the appropriate shortcut. If your argument is not included in the list, try a similar argument or a broader category (for instance Japanese new religions not listed specifically are in the general argument Ja000 "Japanese New Religions"; books on the TV show Millennium are in Sa006 "Twin Peaks, X-Files" -- after all Chris Carter created both X-Files and Millennium).
By "approach" we mean the style of the book (sociological, historical, fiction, etc.). Controversial literature on religious movements and phenomena is classified in two ways. "Hostile (Anti)" (shortcut P) means that criticism is from a (mostly) secular point of view, irrespective of who the author is (a clergyman can criticize a group with mostly secular arguments). Anti-cult literature normally shows up by searching the "Hostile (Anti)" approach. "Hostile (Counter)" (shortcut C) means that criticism is from a religious or sectarian point of view. Again, please go to alphabetic list of approach shortcuts and use the appropriate shortcut.

The data base has been computerized by different people with possible different ideas on how to classify books. We continuously correct inconsistencies, spelling errors and mistakes. If you find the data base useful do us a favor and E-mail your comments on any correction you think we should make.

After the first search has generated a list of titles you may go to the individual records by clicking on the title for each item in the list.

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