Books on Religion: New and Noteworthy

A CESNUR Selection from the Booths of AAR 1999 Annual Meeting (Boston, 20-23 November 1999)


New (and Old-New) Religious Movements

Ian Reader, "Religious Violence in Contemporary Japan: The Case of Aum Shinrikyo"

Richard N. Ostling - Joan K. Ostling, "Mormon America: The Power and the Promise"

George D. Chryssides, "Exploring New Religions" (not yet available)

Laura Engelstein, "Castration and the Heavenly Kingdom: A Russian Folktale"

Jean E. Rosenfeld, "The Island Broken in Two Halves: Land and Renewal Movements among the Maori of New Zealand"

Susan J. Palmer - Charlotte E. Hardman (eds.), "Children in New Religions" - See Review

Bryan Wilson - Jamie Cresswell (eds.), "New Religious Movements: Challenge and Response"

Robert Kisala, "Prophets of Peace: Pacifism and Cultural Identity in Japanese New Religions"

John Saliba, "Christian Responses to the New Age Movement"

Robert S. Fogarty, "Desire and Duty at Oneida: Tirzah Miller's Oneida Memory" (out of print)

Beryl Satter, "Each Mind a Kingdom: American Women, Sexual Purity, and the New Thought"

Helen A. Berger, "A Community of Witches: Contemporary Neo-Paganism and Witchcraft in the United States"

Wallace W. Zane, "Journeys to the Spiritual Lands: The Natural History of West Indian Religion"

Georg B. Michels, "At War with Church: Religious Dissent in Seventeenth-Century Russia"

Carol Harris-Shapiro, "Messianic Judaism: A Rabbi's Journey through Religious Change in America"


Millennial Studies

Catherine Wessinger (ed.), "Millennialism, Persecution, and Violence: Historical Cases"

Catherine Wessinger, "How the Millennium Comes Violently: From Jonestown to Heaven's Gate"

John R. Hall - Philip D. Schuyler - Sylvaine Trinh, "Apocalypse Observed: Religious Movements, Social Order, and Violence in North America, Europe, and Japan"

Ted Daniels (ed.), "A Doomsday Reader: Prophets, Predictors, and Hucksters of Salvation"

Eugen Weber, "Apocalypses: Prophecies, Cults, and Millennial Beliefs through the Ages"

Frank Graziano, "The Millennial New World"

Federick J. Baumgartner, "Longing for the End: A History of Millennialism in Western Civilization"

Jennifer E. Porter and Darcee McLaren (eds.), "Star Trek and Sacred Ground: Explorations of Star Trek, Religion, and American Culture"

Moshe Idel, "Messianic Mystics"

James H. Moorhead, "World Without End: Mainstream American Protestant Visions of the Last Things, 1880-1925"

Mark Juergensmeyer, "Terror in the Mind of God: Religion and the Global Rise of Terrorism" (not yet available)

Jon R. Stone (ed.), "Expecting Armageddon"



Bengt Angkarloo - Stuart Clark, "Witchcraft and Magic in Europe: The Twentieth Century"

Bengt Angkarloo - Stuart Clark, "Magic and Witchcraft in Europe: The Eighteenth and the Nineteenth Century"

Arthur Versluis, "Wisdom's Children: A Christian Esoteric Tradition"

Graham Cunningham, "Religion and Magic: Approaches and Theories" book not available


World Religions (in general)

"Encyclopedia of Christianity", vol. I (not yet available)

Wade Clark Roof (Editor in Chief), "Contemporary American Religion", 2 vols. (not yet available)

Sarah Iles Johnston, "Restless Dead: Encounters Between the Living and the Dead in Ancient Greece"

Donald Wiebe, "The Politics of Religious Studies"

Peter L. Berger (ed.), "The Desecularization of the World: Resurgent Religion and World Politics"

Kimberley C. Patton - Benjamin C. Ray (eds.), "A Magic Still Dwells: Comparative Religion in the Postmodern Age"

Richard King, "Orientalism and Religion: Post-Colonial Theory, India, and 'The Mystic East'"

Jacob Neusner (ed.), "World Religions in America: An Introduction" (revised and expanded edition)

John L. Esposito, "The Oxford History of Islam"

Lawrence H. Schiffman - James Vanderkam (eds.), "Encyclopedia of the Dead Sea Scrolls"

Jacques Waardenburg (ed.), "Muslim Perceptions of Other Religions"

Jacob Neusner, Alan J. Avery-Peck, and William Scott Green (eds.), "The Encyclopedia of Judaism"

Thomas Blom Hansen, "The Saffron Wave: Democracy and Hindu Nationalism in Modern India"

Richard H. Davis, "Lives of Indian Images"

Minou Reeves, "Muhammad in Europe: A Thousand Years of Western Myth-Making"

Marion Boulby, "The Muslim Brotherhood and the Kings of Jordan, 1945-1993"book not available


Religious Liberty

John Witte Jr. and Michael Bourdeaux (eds.), "Proselytism and Orthodoxy in Russia"

Abdullah Ahmed An-Na'im (ed.), "Proselytization and Communal Self-Determination in Africa"

Paul E. Sigmund (ed.), "Religious Freedom and Evangelization in Latin America"


Baha'i Interest

Christopher Buck, "Paradise and Paradigm: Key Symbols in Persian Christianity and the Baha'i Faith"

Christian Science

Paul Eli Ivey, "Prayers in Stone: Christian Science Architecture in the United States"

Churches of Christ

David Edwin Harrell, Jr., "The Churches of Christ in the 20th Century: Homer Hailey's Personal Journey of Faith"

Pentecostal Interest

Edith L. Blumhofer - Russell P. Spittler - Grant A. Wacker (eds.), "Pentecostal Currents in American Protestantism"

Evangelicalism and Fundamentalism

Ann Rowe Seaman, "Swaggart. The Unauthorized Biography of an American Evangelist"

Randall E. Balmer, "Blessed Assurance: A History of Evangelicalism in America"

Ellen Eslinger, "Citizenz of Zion: The Social Origins of Camp Meeting Revivalism"

Demonology - Satanism

Jonathan L. Pearl, "The Crime of Crimes: Demonology and Politics in France, 1560-1620"

The Controversy on the Historical Jesus

John Dominic Crossan - Richard G. Watts, "Who is Jesus? Answers to your Questions about the Historical Jesus"

John Dominic Crossan - Luke Timothy Johnson - Werner H. Kelber, "The Historical Jesus: Perspectives in Conflict" (not yet available)

Paul Copan (ed.), "Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up? A Debate Between William Lane Craig and John Dominic Crossan"


Popular Catholicism

Jennie Purnell, "Popular Movements and State Formation in Revolutionary Mexico: the Agraristas and Cristeros of Michoacan"

Ruth Harris, "Lourdes. Body and Spirit in the Secular Age"


New Age Interest

Ken Wilber, "The Collected Works of Ken Wilber"book not available

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