"Millennium Madness: Nearing 2000, Jerusalem is swept by unearthly hopes - and hellish visions of doomsday cults trying to kick-start the apocalypse"
by Matt Rees ("Newsweek International", November 15, 1999)

"Millennium Madness: For those who see the Bible as a literal blueprint and 2000 as an apocalyptic pivot, these are days of portents, hopes - and fears"
by John Leland ("Newsweek", November 1, 1999)

"Israel Deports More Christians Suspected of Millennium Violence Plans"
by Dana Budieri ("Associated Press", October 29, 1999)

"Israel deports 12 American Christians"
by Dana Budeiri ("Associated Press", October 29, 1999)

"Christians appeal to Israeli ministry to prevent deportation"
("Associated Press", October 28, 1999)

"Israel Deports Doomsday Christians"
by Laurie Copans ("Associated Press", October 28, 1999)

"A Date with Death"
by James Meek ("The Guardian", October 27, 1999)

"Israel Arrests Foreign-Born Christians"
by Mike O'Connor ("The Washington Post",October 26, 1999)

"Israel Arrests 20 'Millennial Christians' - Police say the detainees, including 13 from U.S., might have imperiled public safety out of a desire for the Second Coming"
by Rebecca Trounson ("Los Angeles Times", October 26, 1999)

"Detained `end-time' Christians insist they are nonviolent"
by Elaine Ruth Fletcher ("Religion News Service", October 26, 1999)

"21 apocalyptic Christians arrested in raid, 9 more on the run"
by Nina Pinto ("Ha'aretz", October 26, 1999)

"Israelis arrest 16 from US in roundup of Christians"
by Charles M. Sennott ("Boston Globe", October 26, 1999)

"FBI helping ID millennial fanatics - Ben-Ami in Washington meetings tells Reno of concerns about millennial cults"
by Nitzan Horowitz ("Ha'aretzt", October 26, 1999)

"Israel To Expel 20 Members Of Christian Groups"
by Deborah Camiel ("Reuters", October 25, 1999)

"Israelis swoop on Christian cult"
("BBC", October 25, 1999)

"Israel Arrests Christians Group Accused of Planning to Harm Public Safety; Reawakens Fear of Millennium Violence"
("ABC NEWS", October 25, 1999)

"Israel detains Christian group in pre-millennium sweep - The Christians were seized near Jerusalem's Mount of Olives"
("CNN", October 25, 1999)

"Christians Arrested in Israel"
("Associated Press", October 25, 1999)

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