Concerned Christians: A Simple Chronology from The Denver Post

From The Denver Post of January 4, 1999. See articles from The Salt Lake Tribune and The San Francisco Examiner on the Concerned Christian - Charles Manson alleged connection.

1980s - Monte Kim Miller forms an activist group called Concerned Christians to fight a perceived threat to Christianity posed by the new-age movement. Some cult experts speculate Miller would later use the techniques he had learned as a workshop speaker on cults to gain his followers' allegiance and money.

June 1996 - Miller declares that he speaks for God. Some followers leave the group after the announcement, but most stay.

1997 - Miller and his wife, Marcie, file for bankruptcy. The filing shows several large transactions between Miller and Concerned Christians members.

Late September 1998 - Several Concerned Christians, including Miller and his wife, sell their homes, return unpaid-for autos to dealerships and disappear, apparently to avoid the impending apocalypse Miller predicts. Some tell family members they are leaving the country; others tell no one of their plans. As many as 72 followers are eventually reported missing.

Oct. 10, 1998 - The date of the predicted apocalypse in Denver passes without incident.

Late October 1998 - U.S. officials inform Israeli leaders that the Denver-based cult may be headed for the Jewish state. The members' destination is surmised from Miller's prediction that he will die on the streets of Jerusalem in 1999.

Late November 1998 - At least 10 Concerned Christians surface in Jerusalem. Miller is not among them.

Sunday - Fourteen unidentified members of the cult are detained in Jerusalem by Israeli police, who fear the cultists may provoke an incident.

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