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Life Space Movement

Koji Takahashi, leader of the Life Space Movement

"Son gets suspended term for father's death in cult hands" (Kyodo News Service, September 28, 2001)

"Cult leader labelled murderer not mystical mummifier" ("Mainichi Shimbun," September 27, 2001)

"Prosecutors seek 15 years in jail for cultist accused of murder" (Kyodo News Service, September 27, 2001)


"Guru denies killing man found mummified" ("Japan Times," July 5, 2000)

"Life Space guru denies murder charge" ("Mainichi Shimbun," July 5, 2000)

"Life Space cult leader pleads not guilty to murder" (Kyodo News Service, July 4, 2000)

"Law set to slam Life Space guru" ("Mainichi Shimbun", March 16, 2000)

"Life Space chief charged with murder" ("Asahi Shimbun", March 15, 2000)

"Life Space guru charged with murder" ("Mainichi Shimbun", March 15, 2000)

"Japan cult guru indicted in mummified body case" (Reuters, March 14, 2000)

"Life Space guru charged with murder" (Kyodo News Service, March 14, 2000)

"Ex-Life Spacers fear for members' kids" ("Mainichi Shimbun" , March 3, 2000)

"Ex-cult members ask lawyers to protect children" (Kyodo News Service, March 2, 2000)

"Arresting cult leaders" (Editorial, "Mainichi Shimbun", February 23, 2000)

"Eight cult members held in connection with death" by Makiko Tazaki (" South China Morning Post", February 23, 2000)

"8 Life Space members arrested in man's death" ("Yomiuri Shimbun", February 23, 2000)

"Life Space guru arrested" ("Mainichi Shimbun", February 23, 2000)

"Japan cult guru arrested in mummified body case" (Reuters, February 22, 2000)

" 'Life Space' guru Takahashi, 7 followers arrested" (Kyodo News Service, February 22, 2000)

"Ex Life-Space Leader Held" ("Asahi Shimbun", February 22, 2000)

"Japan Polic Arrest Cult Leader" (Associated Press, February 21, 2000)

"Life Space cult got youngsters to nurse corpse" ("Mainichi Shimbun", January 29, 2000)

"The Corpse and the Cult: In a grisly case, police find a 'mummy' in a hotel room and blame the death on a healing guru" by George Wehrfritz and Kay Itoi ("Newsweek International", December 6, 1999)

"Cultists protest loss of children" ("Mainichi Daily News", November 27, 1999)

"Cult raided" ("Mainichi Shimbun", November 25, 1999)

"Man wins battle for Life Space kid" ("Mainichi Shimbun", November 24, 1999)

"Japan Police to Search Cult Office Over Body, Asahi Says" ("Bloomberg", November 24, 1999

"9 minors found in 'Life Space' cult's facility" ("Kyodo News Service", November 24, 1999)

"Police search cult facilities. The searches stem from the discovery of a body at a hotel in Narita" ("Asahi Shimbun", November 24, 1999)

"Life Space sites raided; children taken into custody" ("Japan Times", November 24, 1999)

"Stayin' alive" ("Wai Wai", Sunday, Nov. 21, 1999)

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