"Expelled pilgrim group determined to complete their trip to Holy Land"
("Irish Independent", October 17, 1999)

"Wexford pilgrim admitted to Greece" - by Helena Smith, in Athens
("Irish Times", October 15, 1999)

"Deported Christian group returns to Greece"
(no author, "The Irish Times", October 14, 1999)

"We'll be back, vow banned pilgrims"
by Martha Kearns and Marese McDonagh ("Irish Independent", October 14, 1999)

"Pilgrims' odyssey due to end tomorrow"
by Michael Jansen, in Nicosia ("The Irish Times", October 13, 1999)

"Deported Irish `cult' pilgrims refused entry by Cypriots"
by Martha Kearns and Isabel Hurley ("Irish Independent", October 13, 1999)

"Church pleads for full access"
by Phil Reeves, in Jerusalem ("Irish Independent", October 13, 1999)

"Irish pilgrims deported from Israel despite protests "
by Emmet Oliver, and David Horovitz ("The Irish Times", October 12, 1999)

"Group is not an extreme sect, says priest"
by Chris Dooley, in Wexford ("The Irish Times", October 12, 1999)

"Assault by police in Israel alleged"
by Emmet Oliver ("The Irish Times", October 12, 1999)

"Incident raised by [Irish Foreign Affairs Minister] Andrews"
by Patrick Smyth, in Luxembourg ("The Irish Times", October 12, 1999)

"Fear of 'doomsday cult' grips Israeli security"
by David Horovitz, in Jerusalem ("The Irish Times", October 12, 1999)

"Israelis send Irish `cult' group back"
by Samantha McCaughren ("Irish Independent", October 12, 1999)


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