Decision of March 13, 2000 registering Scientology as a "religious community" in Sweden

Text in Swedish available from CESNUR. See comments by "Le Monde" (in French).



General Unit

Kerstin Hobstig 2000-03-13 DRN 400-04503-00

08-700 08 96

Church of Scientology in Sweden

Götgatan 105



Registration of Religious Community

The Kammarkollegiet decides as per Paragraph 7 of the law (1998: 1593) about religious communities to register the Church of Scientology in Sweden as a religious community with the registration number 802006-5853. The registration includes the name, mailing address, rules of the religious community and data about those people who are authorized to represent the religious community. The registered data appear on the certificate of registration and the rules.

Changes of registered data shall immediately be reported to the Kammarkollegiet, see attachment.

A registration fee for every registered religious community or organizational part of religious community will be charged with 300 SEK/year. The fee for year 2000 is billed by the Kammarkollegiet during the year.


Eva Årbrandt Johansson


Kerstin Hobstig



Certificate of Registration


Information on change of data

Copy to

The Cultural Department

National Tax Board

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