"Gov't Wants Delay in Waco Evidence"

("Associated Press", November 2, 1999)

WACO, Texas (AP) - Government officials have asked a federal judge for more time to turn over all materials relating to the 1993 Branch Davidian siege, saying they were unable to meet their court-ordered deadline.
In a request filed Monday in federal court in Waco, the Justice Department said it needs until Dec. 1 to complete its task of surrendering an avalanche of documents and other materials sought by U.S. District Judge Walter Smith.
The judge, who is presiding over a wrongful-death case filed against the government by surviving Branch Davidians, had ordered the evidence surrendered to his court by Oct. 1.
He later agreed to extend the deadline to Monday after government agencies complained of difficulty in providing the documents.
The deadly 51-day standoff began Feb. 28, 1993, when federal agents raided
the rural home of Branch Davidian leader David Koresh and his followers.
Four agents and six sect members died in the gun battle.
The siege ended April 19 after the FBI initiated a tear-gassing operation designed to flush the Davidians out of their compound. Koresh and some 80 followers died during the blaze that consumed the building.

Waco, FBI and the Branch Davidians: Updates

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