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9 The Davidson Library at the University of California Santa Barbara intends to keep all CAN documents in the original order (i.e., in the boxes are archived) with their original indices. Hence primary documents referred to in the remainder of this paper can be found in boxes 93-95.

10 The importance of such privileges was demonstrated in Moscow in 2001 when a court ruled that the Jehovah's Witnesses, contrary to the insistence of state prosecutors, did not break up families, attempt to convert minors without parental consent, promote members' suicide, or incite hatred and intolerance. This ruling was significant for the Witnesses, permitting them to engage in such mundane practices (at least by American standards) as renting property or handing out leaflets. Critics had charged that the attempt to ban the Witnesses was meant to preserve the almost monopoly position of the Russian Orthodox Church. See Michael Wines, 2001. "Religious Sect Gains Victory in Moscow Trial." New York Times February 24, 2001. (Go to www.nytimes.com and search for "Religious Sect Gains Victory in Moscow Trial" for abstract)  [Note: After this paper was read, the decision was overturned on appeal; the case is going on]

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26 Copy of Letter

30 James and Marcia Rudin, 1980. Prison or Paradise? The New Religious Cults. Philadelphia: Fortress Press. This book helped popularize the ACM claims that North America in the 1970s was experiencing an unprecedented wave of threatening new religions and that millions of Americans had become involved and were at risk. It also inspired David G. Bromley and Anson D. Shupe, Jr. to write what they considered a more balanced corrective: Strange Gods: The Great America Cult Scare. Boston, Beacon Press, 1981

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38 The terms "congress," "committee," "conference," and "meeting" have become so interchangeably used in both ACM correspondence and among languages that it at times becomes difficult to know how to refer to these conclaves. For example, the "meeting" in 1990 (called that by Herbert L. Rosedale) was described on the invitation to participants in French, "Reunion Internationale sur les 'sectes."

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