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Religious Liberty: Catholic "Aid to the Church in Need" exposes "worldwide persecution of Christians" and "secular humanist Inquisition" in France (March 15, 2001)

Italian leading daily newspaper "La Stampa" devoted a full page to the yearly report on religious liberty of Vatican-supported Catholic organization "Aid to the Church in Need" (ACS), to be released in May 2001. ACS has national branches in 16 countries and a yearly budget of $ 70 millions, distributed to "Churches in need" in several countries. Marco Tosatti (a senior religious writer with "La Stampa") interviewed Attilio Tamburrini, of the Rome branch of ACS. The latter exposed a "worldwide persecution of Christians", particularly in Islamic countries, but also in China, Cuba, India, and France. According to the ACS spokesperson, France through its anti-cult activity is introducing a "secular humanist Inquisition" and the new draft law against cult would allow the government to "punish ideas".

See full text of the interview (in Italian).

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