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The Children of God/The Family

Bambini di Dio/The Family

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The Family in Transition: the Moral Career of a New Religious Movement, by Gordon Shepherd (The University of Central Arkansas Department of Sociology) and Gary Shepherd (Oakland University Department of Sociology and Anthropology) - A paper Presented at the 2002 CESNUR Conference, Salt Lake City, June 25, 2002

Bambini di Dio, The Family, Orizzonti Nuovi: qualche precisazione - di Massimo Introvigne

Personality and Religiousness in Youth Members of "The Family", A New Religious Movement - by Douglas M. Sell (University of Nebraska), a paper presented at the 2000 annual meeting of the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion

The Family/The Children of God: A Documental Legal History


Cases and documents from:

Sentenza sui Bambini di Dio del Tribunale Penale di Roma del 15 novembre 1991 (in italiano)

The Family Wins Again on Appeal in France: New "Catastrophe" for the Anti-Cult Movement ADFI and the Governmental Mission to Fight Cults
" La Famille " (ex Enfants de Dieu) gagne son procès d'appel en France.
Nouvelle "catastrophe" pour l'ADFI et pour la Mission interministérielle de lutte contre les sectes

"Niños de Dios" - Recensión de Verónica Roldán.

The Family Found Not Guilty of Sexual Abuse of Children in France - The verdict on the former Children of God by the Justice Court of Aix-en-Provence is "a catastrophe" for French anti-cult movement ADFI and the newly instituted governmental Mission to Fight the Cults (January 16, 1999)

'La Famille' (ex-Enfants de Dieu) gagne son procès en France. Une 'catastrophe' pour le mouvement anti-sectes ADFI et pour la Mission interministérielle de lutte contre les sectes (16 Janvier 1999)

"Dai Bambini di Dio a The Family", di J. Gordon Melton - Recensione di Pier Marco Ferraresi


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