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"Buffy Toon Work Starts"

("Sci Fi Wire," July 2, 2001)

Jeph Loeb, who is executive producing the upcoming Buffy the Vampire Slayer animated series with creator Joss Whedon, told the Comics Continuum Web site that work has begun on the show's first six scripts. The animated Buffy is aiming at a fall premiere on Fox Kids.

"Jane Espenson and Steve DeKnight are the first [writers] from the Buffy staff to contribute scripts (as well as Joss, of course), and they just hit them so far out of the park, we may not write any more and just let them have the show," Loeb told site. "They are funny, bright, intelligent, true to the mythos and are going to make great animation--the scripts, not Jane and Steve."

Loeb said the show is at the budgeting phase with Fox Kids, which will determine the animation studio and more, the site reported. "Joss and I are still very confident this will be an awesome series and a worthy match for the live-action show."