The Buffy Library - An International Annotated Bibliography
The success of Buffy has generated a growing literature. While guides to the TV shows are useful, original novels have created a whole new mythology. In fact, the relationship between the Buffy world and esoteric lore appears to be still more developed in some novels than in the TV show; hence, their special interest for the vampire scholar and for The Dracula Library, a resource for studies on vampires, religion and culture on the Web site of CESNUR (the Center for Studies on New Religions).

This bibliography includes only book-length treatments. Single comic books are not included, while comic trade paperbacks are. Shooting scripts, shooting drafts and other private items are not included, although some of them are collected in The Dracula Library.

Non-Fiction The TV Show
Gellar as Buffy
Fiction Novelizations Original Novels

Una recensione alla prima guida italiana al serial TV Buffy, di Andrea Menegotto (marzo 2004)

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"Dushku returns to BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER"
Buffy: Torna Faith

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Fighting the Forces: A New Book of Scholarly Essays on Buffy - A Short Review by Massimo Introvigne

"Buffy and Angel Italian Club: dei fan si accostano alle tenebre" di Paolo Motta
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"Links Between 'Buffy, 'Angel' To End"
(AP, July 16, 2001)
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("Sci Fi Wire," July 2, 2001)
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"How the 'Buffy' Coup Could Change TV",
by James Poniewozik ("Time," April 23, 2001)
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Introducing Melaka Fray, Vampire Slayer: Whedon Unveils Who Will Be the Slayer in the 26th Century
Il creatore di Buffy rivela chi sarà la Cacciatrice tra cinquecento anni: nuova serie (a fumetti) in arrivo

Buffy sbarca in Italia

"Buffy 'prompting pupils to access the occult'"
by Ben Russell, Education Correspondent ("The Independent", April 22, 2000)

Buffy: vampiri a Beverly Hills (da "Avvenire", 11 febbraio 1999: in italiano)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Meets Aleister Crowley: A Review of "Resurrecting Ravana", a Novel by Ray Garton

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