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"Links Between 'Buffy, 'Angel' To End"

(AP, July 16, 2001)

PASADENA, Calif. -- Don't expect ``Angel'' and ``Buffy the Vampire Slayer'' to remain cozy now that the TV series are on different networks.
``There will be no crossovers between `Angel' and `Buffy,''' said Jordan Levin, the WB network's entertainment president.
The WB lost ``Buffy'' and star Sarah Michelle Gellar to UPN in a bidding war, but kept the spin-off ``Angel,'' which stars David Boreanaz. The shows shared characters and stories when they were both on the WB.
Levin downplayed the idea that rancor was involved in the decision to avoid linking the pair of series. ``Angel'' has to be firmly established in its own creative universe, he said.
Speaking to the Television Critics Association on Sunday, Levin and Jamie Kellner, who oversees the WB as chief executive officer of Turner Broadcasting System Inc., said they didn't regret losing ``Buffy.''
Given the overall drop in advertising revenue for the upcoming TV season, ``this was not a good year to overspend on programming,'' Kellner said.
UPN had aggressively pursued the series and reportedly ordered 44 episodes for about $102 million. The fantasy drama, which had been one of WB's top-rated series, will air on UPN beginning this fall.
Despite the general downturn, Kellner said the WB has more advertising revenue coming in at higher rates than last year.