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"Teen website renews Buffy sponsorship "

by Julia Day ("The Guardian," May 11, 2001)

The BSkyB-backed teen internet site, Mykindaplace.com, has extended its sponsorship of cult TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Its current sponsorship of the programme began in February and runs until June 1. But the extension will mean the site will sponsor Buffy on Sky One five nights a week until September 2001.

The deal includes repeats of all five series of the Sarah-Michelle Gellar show.

Each episode will feature a 15-second opening and closing Mykindaplace.com sequence, as well as five-second break-bumpers either side of three commercial breaks.

Mykindaplace.com will also feature on all Buffy trailers and new sponsorship credits will be created for all the activity.

"Buffy is immensely popular with the teen market and therefore the perfect platform to promote mykindaplace.com and is a tremendous traffic driver to our site," said Charlie Redmayne, the commercial and marketing director at Mykindaplace.com.

Oliver Croom-Johnson of RCL Communications and Lisa Christodoulou, the sponsorship manager of BSkyB, negotiated the deal.