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"Creator of 'Buffy' Has Comic Book "

("Teen Hollywood," May 29 2001)

The man behind Buffy has created a new slayer.

Joss Whedon, creator and producer of the TV drama "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," has designed "Fray," an eight-part comic book series which goes on sale June 6.

The Dark Horse Comics series, a spin-off from "Buffy," will follow the adventures of a future slayer and professional thief in the slums of Manhattan.

"I wanted to do somebody who was different from Buffy," Whedon told TV Guide.
"The idea of magic is just completely foreign to her. She's just a girl who has no idea she's the slayer."

"I've always wanted to write comic books," he said. "And I'm hoping some 'Buffy' fans who've never really explored comic books will come to 'Fray.'"

"Buffy," starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, moves to Tuesday nights on UPN this fall after spending the last four years on the WB.