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"Former cult executive gets 5 years in jail" (Kyodo News Service, December 6, 2001)

"Japanese foot-reading cult's 2IC jailed for five years" (AFP, December 6, 2001)

"Foot-reading cultist gets kicked into jail" ("Mainichi Shimbun," September 10, 2001)

"Taxman sinks boot into foot cult " ("Mainichi Shimbun," March 17, 2001)

"Bureaus put foot down over Honohana taxes" ("Yomiuri Shimbun," March 17, 2001)

"Foot cult leader failed to declare 750 mil. yen in income" (Kyodo News Service, March 16, 2001)

"Foot cult to pay defrauded believers " ("Japan Times," February 21, 2001)

"Court orders foot cult, guru to pay 227 mil. yen for fraud" (Kyodo News Service, February 20, 2001)

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Mainichi Shimbun
Investigators enter Ho no Hana headquarters in Fuji, Shizuoka Prefecture, at 7:30 a.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 2, 1999

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