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Statement of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification about Msgr Milingo

(August 9, 2001)

The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification is an interdenominational association with members and participants from many faiths. We have made clear from the beginning that we have no malice or opposition to the Catholic Church or any church, considering all faiths as our allies in the struggle for a moral society and a peaceful world. As the Archbishop himself has stated repeatedly, Rev. Moon and the Family Federation support his desire to work within the realm of the Catholic faith. We do understand the challenges presented by the Archbishop's decision to marry, and pray for his effort to reconcile with the church. We are deeply moved by the charity and understanding demonstrated by Pope John Paul II in his willingness to receive Archbishop Milingo personally, and we warmly applaud those who made this possible.
The Archbishop came to Rome with Rev. Moon's prayer and support. They had breakfast together the morning of his departure from New York on August 5. I made his reservations. I drove him to the airport. We supported and facilitated his communication with Ms. Vitali. When Rev. Moon learned that His Grace was with the Holy Father, the Reverend was relieved and happy.
Public statements made by Mr. Bisantis claiming that Archbishop Milingo was controlled, under medication, that he had to call secretly, or especially that he had to be "rescued" from America are completely false, grossly unfair and terribly misleading. They contribute to the incorrect perception that the Family Federation has been controlling or secretive in its treatment of Archbishop Milingo. I myself gave him every message, and completely respected his concerns for security and his decision whom to contact and whom not. The telephone records, air reservations and tickets, and other documentation will support the truth of how the Family Federation has assisted and supported in this process. Or, one can simply ask the Archbishop himself.
We support Archbishop Milingo completely, and pray for his effort to reconcile with his church while standing by his wife. We applaud his courageous stand for family, and trust that he will be a powerful voice for purity and fidelity within the Catholic Church. Contrary to the suspicions of many, Monsignor Milingo was not isolated during his last four months in America by any means. He traveled to several cities, spoke and performed healing services at churches of several denominations, and gave a number of television and radio interviews. He met with representatives of several Catholic organizations, as well as associations of married priests and nuns. These events are a matter of public record. We hope and pray that those who are now dealing with the Archbishop will show him the same respect for his independence and integrity of thought.

Rev. Phillip Schanker Vice-President FFWPU in USA

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