Harry Potter


"Rowling May Go to Potter Premiere in Disguise"

(Reuters, March 13, 2001)

LONDON - Publicity-shy author JK Rowling may go to the premiere of the first Harry Potter film in disguise.

"Look out for the person in the purple turban -- that'll be me," she told fans in a special online chat set up for the charity Comic Relief.

She can't wait to see the film "Harry Potter And The Philospher's Stone," which is due out in November, and believes that child actor Daniel Radcliffe would match the public's perception of the young wizard he portrays.

"I am excited about seeing the film but then no film could ever ruin my favorite books for me," she said.

Rowling has penned two special short stories in the hugely successful Potter series to provide a magical boost to a British charity's fundraising appeal.

The books -- Quidditch Through The Ages and Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them -- went on sale on Monday with the proceeds going toward the BBC's charity drive Comic Relief, which seeks to help end poverty and social injustice.

The books, published around the world by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc and by Scholastic Inc in the United States, cost 2.50 pounds ($3.66) with at least two pounds going to Comic Relief. More than 60 million Harry Potter novels have been sold in 200 countries.