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potter "Apologia di Harry Potter: contro i nuovi talebani" di Massimo Introvigne
"Fundamentalism Afoot in Anti-Potter Camp, Says New-Religions Expert Popular Culture Enjoys an Autonomy, Explains Massimo Introvigne"
(Zenit News, December 6, 2001)
flag"Massimo Introvigne en defensa de Harry Potter Habla uno de los máximos expertos en nuevas religiones" (Zenit, 22 diciembre 2001)

flag"Im Lager der Harry Potter-Gegner bahnt sich Fundamentalismus an, sagt Experte für neue Religionen - Interview mit Massimo Introvigne" (Zenit, Dezember 6, 2001) 
"Science, religion - and Harry Potter" ("The Guardian," December 29, 2001)
potter "New Mexico church plans Harry Potter book burning" (Reuters, December 26, 2001)
potter "Silente" o "Borbottone"? In una nuova biografia, J.K. Rowling critica i traduttori italiani di "Harry Potter"
"Minnesota clergy denounce Harry Potter" (Associated Press, November 19, 2001)
potter "Wiccans are not all that wild about Harry Potter" by Jan Glidewell ("St. Petersburg Times," November 16, 2001)
"Author Suing Rowling Has Hard Times"
by Hillel Italie (Associated Press, Nov. 2, 2001)
potter "Una saga al capezzale degli USA" - Intervista a Massimo Introvigne: Harry Potter contro Bin Laden
di Michele Farina (Corriere della Sera - Io Donna, 27 ottobre 2001)
"Harry weaves more magic"
UK publisher profit soars on record sales of Harry Potter books
("CNN News," September 26, 2001)
potter "Church puts faith in Harry Potter"
by Phil Miller ("Sunday Times," September 2, 2001)
"Publishers pitch the witch"
by Karen MacPherson ("PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE," August 17, 2001)
potter "Potter books: Wicked witchcraft?"
by Julie Foster ("World Net Daily," August 16, 2001)
"Has Harry Potter finally lost his magic for JK Rowling?"
by Paul Gallagher ("The Scotsman," August 8, 2001)
potter "Witch: Harry Potter's got it wrong"
("Miami Herald," July 10, 2001)
"Evangelical Christians draw lessons from 'Harry Potter'"
by Shelvia Dancy ("Religion News Service," July 7, 2001)
potter "Potter spell not wearing off for Bloomsbury"
by Braden Reddall (Reuters, June 28, 2001)
"To be Harry and live in his world "
by Gloria Goodale ("Christian Science Monitor," June 13, 2001)
potter "Avvenire" e Harry Potter: botta e risposta
(24 maggio 2001)
potter "Screenwriter Comment on Harry Potter"
(Associated Press, May 21, 2001)
"Legend of Rah Doesn't Live Up to Potter Books"
by Deepti Hajela (AP, May 26, 2001)
"The Legend of Rah and the Muggles"

by Deepti Hajela (Associated Press, May 24, 2001)

"The war of the Muggles"
by Martha Raffaele (Associated Press, May 18, 2001)
"Stouffer Fights Harry Potter Writer"
by Martha Raffaele (Associated Press, May 16, 2001)
potter "EA is Launching Harry Potter on Multiple Platforms"
(Business Wire, May 15, 2001)
"An Improbable Sequel: Harry Potter and the Ivory Tower"
by Stephen Kinzer ("New York Times," May 12, 2001)
potter "Experts hail Harry as wizard role model"
by Vicky Collins ("News," May 9, 2001)
"Harry Potter and the Shrinks "
by Janet McConnaughey (Associated Press, May 8, 2001)
potter "Pennsylvania writer takes on Harry Potter author in court "
by Martha Raffaele (AP, May 6, 2001)
"Harry Potter and the Big Milestone "
by Josh Grossberg ("E Online," May 2, 2001)
"Harry Potter Sales Pass 100 Million Milestone"

by Paul Majendie (Reuters, May 2, 2001)
"Harry Potter success spawns Artemis Fowl fever"
by Nigel Hunt (Reuters, April 27, 2001)
"Harry Potter in Large Print"
("Business Wire", April 24, 2001)
potter "Theaters shut doors to Potter fans"
(Associated Press, April 17, 2001)
"Potter Fans Must Pay for Trailer"
(Associated Press, April 14, 2001)
"Kid's Books are Flying Off Shelves"
(Associated Press, April 12, 2001)
potter "Japanese publisher weaves magic of Harry Potter"
by Isabel Reynolds (Reuters, April 10, 2001)
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"Harry Potter Book Out on Cassette"
(Associated Press, April 2, 2001)
"Harry Potter the bestseller -- at 21 hours"

by Paul Majendie (Reuters, April 2, 2001)

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Children's Edition, Unabridged 6 cassette set), J.K. Rowling, Stephen Fry (Narrator)

"Harry Potter and the Court Battle Over Creativity"
by David D. Kirkpatrick ("New York Times," April 1, 2001)
"In Game of Future, Magic Will Be Back"
by Robert Lipsyte ("New York Times," April 1, 2001)
potter "Harry Potter Fans Face Wizard Drought in 2001"
by Paul Majendie (Reuters, March 28, 2001)
"Harry Potter and the profit hike"
("BBC News," March 28, 2001)
"Harry Potter weaves magic for Bloomsbury"
by Dan Lalor (Reuters, March 28, 2001)
"Cathedral Covers Up For Potter"
("Movie Magazine," March 27, 2001)
potter "U.S. church grabs spotlight with book burning"
(Reuters, March 27, 2001)
"US church burns 'paranormal' Harry Potter books "
("Ananova," March 27, 2001)
"Educator Calls for Warning Stickers on "Harry Potter" Books"
("Sydney Morning Herald," March 27, 2001)
"Muggle Versus Wizard"
by Linton Weeks ("Washington Post," March 27, 2001)
potter "Wizard warning for young Christian minds "
by Stephanie Peatling ("Sydney Morning Herald," March 22, 2001)
"Harry Potter tie-in volumes slip into stores"
by Bruce Deachman ("The Ottawa Citizen," March 13, 2001)

"More Adventures For Harry Potter"
by Linda Albin ("ABC News," March 12, 2001)

"2 Harry Potter Spinoffs Done for Charity"
by David Kirkpatrick ("New York Times," March 12, 2001)

"'Harry Potter' Author Adds Titles"
(Associated Press, March 12, 2001)

"Rowling Pens Special Harry Potter Books for Charity"
by Michael Holden (Reuters, March 11, 2001)

"'Harry Potter' Nominated for Award"
(Associated Press, March 9, 2001)
"Harry Potter pro terzo mondo"
("Avvenire", da Agorà - Venerdi 9 Marzo 2001)
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potter "Harry Potter Uses Net Wizardry for Film Preview"
by Claire Soares (Reuters, March 1, 2001)
"Batavia Library invites kids to make book on Harry Potter"
by Linda Girardi ("Beacon News," Feb. 19, 2001)
potter "The Trouble With Harry"
by Marguerite Kelly ("Washington Post," February 14, 2001)
Harry Potter vs the Muggles
Myth, Magic & Joy
by Mike Hertenstein
"Arriva Harry Potter: ed è già boom per i piccoli"
"Avvenire", da Prima Pagina - Domenica 04 Febbraio 2001
potter "Harry Potter and Wicca", by Mallory Nakamura - a provocative essay (which will prove no doubt controversial) sent by a 13-year old reader of our Web site
potter "Rowling casts a spell that will give charities millions"
by Rory Godson and Maurice Chittenden ("Sunday Times," [London] January 7, 2001)
Harry Potter--Interview with J.K. Rowling
("AOL Live", October 19, 2000)

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