Harry Potter


"Now...the Harry Potter video game"

(BBC, May 25, 2001)

Players can attend spells and potions lessons

Few children's books have inspired such enthusiasm - and lucrative spin -offs - as those from the world-dominating Harry Potter series.

With record-breaking sales figures, trainee wizard Harry and his friends have become a totally unexpected and unprecedented global success in the world of publishing.

And autumn sees the release of the highly anticipated Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone video game by Electronic Arts.

The game gives the player the chance to be Harry Potter and enrol in Hogwarts' School of Witchcraft and Wizardy, learning to become a wizard and master of all things magical.

Unlike the movie, the games will allow Potter stalwarts to live and interact in their favourite world

Versions of the game will be released for Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Colour, PC and PlayStation.

Each one will take advantage of the technology of that particular format.

The PlayStation title will be a third-person 3D action adventure, similar in some respects to the best-selling Tomb Raider series.

The PC version of game will use stealth akin to the renowned Metal Gear Solid.

The game will feature a series of challenges, all inspired by the original
book's storyline.

These include a 3D roller coaster ride through Gringotts and a flying broomstick chase to retrieve the Remerbrall for Neville Longbottom.

Players will encounter more than 20 interactive characters from JK Rowling's world - such as Hermione Granger and Professor Dumbledore.

The game features a series of challenges based on the first book

They are given the opportunity to explore numerous 3D environments - all faithful to Hogwarts and its surrounding grounds.

The game will also include many interactive environments, including moving stairways and secret passageways.

And players will be able to walk on foot, climb, jump and sneak as well as attending lessons to learn spells and potions by playing in-built mini games.

The evil creatures from the book will also be present - and they can be removed by using Harry's wide-ranging abilities.

Unlike the movie, the games will allow Potter stalwarts to live and interact in their favourite world.

That single fact alone is sure to attract fans in their droves.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone will be out this Autumn published by Electronic Arts.