Harry Potter


"Not Everyone's Happy About 'Harry Potter'"

by Ben Tracy (WISN/Milwakee Channel, November 14, 2001)

'Harry Potter casts his spell on movie theaters worldwide Friday, but some feel the young sorcerer is not innocent kid's fare.
WISN 12 news reporter Ben Tracy reported that there's a growing controversy over what the Potter series is teaching children.
Young Mr. Potter has conjured up a pretty wide fan base.
"My sister and I are really big fans, and we're looking forward to seeing the movie," a fan said.
"I don't think Harry Potter is as innocent as people would like to think," Dr. David Brown said.
The baptist pastor finds no place in his flock for Mr. Potter and his gang.
"The good characters aren't even good. They tell lies, they cheat, they steal, they get rewarded for evil," Brown said.
Some religious leaders find the Potter series with its witchcraft and wizardry dangerous -- an innocent-looking gateway into the real world of the occult.
"It stimulates their interest to read further in the occult realm. They just graduate from Harry Potter to what I say would be something harder," Brown said.
It complicates things for some parents who are thrilled their kids are reading.
"It's this wonderful fantasy world for kids," one parent said. Pastors like Dr. Brown worry Harry's near-cult following could turn into something more sinister.
"Just because kids are reading doesn't mean they are reading the right thing, and parents just need to be aware of what's going on," Brown said.
When the movie opens this weekend, while millions line up at theaters, some churches like Pastor Brown's will be showing a movie which says Harry Potter is simply witchcraft repackaged.