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Satanism: The Darkside Collective Launches Internet Black Ribbon Campaign

The Darkside Collective is an independent Satanic Church, operating largely via the Internet started in late March 1999 within the framework of the problems within the Church of Satan. According to its self-presentation "The Darkside Collective is a TRUE Satanic Church catering not to the hypocrisies of the post-LaVey 'Church of Satan' (or other hypocritical "Satanic" groups like it), but to the historical and modern philosophies (philosophies of the Pagans, Knights of Templar, Hellfire Club, Free Masonry, Crowleyans, LaVeyans, Setians, etc). The Darkside Collective is a non-profit
organization that promotes Satanic ideology and practices, we believe in the core philosophy of Anton LaVey's 'Satanic Bible', not in the physical existence of the "cloven hooved devil" of christian mythology."
About the origins of the Collective, Mr. Robb explains: "The idea came to Orion and B. Scott Robb when they were exchanging emails regarding Satanism. It dawned on them that there are so many people unhappy at the course the Satanic Movement was heading since the death of Dr. LaVey.
Orion then recieved an email from Scott that included the wonderful idea for starting a group ourselves. And then it took off. Only 11 months after Satan's Apprentices (the original name for the Darkside Collective) started the Church of Satan heard about it and were not impressed, alledging that we were 'working against the Satanic Movement' by supporting LaVey's philosophy. After nearly a week of negotiations, Scott resigned his membership to the Church of Satan, and Satan's Apprentices became an independent religious entity catering to true Satanists instead of those who were gullible enough to save up their hard earned cash to buy the name 'Satanist'!"
The Darkside Collective (Church) maintains a Web site at http://www.darksidecollective.org
The Collective has now launched a Black Ribbon Campaign to "educate the masses about the occult" and contrast the anti-occult Web sites and crusades: see http://www.darksidecollective.org/BlackRibbon.html for more information.

On February 20, 2003 we received the following message from Reverend B. Scott Robb:

Dear Sir/Madam:

The article on the CESNUR website entitled: "Satanism: The Darkside Collective Launches Internet Black Ribbon Campaign" on my church, the Darkside Collective (est. 1999), and the campaign I started (est. 2001).

Situations through the summer of 2001 has forced us to change our URLs for the Darkside Collective and the Black Ribbon Campaign(BRC). I also have a few updates and changes that must be made as soon as possible.

Darkside Collective co-founder "Orion" left the Church in December 2002 and, at her request, all references to her must be removed. As well, the Darkside Collective has launched an entrepreneurial company which consists of four subsidiary companies: ARANEUM Inc. (web design, est. June 2001), Darkside Collective Records Inc. (est. March 2002), Darkside Collective Models Inc. (est. March 2002), and Darkside Collective Publishing Inc. (est. fall/winter 2002).

The new URLs can be found below. Thank you.


Reverend B. Scott Robb, MsD (Hon.)

-Founder & Infernus Magister,
Darkside Collective Ministry
-Founder & CEO,
Darkside Collective Productions Inc.
-Founder & Administrator, Black Ribbon Campaign

P.O. Box 72094
6142 - 90th Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta T6B 3A7

DsC Productions Inc.: http://onebiz.org/darksidecollectiveproductions

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