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"Counsel Kanungu Victims - Medics"

("New Vision," November 28, 2001)

Doctors have asked the Government to set aside money for programmes to offer counselling and other mental health treatment to families of Kanungu cult victims, reports Kikonyogo Ngatya.
"Some forms of mental disorders may soon turn into severe, (mad)," Dr Seggane Musisi, a mental health expert at Butabika Hospital said.
He was on Monday presenting a paper: "Psychotrauma - The Kanungu tragedy" to at a conference of over 450 doctors.
At least 1,000 people died in a cult inferno in Kanungu.

"Kanungu DRC Warns On Cults"

("New Vision," November 10, 2001)

Kanungu Resident District Commissioner Kamara Bayeye, has expressed deep concern over the growing rate of cults similar to that of Joseph Kibwetere.
Over 1,000 people perished in Kanungu and other parts of the country under the 'Restoration of the ten commandments of God', a cult that was led by Kibwetere and Fr. Kataribabo.
"Kibwetere-like prophets are mushrooming everywhere in the district and are confusing the people," he said.
"I want to warn you of another Kibwetere if you are not careful," he added.
Bayeye was addressing people at Butogota trading Centre in Kanungu district.
"We should not see a repeat of what happened in 1999 when hundreds of people perished under the guise of a cult," Bayeye warned.
He said the new cults caused insecurity.
The district chairperson deployed corruption among officers.

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