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Tragedy in Uganda: the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God, a Post-Catholic Movement

Kanungu e la «setta del suicidio». Il «migliore resoconto disponibile», di Massimo Introvigne


"Tragedy in Uganda: the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God, a Post-Catholic Movement" by Massimo Introvigne (updated: April 5, 2000)

"Tragedia in Uganda: la "Restaurazione dei Dieci Comandamenti di Dio", un movimento post-cattolico" (in Italian)
di Massimo Introvigne (aggiornato: 5 aprile 2000)

"A Tentative First Report on the Deaths in Uganda"
by J. Gordon Melton (updated: April 14, 2000)

Joseph Kibweteere
Cledonia Mwerinde
Uganda leading members of The Ten Commandments of God
Joseph Kibweteere
Cledonia Mwerinde
From left: Sisters Ursala Kamuhangi and Cledonia Mwerinde, Joseph Kibweteere and Fr. Dominic Kataribabo

"Counsel Kanungu Victims - Medics" ("New Vision," November 28, 2001)

"Kanungu DRC Warns On Cults" ("New Vision," November 10, 2001)

"Govt Asked to Institute Kanungu Investigation" ("New Vision," October 24, 2001)

"Kibwetere Sighted in Dar" by Henry Bongyereirwe ("The Monitor," October 18, 2001)

"'Witch' Hunt Death Toll Rises to 843" ("UN Integrated Regional Information Network," July 12, 2001)

"Kenya Deceived Me - Lakwena" ("New Vision," July 5, 2001)

"Bushara Followers Regroup In Luwero" by Mulindwa Rogers ("The Monitor," May 20, 2001 )

"Prophet Bushara Discharged, Remanded Again" by Siraje K. Lubwama ("The Monitor," May 5, 2001)

"Police To Probe New Sect" by Davis Weddi ("New Vision," May 2, 2001)

"Tabliq Trial for May" by Hillary Nsambu ("New Vision," April 26, 2001)

"Abduction of hundreds of young Ugandans continues" by Evelyn Leopold (Reuters, April 20, 2001)

"Journalists Expose Ugandan Witch Doctors' Practices" (" Religion Today News Service," March 28, 2001)

"Kanungu Probe Team Lacks Funds" by Anne Mugisa ("New Vision," March 20, 2001 )

"Up in smoke or into thin air? Uganda's killer cult leaders a year on" (AFP, March 16, 2001)

"A year after cult mass murder, some see the ghosts of the victims" by Henry Wasswa (AP, March 16, 2001)

UN «TEMPLE SOLAIRE» À L’AFRICAINE, par Jean-François Mayer ("La Liberté", 16 mars 2001) 

"Uganda Cult Mass Murder Anniversary" by Henry Wasswa (Associated Press, March 16, 2001)

"'Evil Cult' Raises Political Temperature" by Ken Kamoche ("The Daily Nation," February 18, 2001)

"Religious Wrongdoings" by Logan Nakyanzi (ABC News, February 14, 2001)

"'Mary's Flames': The Long Road To Horror In Kanungu" ("The East African," (Kampala) February 8, 2001)

"Museveni To Keep Religion In School" ("New Vision," January 15, 2001)

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