CESNUR - center for studies on new religions


organized by CESNUR, Center for Religious Studies and Research at Vilnius University, and New Religions Research and Information Center 

Vilnius, Lithuania, April 9-12 2003 

University of Vilnius – Universiteto Str. 3, Vilnius


Fighting the three Cs: Cults, Comics, and Communists - The Critic of Popular Culture as Origin of Contemporary Anti-Cultism, by Massimo Introvigne

Religion and Democracy After the Iraqi War, by Massimo Introvigne - Concluding Remarks at the Conference Banquet

A typology of new religious movements and its empirical indicators, by Tadeusz Doktòr, Warsaw University

The Context and some Dilemmas Concerning the Management of the Legal Studies of Minority Religions in Slovenia, by Gregor Lesjak

Images of Ukrainian Young People’s Quest for Transcendence, by Sarah Bowers, King’s College London

Possible Reasons for Monotheistic Religious Intolerance, by Frederic Lamond, MA (Independent student of Comparative Religion)

Sociological Aspects of Religiosity and Education in Russia, by Inna Naletova, GfK Rus’, Institute for Market Research, Moscow, Russia

Nationalism, Religion and The Muslim-Christian Relationship: Teaching Ethics and Values in Egyptian Schools, by Johanna Pink, University of Tuebingen

The Role of Religion in the Emergence of Civil Society in Lithuania, by Andrius Navickas (New Religions Research and Information Centre, Lithuania)

New Religious Movements’ Opinions on the Hungarian Society, by Péter Török, Department for the Studies of Religion, University of Szeged, Hungary

Peculiarity of the New Age Movement in a Catholic Country: the Case of Poland, by Dorota Hall, Ph.D. candidate, Graduate School for Social Research, Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland

Unifying or Dividing? Sun Myung Moon and the Origins of the Unification Church, by George D. Chryssides, University of Wolverhampton, U.K.

Freedom of Religion, Freedom From Religion, and Respect for Religious Sentiments, by Gidon Sapir (Faculty of Law, Bar-Ilan University, Israel) and Daniel Statman (Dept. of Philosophy, Haifa University, Israel)

Notes on the Aumist Religion, by PierLuigi Zoccatelli

Maybe Shambhala is here: Esoteric Quests in Latvia Today, by Solveiga Krumina-Konkova, doctor of philosophy, leading researcher at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, University of Latvia

The "Quasi-Religion" of Reiki, by Andrea Menegotto, CESNUR

Dialogue between the New Age and the Protestant Churches in The Netherlands, by Reender Kranenborg

New Age and the Polish Right, by Zbigniew Mikolejko, Professor, Head of Department of Religious Studies, Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, Polish Academy of Science, Warsaw, Poland

From the MILS to the MIVILUDES - France's "Sect" Policy Since the Fall of the Socialist Government, by Régis Dericquebourg

The Image of Sects in the Polish Ultra-Catholic Press, by dr Monika Milewska, Assistant Professor, Departement of Religious Studies, Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw

Ultra-modern democracies and governing the self : Towards a new process of subjectivation ?, by Christine Costa, PARIS VIII University – France, “Sciences of education” department, Research group PAIDEIA

Manifestations of Satanism in Catholic Lithuania: the case of www.satan.lt, by Milda Alisauskiene, New Religions Research and Information Centre, Vilnius, Lithuania

Extremism in New Religious Movements: A Russian Perspective, by Veronica Kravchouk

Religious Communities as Interest Groups, by Maria Marczewska-Rytko, Faculty of Political Science UMCS Lublin Poland

Karaites and Karaism: Recent Developments, by Mikhail Kizilov, Graduate School for Social Research, Polish Academy of Sciences

Polish Cyber Satanism: a group in statu nascendi, by Rafał Smoczyński, (Graduated School for Social Research at Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of Polish Academy of Sciences)

New Age and fundamentalism, by Tadeusz Doktór, Warsaw University

Church, Society and Religious Minorities in Ukraine, by Oleksandr Mayster, Rivne State University of Water Management&Natural Resourses Usage, Department of Philosophy

Conversion and subjectivity - The making of an Oazowicz and social change in Poland, by Esther Peperkamp, Amsterdam School of Social science Research

The Phenomenon of the Ukrainian Orthodoxy: Inter-Civilizational Roots, Identificational Priorities, and Jurisdictional Perspectives, by Andrij Yurash, Ivan Franko Lviv National University, Ukraine

Islam, the New Age and Marginal Religions in Indonesia: Changing Meanings of Religious Pluralism, by Dr. Julia Day Howell, Griffith University, Nathan, Brisbane, Australia

FREEDOM OF RELIGION AND CONSCIENCE IN POLAND – MYTH OR REALITY?, by Katarzyna Zielinska, Centre for European Studies, Jagiellonian University

Traditional and nontraditional: paradoxes of coexistence, by Marina V. Vorobjova (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Christian Science in Latvia: Has the Last Obstacle Been Overcome?, by Nikandrs Gills - Center for the Study of Religions, Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, University of Latvia

Peculiarities of understanding of the Freedom of Conscience and formation of the image of New Religions in the secular common mind of Ukraine (1991 - 2001 years), by Elena Nykytchenko - assistant of philosophy department of Odesa National Law Academy

Post-Modern Culture: Changes in Religiosity and Spirituality, by Maija KULE (Director, Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, University of Latvia)

The role of the churches in the construction of the civil society in Hungary, by Zsuzsanna Bögre (Institute of Sociology at the Peter Pazmany Catholic Universitiy Budapest/Piliscsaba)

Can sociologists and NRMs really listen to each other?, by Sébastien Gregov, Strasbourg University


Il rito del fuoco a Vilnius, Andrea Menegotto (da il Domenicale, anno 2, numero 19, 10 maggio 2003)

I martiri italiani del satanismo, Benedetto Tusa (Il Secolo d'Italia, 14 maggio 2003)

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