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Letter from Castle Dracula

The newsbullettin of The Transylvanian Society of Dracula

January-February 2004

The TSD annual colloquium

“Therapy and Magic in Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’ and beyond”.
May 21 – 23, 2004
Sinaia – Romania

One of the most promising speakers at our colloquium of May 21-23, on "Therapy and magic in Bram Stoker's 'Dracula' and beyond" will be Prof. dr. Mihai Dancus: he brings the fabulous treasures of folklore from Maramures, N-W. Transylvania, the place regarded by the Romanians themselves as a "sanctuary of ethnography and folklore". This is the wondrous place in which the cross shares the beliefs with the ancient gods - the Sun, the Moon, the Star; in which the modern physician coexists with the old healer (witch) - in peace and respect of each-other.

The sub-theme "Miracles and Magic: the religious and the folkloric components" will be analyzed, among others, by a priest, professor at the Theological Institute of Bucharest.
Here is a reminder of the other sub-themes:

- The anatomy of Magic; of Science as Magic
- The Magic component in therapies
- Suggestions, subliminal suggestions, suggestions under hypnosis – from Van Helsing’s time to this day
- Technology, Science – and Magic, in Stoker’s “Dracula”, in science-fiction and in the everyday life
- Playing God – the issue of modified genetics
- Miracles and Magic; the religious and the folkloric components
- New theories regarding the information fields of plants and animals; new theory in homeopathy; demonstrations

The Organizer of the Colloquium will consider other related topics suggested by the speakers, and inform on eligibility; Synopsis of max. 5 pages are expected till April 20, 2004 (e-mail form included).


The logistic organizer of the TSD Colloquium is the Company of Mysterious Journeys, Romania, licensed touroperator.


Welcome to the annual colloquium of the Transylvanian Society of Dracula!

The CMJ receives applications and requests for participation within the limits of the conference hall (“first come – first served”).

Participants are expected to arrive in Sinaia (120 km., North of Bucuresti) on May 20 at the latest.

Direct transfers from the Bucuresti airport – to Sinaia, by car or minibus, will be provided.

The land cost covers: transfers from the airport to Sinaia and back; bed and breakfast in single room; coffee/tea/water during the breaks; colloquium fee.

Land cost, per person: Euro 50/day
Transfers upon arrival/departure (both of them): Euro 50

The TSD members benefit of 10% reduction.

Information and bookings:

The CMJ provides updated information via its website and the TSD newsbulletin, also on request.

Confirmed participants are those who sent the land costs – for the number of days they wish to attend, plus the cost of transfers – into the account of
Company of Mysterious Journeys
Account No. 264.1000.19-506 ABN-AMRO BANK S.A.
(2 Expozitiei bd., Bucuresti 1 – Romania)
Swift code: ABNAROBU

The CMJ expects the sender to cover the bank transfer fee.

Post-colloquium documentary trip

In the morning of May 24, a documentary trip will follow, based on a “Classic Dracula” (May 24-30).

The land cost, half-board, all included, is Euro 692 per person sharing a double (single suppl. Euro 99). This tour will be guided by the TSD President. Information and bookings: the CMJ.

Colloquium information, bookings:

The Company of Mysterious Journeys
2 Aviator Darian, Bucuresti 1, Romania
Tel/fax: (0040) 21/ 679.28.81
Mobile: (0040) 723.584.430; (0040) 788.462.665;
(0040) 722.599.099

Buffy and the TSD

Three proeminent members of our society will participate in the international conference on "Buffy, the vampire slayer" (May 28-30, Nashville, TN). :

- Prof. Elizabeth Miller, president of the TSD chapter in Canada
- Dr. Massimo Introvigne, president of the TSD chapter in Italy, Count Dracula Ambassador to Italy - Dr. J. Gordon Melton, Count Dracula Ambassador to the U.S

The mysteries in the life of prince Vlad the Impaler-Dracula

- Why has Vlad attacked the Ottoman Empire, all alone?
- Why has King Mathias Corvinus of Hungary accused him of treason, only to give him his sister (his cousin - according to other sources) for a wife?
- What has Vlad done in the first 12 years of his imprisonment?
- What is the truth behind the many gory tales about Vlad?
- Where is Vlad's tomb? Where is his birthplace?
- Who were his wives?
- Principles, ideals - in Vlad's time and now-a-days

These are some of the issues under debate at the TSD symposium in 2005 (May 13-15).

Information on the symposium and on the post-symposium documentary tour (in the footsteps of Vlad): the logistic organizer,

The Company of Mysterious Journeys
2 Aviator Darian, Bucuresti 1, Romania
Tel/fax: (0040) 21/ 679.28.81
Mobile: (0040) 723.584.430; (0040) 788.462.665; (0040) 722.599.

500 years since Stephen the Great's death

Prince Stephen the Great (cousin of prince Vlad Dracula) is still remembered in the Romanian province of Moldova: he gave Moldova half a century of dignity, prosperity and independence, favouring the development of arts - as reflected in the unique frescoes (UNESCO heritage) on the outside of a cluster of monasteries in Bucovina (northern region of Moldova). The latest research shows that at least two churches were frescoed on the outside in Stephen's time.

As teenagers, Stephen and Vlad played for several years in the mighty fortress of Suceava. Their life stories were closely intertwined: Vlad helped Stephen get his throne in 1457; Stephen helped Vlad regain his throne in 1476.

The Romanian cultural authorities will commemorate Stephen the Great (scholarly conferences, artistic events) throughout 2004.

A special mention goes to the "Continental Hotels" which campaigned and raised the money necessary to re-paint the interior of the imposing monastery of Putna, Stephen the Great's resting place.


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