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Welcome to The Dracula Library, the largest public library in the world specialized in books on vampires. The Dracula Library is a special collection division within the library of CESNUR, the Center for Studies on New Religions in Torino, Italy, a large research facility on new religious movements, minority religions in general, and the occult. The Dracula Library includes books either on vampires or by vampire-related authors (e.g. books by Bram Stoker or Anne Rice are listed even if they do not deal with vampires). For books on werewolves and other were-animals, miscellaneous monsters, ghosts, zombies and horror in general go to the larger CESNUR Library .

How to search
As usual, the easiest way of searching is by title, author's last name, publisher or any combination of these. Notice that if there is more than one author, or editor, your search should indicate the FIRST author or editor. The data base is not case-sensitive, but please check your spelling. By "approach" we mean the style of the book (fiction, sociology, history, etc). Note that books on movies are listed under "Literature, Art". Literature claiming that vampire culture is evil and should be avoided would be classified as "Hostile (Counter)" if based on religious reasons and as "Hostile (Anti)" if secular. We suggest to check first the alphabetic list of approach shortcuts. The data base has been computerized by different people with possible different ideas on how to classify books. We continuously correct inconsistencies, spelling errors and mistakes. If you find the data base useful do us a favor and E-mail your comments on any correction you think we should make. After the first search has generated a list of titles you may go to the individual records by clicking on the surname of the (first) author, co-author or editor for each item in the list. Proceed to search


The Dracula Library is much more than a repository of books. It recommends and reviews new and noteworthy books on vampires. It is also a center for research and studies on vampires and their relationship with culture and religion. You may find articles and scholarly papers on these subjects.


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