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Letter from Castle Dracula

The newsbullettin of The Transylvanian Society of Dracula

December 2005

The Annual Symposium of The Transylvanian Society of Dracula


May 26 - 28, 2005
Sinaia – Romania

The annual events organized by the Transylvanian Society of Dracula continue with a symposium on compared supernatural in the folklore and culture of several countries, - roots, meaning and role; interaction with religion, science and the unknown, with everyday life. This symposium opens doors to parallel worlds and attempts to understand what we see, to understand how we relate to the mysterious universe.

The Society attempted to scan the Supernatural several times in the past (“The state of the world superstition by the year 2000” , “Communications with The Beyond”), raising more questions than it answered. It is the first time that the TSD attempts to study the Supernatural in a comparative manner,- limited, though, to the countries we shall be able to reach. The walk always starts with the first step. But miracles do happen, don’t they?


* The typology of the Supernatural
* The common anthropologic background
* The oniric: source and confirmation of the Supernatural
* Halucinogenes and the Supernatural
* Spiritism, with B.P. Hasdeu (Romania)
* “The house in Heavens” and “Offerings while live” in Oltenia, Romania
* The Supernatural in Maramures (Transylvania, Romania)
* The “Ghost Club” experience (England)
* The breakage of the interdiction: guardians and punishers
*PRE-Christian AND CHRISTIAN representations of Good and Evil
*God and the devil; Heaven and Hell – representations worldwide
*Contacts: living and dead, parallel worlds (invisible)
*Energetic manifestations (energo-informational exchanges) in the traditions of the Romanians
* Elaborations of the folkloric supernatural in literature and cinematography (with special reference to the vampire)
*Intrusions of pre-Christian supernatural into the modern religious, popular practices
*The Marotinu case (Oltenia, Romania)
*The Huia forest in Transylvania, Romania: gate to parallel worlds
*Science and the Supernatural; Science-Fiction and the Supernatural

ORGANIZER: The Transylvanian Society of Dracula (31 Primaverii bd., Bucharest 1, Romania)
LOGISTICS: “Company of Mysterious Journeys”
- Romanian touroperators.
DATE and PLACE: May 26-28, 2006 in the royal mountain resort of Sinaia, Romania (hotel “Caraiman”)

To contribute a paper

*by e-mail:

*by post:

- Transylvanian Society of Dracula
31 Primaverii bd., Bucharest 1, Romania

- Company of Mysterious Journeys
Str. Aviator Darian 2 Apt.10
Bucuresti 011716 - Romania

The TSD will inform on eligibility.

To participate: Please book with the Logistic organizers at or

TSD members have their participation secured.

Please choose the services offered by the Logistics:

*upon arrival: transfer by van from the airport to Sinaia: Euro 30 / pers.

*accommodation in Sinaia (breakfast included):

- in the 2-star “Caraiman” hotel: Euro 29 per night (single)

- in the 4-star “Palace” hotel: Euro 45 per night (single)

3-star "Palace" hotel: Euros 35 per night (single)

*upon departure: transfer by van from Sinaia to the airport: Euro 30/pers.

*participation fee: Euro 20 (TSD members: Euro 10)


Transylvanian Society of Dracula

- e-mails:

- ax: 0040 233 9915; 0040 21 345 5505

- cell-phones: 0040 722 599 099 ; 0040 723 5844 30

- mail: TSD, 31 Primaverii bd, Bucharest 1, Romania

CMJ, 2 Aviator Darian st. Apt.10

Bucuresti 011716 - Romania

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