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Letter from Castle Dracula

The newsbullettin of The Transylvanian Society of Dracula

February 2006

The Transylvanian Society of Dracula Symposium



May 26 - 28, 2006 
Sinaia – Romania

The disclosures expected of this particular symposium are understandably  high, and the society strives to meet the expectations by securing  the cooperation of the best minds of the Institute of Ethnography and Folklore (led by Prof. Dr. Sabina Ispas, founder-member of the TSD, who – in the meantime – has become a Fellow of the Academy); of Prof. Dr. Sorin Comorosan, Fellow of the Academy, who promised a long-awaited “Parallel Worlds – in the light of modern quantum physics”; of Prof. Dr. Silviu Angelescu and his equally awaited “Typology of the Supernatural”; or the intriguing “A new theory on the vampire” by Sir Alan Murdie, chairman of the famous “Ghost Club”, England; “The findings of a forensic expert on After-life” by Dr. Mark Benecke, the World’s best forensic biologist. Two ethnographic and folkloric sanctuaries of Romania will send their representatives – Prof. Dr. Mihai Fifor, director of The Ethnographic Museum of Oltenia (who can be questioned about the notorious Marotinu case – villagers settling a “strigoi” by traditional means); and Prof. Dr. Mihai Dancus, director of the Ethnographic Museum of Maramures.

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More on our symposium, in the March issue of this newsletter. The sub-themes, the logistic of participation – in and (under “Latest News”)

Dracula is forever

Both “History Channel” and “National Geographic” filmed new documentaries in Romania, in January and February 2006. Members of our Society from both shores of the Atlantic contributed their share. This newsletter will announce the airing dates as soon as they arrive.

The Level 1 “Classic Dracula” tour on DVD

The members (and friends) of our society may now order a 30-minute documentary, on DVD, about our society tour “The Classic Dracula”. Please write to for details.

Elizabeth Bathory was not alone

The Society will soon inform on its research into a disturbing Szeckler legend (Szeckler – ethnic minority in Transylvania, also mentioned in Bram Stoker’s “Dracula”) about Rashonne – a most gentle landlady who turned devilish and killed numberless subjects. Ruins of her castle will be photographed and published, along sights of her salt-mine and habitat.

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