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Letter from Castle Dracula

The newsbullettin of The Transylvanian Society of Dracula

April 2006

The   TSD   Symposium 

(May 26-28, 2006, in Sinaia, hotel “Caraiman”,  Romania)


        The  2006 symposium of our society,  on “Compared  folklore  -  the supernatural categories”  will feature the following speakers:


DVDs  under  making

Sir Michael B. Hughes, our distinguished Welsh member, returns to Romania for 3 new documentaries:  one -  on the TSD symposium;  another -  on the paranormal events in the Hoia-Baciu wood (Transylvania);  yet another  - on the history, traditions and lot of the gypsies in Romania – and not only (“the faithful servants of the Count”).


2007  TSD colloquium

At the suggestion of Baroness Elizabeth Miller, the theme of the  2007 (May 18-20) colloquium will be  “Dracula: blurring the boundaries between  Reality and  Fiction”  -  which should attract the contributions of a wide variety of  scholars, writers, art critics.  The theme serves at understanding the battle between Reality and Virtuality,  Sense and Non-sense,  ourselves.


Archives  lost/ retrieved

Some of the TSD archives for the years 2004 – 2005 were lost to flood.  Should any of our members stopped receiving our newsbulletin,  please write  to  or  to resume contact.  It is an obvious Van Helsing plot to disrupt the workings of the Count,  isn’t it.


Next year,  please

Although informed that the tenth student may belong to the devil, as his due, the Scholomance school of August has been booked full  (two series of 10 students each -  as in,  under  “Dracula tours”)  . Please understand that we cannot make new rules and supplement the class.  To enlist,  please apply again, earlier in 2007  (for the same month).

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