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Letter from Castle Dracula

The newsbullettin of The Transylvanian Society of Dracula

October 2006


The Transylvanian Society of Dracula welcomes lecturers and interested participants in its yearly Symposium - to be held in mediaeval Sighisoara (Transylvania), Romania.

A post-symposium tour will cover Dracula-related sites (historical and fictional).




* The use of history in Dracula and other fictional works

* The issue of artistic liberty

* Vlad Dracula: separating Fact from Propaganda

* The Romanian perception of Vlad Tepes-Dracula

* Representations of Transylvania

* The Marotinu versus the Hardman case

* When do the angels and the devils cooperate (comments of a scene on the fresco of Voronet)

* An anthropological overview of the Dracula phenomenon: an update

Adjacent sub-themes could also be taken into consideration.

Lecturers are invited to submit a 1-2 page synopsis of their intended paper - till March 30, 2007 - addressed to and The TSD will advise on eligibility


The Transylvanian Society of Dracula

31 Primaverii bd., Bucharest 1, Romania


The "Company of Mysterious Journeys", touroperator,

- tel/fax 0040 21 2339910

- tel 0040 31 4057385; 0040 405 7386

- cell-phone: 0040 723 584430 or 0040 722 599 099

- e-mail: and

* Date of the symposium: May 18-20, 2007

* Place: mediaeval Sighisoara, in Transylvania, Romania. Hotel "Sighisoara"

* Participation fee: Euro 20 (waved for TSD members)

* Accommodation and breakfast (unless you cater for your own):

4 nights at hotel "Sighisoara" (3 star)

Euros 145 (sharing a double room)

Euros 250 (single)

* Transfer from Bucharest airport to Bucharest railway station (for the train to Sighisoara): by taxi: cca Euro 25

* Train from Bucharest to Sighisoara, I-st class: Euro 20

* Transfer from Bucharest airport to Sighisoara, by van: Euro 30

* Please inform on your option.


"Dracula, the Prince and the Vampire" / May 21 - 27, 2007

Starting in Sighisoara, ending in Bucharest

This specially-designed tour (guided by the TSD president and by the TSD vice-president and chief of TSD/Canada - Prof. Elizabeth Miller, world-renowned expert on Dracula) welcomes both participants in the symposium and independent tourists.

The land-price covers in-land transport, accommodation as specified, breakfast, dinner in Aref, transport by de-luxe van or bus, guidance.

The price does not cover museum fees, the main meals, porterage.

Price per person:

- in a group of 10 and over: Euro 668 (sharing)

- in a group of 8: Euro 734 (sharing)

- in a group of 6: Euro 845 (sharing)

- in a group of 5 or 4: Euro 715 (sharing)

Single supplement: Euro 110.

Information and bookings: The Logistics

Post-symposium tour


May 21-27, 2007

The vampire-count Dracula (Hell)

May 21 /Mon

# departure from Sighisoara to mediaeval Bistrita (3 hours), mentioned on page 1 of Bram Stoker’s “Dracula”

# “Jonathan Harker’s menu” (complete with the “Golden Mediasch” wine) at “The Golden Krone” - in the company of Baron Alexandru Misiuga

# looking at Bistrita through Harker’s eyes (sightseeing)

# departure along the Borgo Valley to the Borgo Pass and Castle Dracula (1 hour) (ethnographic features, private cemeteries)

# arrival (by sunset) at the castle-hotel. On route, the guide shares the survival rules, “After-life Insurances” and “Indulgences” for 5 sins each

# visit the public parts of the castle (who wants to see the others?)

# dinner by candle-light, readings from “Dracula”

# reception ceremony for TSD members, first-comers at the castle

# optional: midnight outing to a near-by private cemetery: share your views on life, death and in-between realms

# overnight at Castle Dracula

Bucovina (Heaven)

May 22 /Tue

# the survivors may stamp passports with that unique “Castle Dracula” stamp

# depart for Bucovina - the northern region of Moldova

# painted villages, ethnographic features

# visit Moldovita monastery, frescoed on the outside 500 years ago (UNESCO’s World Heritage)

# visit Voronet and the famous scene of the Last Judgment (1488)

# continue to Suceava, mediaeval capital of Moldova. Visit the mighty fortress - playground of two teenage princes, and cousins: Stefan the Great of Moldova and Vlad Dracula, the Impaler, of Valahia

# overnight in Suceava, hotel “Continental”

The Life and Deeds of the historical Vlad Dracula

May 23 /Wed

# Day-long drive to mediaeval Brasov in S-E Transylvania. On route: historical accounts on Vlad

# On route, behold the spectacular Bicaz Gorge and the Red Lake

# overnight in Brasov, hotel “Capitol”

The Transylvanian Saxons and Vlad

May 24 /Thur

# Through Vlad’s eyes - mediaeval Brasov (sightseeing)

# visit fortress Rasnov

# visit castle Bran

# optional: win a nobility title (knight, Lady-knight), join The Order of Transylvanian Knights (if you can pass the six chivalry tests)

# optional: dinner with mediaeval floor-show at “The Citadel”

# overnight in Brasov, hotel “Capitol”

The rise and fall of a Prince

May 25 /Fri

# cross the Carpathians into Valahia

# visit Peles, the royal summer palace (Sinaia)

# arrival in Targoviste - Vlad’s capital. Visit the ruins of his palace - site of most legends about him.

# continue to fortress Poienari (the historical fortress Dracula), enlarged by Vlad in 1457 - site of more legends about him

# dinner and overnight in Aref (private houses) - the only village recalling Vlad after 500 years

# initiation show: “The night of prince Vlad the Impaler-Dracula”

The heritage of Vlad

May 26 / Sat

# optional climb to the ruins of fortress Poienari

# departure to Curtea de Arges: visit the legendary church of Mason Manole

# departure to Bucharest: sightseeing, including Vlad’s palace

# farewell dinner

# overnight in Bucharest (3-star plus hotel)

May 27 /Sun

# departure from Romania

This society tour will be guided by Nicolae Paduraru, the President of TSD/ Romania, accompanied by Elizabeth Miller, President of the Canadian Chapter

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