Harry Potter

"Harry Potter Ban 'Magically' Lifted"

by Libby Middlebrook ("New Zealand Herald," August 3, 2000)

Birkenhead Primary School has scrapped its ban on teachers reading Harry Potter books aloud in class following a backlash from parents.
In a newsletter to parents this week the school said it had reconsidered its decision and it was now up to teachers to decide whether to read Harry Potter to pupils.
Last month, the school banned the reading of the popular children's series after two complaints about the wizardry and magic content of the J. K. Rowling-penned books.
Pupils, however, were still allowed to read Harry Potter by themselves during school time and discuss the books in class.
Principal Nigel Bioletti said teachers and "a number" of parents had approached the school administration asking it to reconsider.
He refused to say whether he regretted his earlier decision.
"We'll be leaving it to the teachers now [to decide whether to read Harry Potter to pupils]. They know their own children and their own class."
Alexia McLay, whose 6-year-old son is a pupil, said she knew of at least five people who had written letters to the school opposing the ban.
"I think the principal made the wrong decision without running it by other people involved with the school. We're really pleased that he has listened to all the parents who reacted and has come to a sensible compromise."