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"Harry Potter Sells in Russia"
(Associated Press, December 21, 2000)
potter "Harry Potter and the Delayed Pub Date"
by Sue Cullinan/London (Time, December 10, 2000)
"Harry Potter wizardry back at work for book five"
by Paul Majendie (Reuters, November 29, 2000)
potter "Harry Potter storms French bookshops"
(Reuters, November 29, 2000)
potter "Rowling Gets Honorary Degree"
(Associated Press, November 23, 2000)
"Better to encourage imagination"
by Charley Reese (The Orlando Sentinel, October 29, 2000)
potter "Cleese Headed to 'Harry Potter'"

by Dana Harris (Variety, October 27, 2000)

"Wiccans dispute Potter claims"
by Ben Roy ("Citizen Online-Newfound Area Bureau," October 26, 2000)
potter "Watch Out Harry Potter -- the Hobbit Is Back"
(Reuters, October 19, 2000)
"Potter Cognoscenti All Know a Muggle When they see One"
by Matthew Rose & Emily Nelson ("Wall Street Journal," October 18, 2000)
potter "'Harry Potter' Spin-Offs Raise Funds"
("Associated Press" October 17, 2000)
"Harry Potter Creator 'Will Always Be Writing'"
by Mike Collett-White (Reuters, October 4, 2000)
"`Harry Potter' Author Donates 500,000 Pounds to Single Parents"
(Bloomberg, October 4, 2000)
"Harry Potter author calls for better deal for single mothers"
("Guardian Unlimited," October 4, 2000)
potter "Potter author's content warning"
("BBC News,' September 27, 2000)
"Is Harry Potter Too Wicca for Kiddies to Read?"
by Rita Delfiner ("New York Post," September 26, 2000)
potter "Harry Potter Series Among 100 Most Challenged Books in Banned Books Week List"
(PR Newswire, September 25, 2000)
"Harry Potter China Campaign Begins"
by Charles Hutzler (Associated Press, September 20, 2000)
potter "Some would ban Harry Potter"
(Associated Press, September 14, 2000)
"Harry Potter coming to China"
(Associated Press, September 12, 2000)

"Volume 2 of 'Harry Potter' to hit Japan stores"
("Japan Times," Sept. 13, 2000)

potter "Cathedral protesters vow to disrupt Harry Potter"
by Tahira Yahoob ("Sydney Morning Herald", August 8, 2000)
"Another Stab at Chills!"
by Paul Gray ("Time Magazine," August 28, 2000)
"British Actor Lands Harry Potter Role"
(Associated Press, August 21, 2000)
potter "J.K. Rowling's Potter Books Have It Right"
by Laura Sessions Stepp ("Washington Post," August 10, 2000)
"Potter and Hilton: At Times, Morality Comes With a Broomstick"
by Robert Lipsyte ("New York Times," August 6, 2000)
"Harry Potter Ban 'Magically' Lifted"
by Libby Middlebrook ("New Zealand Herald," August 3, 2000)
"Harry Potter can't bewitch Christian booksellers"
For conscience and faith, merchants leave the profits to secular stores
by Bruce Nolan ("Religion News Service", July 16, 2000)
"Latest 'Harry Potter' book meets cautionary response from Christians"
by Art Toalston ("Baptist Press," July 13, 2000)
"The Magical Voice of Harry Potter and Friends"
by Jan Hoffman ("New York Times," July 13, 2000)
potter "All Aboard the Potter Express"
by Alan Cowell ("New York Times," July 10, 2000)
"Four's a Charm: The Steady Spell Of Harry Potter"
by Jabari Asim ("Washington Post," July 10, 2000)
"Harry Potter, Minus a Certain Flavour"
by Peter H. Gleick ("New York Times," July 10, 2000)
"Harry Potter Frenzy Begins in England"
by Alan Cowell (Agence France-Presse, July 7, 2000)
"Moby Dick on a Broom"
("New York Times," July 7, 2000)
"Harry Potter Sets Online Book Sales Record"
Amazon.com Has Sold Nearly 400,000 Copies Worldwide
(Reuters, July 7, 2000)
"There's something about Harry"
Retailers race to be first to market with instant bestseller by Kristen Gerencher (CBS.MarketWatch, July 6, 2000)
"Success Stuns Harry Potter Author"
by Audrey Woods (Associated Press, July 6, 2000)
"Harry Potter to Look at Death--and Kids Can't Wait"
(Reuters, July 6, 2000)
"Harry Potter Conjures Up Publishing Phenomenon"
by Lyndsay Griffiths (Reuters, July 6, 2000)
"Not every Christian horrified by Harry Potter"
by David Waters (Scripps Howard News Service, July 05, 2000)

"Harry Potter: A Wizard's Return"
by George F. Will ("Washington Post," (Editorial) July 4, 2000)

"Alohomora! Harry Potter Title Revealed"
("Washington Post," (Reuters) June 28, 2000)
"'Harry Potter' is best seller in history of children's books"
by Lisa Ing ("The Washington Times", June 27, 2000)
"Welcome Back, 'Potter'"
by Linton Weeks ("The Washington Post", June 25, 2000)
potter "Potter Charms Modern-Day Witches"
by Deepti Hajela (Associated Press, May 30, 2000)
"For Kids Who Need `Harry Potter'"
by Erica Noonan (Associated Press, April 19, 2000)
potter "Wizard Harry is to fall under spell of girls"
("The Times" [London], March 28, 2000)
Nancy Stouffer v. J.K. Rowling on Harry Potter and Muggles

"U.S. author sues over ‘Harry Potter’: Federal suit cites many similarities between 1984 book, Rowling’s series"
(Associated Press, March 16, 2000)
"U.S. Author Sues Potter Writer: Claims Characters 'Originated with Her'"
(Associated Press, March 16, 2000)
"Magical authors go to war on custody of Muggles"
by James Bone ("The Times", March 18, 2000)

potter "Booksellers Grab a Young Wizard's Cloaktails"
by Doreen Carvajal ("The New York Times", February 28, 2000)
potter The Battle About Harry Potter Toys
"Wizard vs. Dragon: A Close Contest, but the Fire-Breather Wins"
by Sarah Lyall ("The New York Times", January 29, 2000: Another Look at the Whitbread Prize Harry Potter Controversy)
"Besotted With Potter"
a critical essay by William Safire ("The New York Times", January 27, 2000)
"The magic of Harry Potter, for All"
("The New York Times", January 27, 2000: Readers React to Safire's Essay)
"Harry Potter's girl trouble: The world of everyone's favorite kid wizard is a place where boys come first"
by Christine Schoefer of www.salon.com (CNN Book News, January 13, 2000)
Wild About Harry
by Jean G. Fitzpatrick, on Beliefnet.com Website
"The Reality of the Fantasy in the Harry Potter Stories"
by RICHARD BERNSTEIN ("The New York Times", November 30, 1999)
potter "'Harry Potter' Author Goes to Court" (Copyright Dispute with Nancy Stouffer - Who Owns the Word "Muggles"?)
("Reuters", November 22, 1999)
"Don't Give Us Little Wizards, The Anti-Potter Parents Cry"
by Jodi Wilgoren ("The New York Times", November 1, 1999)
potter The Controversy About Harry Potter in Public Schools
Don't Give Us Little Wizards, the Anti-Potter Parents Cry
by Jodi Wilgoren ("The New York Times", November 1, 1999)
potter Harry Potter, a Christian Hero?
by Massimo Introvigne (the Italian version of this article has been published on November 3, 1999 by "Avvenire", the daily newspaper of the Italian Conference of Catholic Bishops)
Harry Potter: cristiano anonimo?
di Massimo Introvigne
(pubblicato il 3 novembre 1999 su "Avvenire" con il titolo "Harry Potter, stregone o cavaliere?")
potter "School lets hero off hook"
by Jim Galloway and Chris Burritt ("The Atlanta Journal-Constitution", October 13, 1999)
potter "Does Harry Potter belong in schools?"
(Editorial Opinion, "The Atlanta Journal-Constitution", October 5, 1999)
"Wild About Harry: The exploits of a young wizard have enchanted kids and adults alike and brought a new kind of magic to children's literature"
by Paul Gray ("Time Magazine", vol. 154, no. 12 September 20, 1999)
"A Primer of Harry's World"
potter "Abracadabra! J.K. Rowling's magical Harry Potter books have cast a spell on kids around the world"
by Elizabeth Gleick, London ("Time Magazine", vol. 154, no. 4 July 26, 1999)
"The Wizard of Hogwarts - A novice sorcerer's exploits are magical to kids and adults"
by Elizabeth Gleick, Edinburgh ("Time Magazine", vol. 153, no. 14, April 12, 1999)
potter "Of Magic and Single Motherhood" (Interview with J. K. Rowling)
by Margaret Weir ("Salon," March 31, 1999)

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