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Full text of PROJECT MEGIDDO (html version), the FBI analysis of the potential for domestic terrorism in the United States undertaken in anticipation of or response to the arrival of the new millennium.

A Response by The LawKeepers, Co. to The Megiddo Report and Other Criticism (2004)

"Christian Right Groups Protest FBI's Warning on Extremists"
("The Washington Post", January 6, 2000)

"Canada police raid bunker of Y2K doomsayer"
("Reuters", December 30, 1999)

Canadian Security Intelligence Service Report "Doomsday Religious Movements" (December 18, 1999)

"Document: News release issued jointly by the Odinic Rite, Asatru Alliance, and Asatru Folk Assembly: Religious Group Lashes Out at FBI Report: Cites Violation of First Amendment Rights"
(November 10, 1999)

"CSIS warns of millennial cult attacks - 400 groups worldwide: Believers may try to hasten apocalypse with mass violence"
by Stewart Bell ("National Post", December 18, 1999)

"FBI's Armageddon report warns of threat of violence: Extremist groups prepare for end of the world"
by Siobhan Roberts ("National Post", December 18, 1999)

"Reno: FBI to be on nationwide Y2K alert"
by Michael J. Sniffen ("Chicago Tribune", December 17, 1999)

"Hate Groups Plan New Year's Defense"
by Nicholas K. Geranios (Associated Press, December 16, 1999)

"Conservatives Want Probe of FBI Terrorism Report"
by Dave Boyer ("The Washington Times", November 19, 1999)

"Report on Fringe Group Advises on Year-2000 Violence Potential"
by Larry Witham ("The Washington Times", November 10, 1999)

"FBI Warns '2000' May Spark Violence"
by David A. Vise and Lorraine Adams ("The Washington Post", October 31, 1999)

"Report: Y2K Violence Threat Real"
(Associated Press, October 30, 1999) 

"U.S. Department of Justice FBI: Militias a threat at millennium"
by Kevin Johnson ("USA Today", October 20, 1999)

"Project Megiddo"
A FBI Press Release

"FBI Issues Alerts for Possible Y2K Threats"
("ABCNEWS", October 20, 1999)

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