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The Children of God/The Family Social Welfare Investigation in Norway, 1991

On July 18th, 1991, officials from the Department of Social Welfare visited a Family residence in Arneberg. They were investigating allegations of incest and child abuse made by disaffected ex-Family members. Following is a summary of their report:


Flisa, July 18th, 1991

Re: Inspection under Section 17 of the Child Welfare Act made of the Families Taljaard and Kippersund

Inspection conducted by Ulf Stener Olsen, Acting Head of Social Welfare

Ail the time we had ample opportunity to observe the children's behavior, and cannot say that we noted anything strikingly negative with regard to any of the children.

The children gave the impression of being open and trusting, they had good eye contact when being spoken to, appeared confident and natural in the company of their parents, and also confident towards us two strangers.

When we grown-ups finished our talk, the children wanted to sing to us - and that was quite an experience! - Ail who wanted, big and small alike, sang gospels in English and songs in Norwegian. An incredible joy of singing, musicality and good voices, and not least impressive was the musical discipline of the group.

The sanitary conditions [of the house] were extremely good.

Our Conclusion: During our time spent with the families we have not found or observed anything which might serve to sustain a possible suspicion of sexual abuse or lack of care where the children are concerned.

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